Final Thoughts: Best Daily Drama for 2014 – Cheongdamdong Scandal

It is hard to believe with all of the daily dramas I’ve watched, this is the first drama that I’ve seen from beginning to end without English subs! But what makes this drama so different than the others is like its previous predecessors for revenge dramas like Thorn Flower and the infamous Yellow Boots, this drama actually rivals those two in their brilliance and completeness of story.

Choi Jung Yoon as Eun Hyun Soo
Lee Joong Moon as Jang Seo Joon
Kang Sung Min as Bok Soo Ho
Seo Eun Chae as Nam Joo Na
Im Sung Uhn as Lee Jae Ni
Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jang
Lee Hye Eun as So Jung
Kim Seung Hwan as Joon Kyu
Uhm Bo Yong as Cho Won
Kim Hye Sun as Kang Bok Hee
Kim Jung Woon as Bok Kyung Ho
Yoo Ji In as Choi Se Ran
Im Ha Ryong as Nam Jae Bok

Synopsis: This drama deals with the ugly side of scandals as well as the deep roots disguised within the symbol of wealth, prestige and the desire of high society in Cheongdam District, Seoul; An area which epitomizes the wealthy lifestyle. The main focus surrounds one woman, Hyun Soo (Choi Jung Yoon) who married into a wealthy family but one secret is she is hated by her mother in law (played by Kim Hye Sun) and she is totally unaware of this fact. The story also surrounds the desperate attempts of a wife to have a child.

Final Thoughts
“Revenge is a Dish best served Cold” This review has been a long time coming…why? I’ve simply had no time. Sometimes you watch a drama and basically don’t know how to best describe it. Regardless of the time that has past, there is no way that I will forget this drama. Why? It was one of the best for 2014! Best for 2014 Daily Dramas! Best Story! Great cast! So maybe I should start with the positives! This drama was well done, simple as that. From start to finish, the writer never lost focus of what the story was about as well as where the story was going. The cast, especially Choi Jung Yoon as Hyun Soo and Kim Hye Sun as Bok Hee were sensational! The awards that both women won during the 2014 SBS Drama Awards (Choi Jung Yoon, Excellence Actress for Full Length Drama and Kim Hye Sun, Special Acting Award for Full Length Drama – Actress) were well deserved and earned.

I mentioned the writer never lost focus of the story, right? As this was a revenge drama, writers tend to forgot the true intent; revenge and tries to infuse some nonsense story or totally forgetting about the revenge all together; Kim Ji Eun did not! She held the story firm and made sure that we, the viewer were totally satisfied with the events as the story progressed. Even though Seo Joon (Lee Joong Moon) was supposed to be Hyun Soo’s love interest, I was glad it took back seat but remained in our minds as well as Hyun Soo’s. Seo Joon made it obvious who he liked and at the end, was willing to wait for that happiness. Folks, so was I.

I also dislike when characters that have been predominantly evil are somehow given a second chance with little or no retribution. Again, Writer Kim gave the evil Bok Hee a very satisfying end. So satisfying, you must watch beyond the credits of the last episode to get the full effect. Talk about funny! It was! Thank you, Writer Kim!

There were so many well thought and planned scenes throughout this drama and the fact that our heroine was SMART! Yes, ladies (and gents), she was SMART! It is always a major complaint of us daily drama watchers that the writers tend to dummy down the lead female to the point of making her totally ineffective; no, Writer Kim took Hyun Soo to another level that we haven’t seen since Yellow Boots (again, this is a must-see for daily drama watchers)! Hyun Soo was calculative, smart; she thought out her next move and even when the evil Bok Hee would turn the tides, they were usually and merciless short. Hallelujah!

The only single drawback to this drama is the fact that it remains unsubbed; however, some countries are fortunate to have this drama (and others) being shown on their local cable networks with English subs (you lucky devils!!)! So, if you have any of these cable television networks that are showing this drama, I really suggest you watch. Not only will you be entertained but it really is a DAMN good drama!! Just saying!

MDL Rating: 9, because the revenge was sweet and thorough!!


13 thoughts on “Final Thoughts: Best Daily Drama for 2014 – Cheongdamdong Scandal

  1. yes, it was a good drama.. the ending is just nice. Not necessary they plotted Hyunsu to be together with Seojun after all the revenge. Feel bad for SooHo too if they do so.

  2. Hi!..i just finished watching the last episode tonight. such great show! this is the first time I’ve ever watch a Korean series, or any series till the end. but the only thing that pissed me off is in my country, the end credits said stay tuned for the Kang Bok Hee i waited like an idiot, for 10 minutes only for another show to start! so i dunno what happened to her. anyway, can u recommend me any series like this, something smart with great plot since you’re a drama addict? πŸ™‚

      • OMG!!!.. really?!’s very satisfying. i love how this drama finished with no loose ends. but i kinda wish she ended up with Soo Ho, their love story was sweet (minus the whole cheating-mistress-the pill-ivf-thing)

  3. Actually i started watching the first episode because of the wardrobe..hehe..the bags and the shoes are to die for!!! plus the dresses the coats..kudos to the stylist! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, that show!..I caught it mid episode, 2 ladies screaming at each other..i kinda got lost between the accusations and stuff so i stopped was one ONE..maybe i should download the series..

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