Stop…Rewind…Rewind…Play-Second Love Episode 4

Second Love (2015)
Episode 4 (How many times did you watch? No hands, Mom!)

The theme song for this episode is brought to you by ZhouMi! I know..Everyone probably thought I dropped the series, stopped doing the recaps. But, actually this was a case of real-life truly getting you down…and down…and down! However, no time like the present to finally bring you the highlights of episode 4

We start off with the slap that even made me winch! Poor Kei! Assaulted by crazy Mom and the fellows went DAMN! How many women does he have, they think?

Later that evening, Kei and Yui do some exercising after Yui confesses not to be very limber. Oh Kei, let me help you he says!

What follows is a session of “No Hands, folks” I mean seriously! I’m not sure how to describe the scene other than Kei bragging and Yui commencing to see if he really can…

Oh yes, folks….he sure can!

The next day in the classroom, little miss weird Takeuchi, confronts the girls in the classroom about gossiping about Teacher Yui and Takayanagi. Again, who is her object of desire?

Sadly, not only the students but the entire teaching staff have to be confronted about the unproven rumor (okay, WE know it is not a rumor but how irritated are you about this?).

The next morning after Kei returns from the ship yard, Miss Domesticity here decides to make their bento lunch boxes for the day.

I give Yui and A for effort…Poor girl can’t even make eggs properly!

Kei takes to the practice floor and sweats…. It’s the little things that gives us a thrill! I applaud the camera direction for giving it to us!

Kei’s first day at the theater as an interpreter, he is introduced to the theater staff

In the theater, Kei gets to see his replacement, Ichinose as he practices for the the first time

Again, a wonderful scene whereby Kei (and us viewers) get into the mind of Kei as he works through the performance and sees himself performing the same movements. It is at that moment, and with tears in his eyes that reality strikes; the man is BETTER than him!

Meanwhile, poor Yui is dealing with her mother. In a desperate attempt to get attention from her daughter, she calls feigning illness. Yui, knowing her mother well picks up on that which later has her mother giggling because “her daughter knows her well”. No words..

During the practice session, Ichinose hurt his arm. He convinces the theater director and German director that he cannot perform but Kei comes to the rescue and convinces him that they can change the routine which is very familiar with.

So Kei takes Ichinose through the steps and motions which will minimize him using the hurt arm. A choreographer is born!



What follows is the performance that was put together by none other than Kei. It is poetry in motion and the crowd is simply dazzled.

And Yui…being the perfect girlfriend, is waiting to applaud her Kei for his wonderful performance!

After the wonderful save of the performance the night before, Kei starts getting requests from other theaters, television commercial directors to do the choreography for them! He is now in high demand, our Kei!

Well, not everyone is celebrating… Takayanagi comes home to his wife telling him that since he has been so “unhappy” that her and the kids are leaving him! I admit to laughing!

At the same moment, our couple are celebrating Kei’s new career with champagne! Everyone is happy here!

It is getting harder and harder to STOP GIF’ing pictures for this series. One of the reasons it took so long because as I was re-watching this to get the clips, I kept cutting and cutting until the count was so huge, I had to decide to stop! This episode was definitely a glimpse into the future ones (yes, I still haven’t watched ahead) and makes it predictable about what is in store for us. Yui and Kei gave us some playful moments and house-playing which doesn’t bode well for the future. It is easy to determine that paradise will be ending soon and after the last 4 episodes, I don’t think any of us will be prepared! NOW I can watch episode 5, YIPPEE!!

P.S. Not making any promises about when Episode 5 will be done. Let’s just say SOON!

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