Daily Drama Review: Noble Lady (2014)

Noble Lady (2014)

I haven’t reviewed a daily drama in a very long time. Why? Because it’s hard to write a full review about something that you didn’t care for or didn’t finish. So, it’s with joy that I finally found a drama that not only did I like, I liked the ending, the characters, the development and for once the irritating mother in laws didn’t illicit too many curse words! Continue reading

Never Forget The Dailies – Korean Daily Watch for 2016

Tomorrow's Victory (2016) Heaven's Promise (2016) Working Mom, Parenting Dad (2016)

Tomorrow’s Victory (2016)
Heaven’s Promise (2016)
Working Mom, Parenting Dad (2016)

Ha! You really thought my love for the daily dramas had waned? Au contraire! As I had said before, my life for 2016 was the pits! I hardly had the time or patience to write but I did make time for my dailies and other dramas to take me away from reality. It worked sometimes and sometimes not. Continue reading

Tomorrow Victory (2015) at the Half – So Far Still Good!

Tomorrow Victory (2015)

One of the great things about the availability of daily dramas beginning in 2015 is that so many dramas are getting subbed more than ever. First, we had KBSWorld and several dailies being made available on YouTube. Last year, we had the new website called OnDemandKorea which is sponsored by MBCAmerica coming online. Even DramaFever has finally returned to make daily dramas available on their website. As a result of this, the number of daily dramas with English subtitles has grown at such a rate that me and my daily drama buddy, Nelly, is finding is harder to watch the usual drama fare! Incredible! But who’s complaining? Read on… Continue reading

Daily Drama Heaven? Or Hell? Dilemma for 2016

My Son In Law's Woman The Promise Witch's Castle Bird That Doesn't Cry All Is Well The Stars Are Shining

My Son In Law’s Woman
The Promise
Witch’s Castle
Bird That Doesn’t Cry
All Is Well
The Stars Are Shining

Something happened for 2015; no, actually it started earlier when KBSWorld started making more and more dramas available via their YouTube Channel. The powers that be at the networks (at least one) realized just how many non-Koreans were interested in their daily dramas! Read On… Continue reading

Final Thought on Eve’s Love (2014) – Still Happy Folks!

Eve’s Love (2014)

I know most of you that follow me are used to me watching daily dramas. Next to saguek and crime dramas, they are truly my first love! I admit, so many have disappointed me once I’ve gotten past the 60th episodes. It’s like the writer loses their mind and focus; changes the direction of the drama or simply forgets that they are writing to please their audience (are you listening, Hwang Sun Yeong, newly banned writer of Great First Wives). So, as I started this post around episode 60; continued to edit it into the 80s and then realized before we knew it that we’d finished the drama! We started this drama in December and before the 2nd week of January was complete, so were we! Amazing, huh? No, a testament to the fact that this was a really decent drama! Read on… Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Gochisousan (2013)

Gochisousan Japanese TV Serial 2013

“Gochisousama deshita”, a term widely used after eating to express appreciation for the food. “Gochisou” literally means, “a feast.” And a feast is what this drama is; a feast on family, life, and most of all, a feast of great acting. While I have seen Higashide Anne (nee Watanabee) a couple of times (recently in Date), but this is the first time watching Higashide Masahiro in a complete drama (he was recently in Hana Moyu)! Together, it makes sense why these two would eventually marry! Read on….
Continue reading

Final Thoughts on Save the Family (2015) – Don’t Bother!

And the crowd went WILD….with utter disappointment and belief! Once again, KBS has totally destroyed our confidence that they can put out decent daily drama! Though their daily dramas do well in the time slot, if you just see the comments from not only us International viewers but include the South Korean viewers in this opinion that instead of putting out good stories, they are just throwing crap on the ceiling and hoping that it sticks….Read on!! Continue reading

Great First Wives (2015) Equals Great First Half

Wow! It is have been a long time since I can write a drama review in the midst of its airing with a smile on my face. Not since Cheongdondamg Scandal (2014), that was pleasing to watch even without subtitles and more recently King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (2013) that thrilled us right until the end, have I been more satisfied with a drama. Sure, we get some of the same character types woven into the story that you would expect; however, in some ways, this drama goes much, much deeper. Read on. Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Mare (2015)

Mare Japanese TV Serial 2015

This makes my third Japanese Asadora that I’ve watched. Massan was the first and was followed by Hanako To Anne. Mare, the 92nd Asadora released by NHK Television Network, has continued my love down the Asadora Road! Read on….
Continue reading

A Daughter Just Like You (2015) or Why Are MBC Daily Dramas So Good Lately?

I have been really surprised with the daily dramas lately on MBC this season. After the near disastrous watch of Apgujeong Midnight Sun and the waste of revenge drama called Ladies of Storm, the program director as well as the writers have been throwing us some new drama bones in the form of A Daughter Just Like You and come back here to read about the sensational The Great First Wives. It’s been awhile since I’ve come across dailies that make the “must see” list. Read on. Continue reading