Upcoming Daily Drama – I Love You From Today (2015)

Just when the latest crop of daily dramas have me kicking and screaming in dismay and anger; just when I said enough is enough; what happens is I find out about this latest drama that will be replacing the disaster called “Love & Secret” (what Love? what Secret?).

So what exactly has got me excited about this little drama? What else but the glimpse of Park Jin Woo as the lead. YES!! After just recently completing the drama, Bicheonmu, I’ve been on a search and “must see” dramas of Jin Woo’s and so far I have been totally unsuccessful in finding any. Some of you might also remember him from “Glass Mask”. Okay, I will continue to go on the record saying that I really did like that drama overall; just not the last 15 or so episodes. But then how often do we get to watch a perfect daily drama!? Yes, they are rare and us daily drama watchers relish in those that have the perfect ending and admittedly, that list is short!
In addition, Jin Woo’s leading lady will be none other than Im Se Mi who just completed the disaster that we (we, being me and Nelly) got a real kick out of watching, Only Love! Again, I still have found memories of her in King’s Daughter, so maybe this writer, Choi Min Kin who wrote Heaven’s Order (which I liked) and The Birth of the Rich (which was just meh), we might have a 50/50 chance of having a decent drama! But the director, Choi Ji Young, has a brilliant resume when it comes to producing (Inspiring Generations, Chuno, Iris, Hong Gil Dong and Insoo is Pretty) so we might have even more hope of a decent drama!

A drama about a woman who finally becomes a part of a family after re-adoption and man who chooses love over family.

The Yoon family has 250 years of history behind them and the family lives in the spacial Bukchon Hanok family home. The drama is supposed to dove into the meaning of ‘family’ evolving solitaire home, adoptive families, remarried families, living at home, as well as multicultural families.

profile_ysh_3Im Se Mi as Yoon Seung Hye
profile_kdj_1Park Jin Woo as Kang Do Jin
profile_jsr_1Kim Se Jung as Jang Se-Ryeong

Rest of the Cast
Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang
Oh Seung Yoon as Sung Jae Yun
Go Yoon as Jeong Yun Ho
Lee Eung Kyung as Yang Mi Ja
Kim Seo Ra as Han Dong Suk
Ahn Nae Sang as Yoon Dae-Ho
Jo Hee Bong as Chang Jun Bae
Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soo-Im
Jo Eun Sook as Han Seon Suk
Choo So Young as Yoon Dae Sil
Yoon Seo as Yoon Seung Ah
Kim Byung Se as Jang Beom Suk
Heo Jung-Gyu as Bae Sang-Man (Yang Mi-Ja’s secretary)
Lee Chang-Wook as Oh Gyeong-Tae

Well, now I am excited! With the extension of Stormy Ladies which pisses me off to no end and the final episode of the uber crappy drama, Love & Secret, here’s hoping this improves us daily drama watchers attitude because right now it is in the dumps!! We need rescuing too!! Help, Writer Choi and Director Choi! Make it so!! KBSWorld TV YouTube will be bringing this to their website starting April 20, 2015! Again, Excited!


12 thoughts on “Upcoming Daily Drama – I Love You From Today (2015)

  1. Because of you I am downloading Bichunmu but I have been burnt by KBS daily dramas so I will pass on this one and see what happens when it is halfway through!
    Im Se Mi? Let’s just say she’s put me off since Only Love!
    I will read your review on this one!

  2. I was watching Apgujeong Midnight Sun but I can’t stand the plot anymore (it’s from the writer of Princess Aurora) and dropped it last month. Now this drama seems exciting. Love both leads, Park Jin Woo and Im SeMi, they are in quite a few daily dramas.

    • I kind of agree. We got to ep 100 and the drama was good but it really lost its mojo about Nadan died. It really be became hard to watch! And reading the recent going ins, no wonder MBC is going to ban her!

  3. Hi… I was wondering if you started to watch this show, and what’s your opinion ? Does it worth it ? I can’t wait to know what you think about it, i love your blog, thanks !

    • Thanks!! I like that dailies are my passion and you just won’t get any news/recaps on them. No, I’m starting this week with the 15 subbed ep. I’m excited because I like Park Jin Woo since Glass Mask and looking forward to him having the lead lead!! Once I reach ep 60, I’ll definitely be blogging but otherwise, I’ll let you know after the first 20-30 ep!!

      • Thank you very much for your answer 🙂 I will wait until your response before starting it then, I still have so many daily dramas to watch… plus i translate them in french and it takes all my freetime… i wish i could stop time to watch it all the time lol

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