Dramas to Avoid!

Everyone has them; those dramas that they watched and wished that they never had. No one’s lists are the same and everyone has a different opinion. I’m pretty adamant about my dislike of these dramas. I’m listing them whether they are Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, or Thai. Here’s my list in no particular order:

Fashion King – (Korean) I absolutely HATE merry-go-round relationship dramas where the leads have no idea who they like. They start out in one coupling and then the writer flips the script and goes all crazy! The ending? Let’s not even go there….

What Happened in Bali – (Korean) With a cast that I loved, there was just nothing redeeming about this drama. The only thing the writer did right was kill off everyone! I was actually happy with that ending. Made me chuckle!

Love Forward – (Taiwanese) Another merry-go-round relationship drama! Round and round they went until even when the couples got together, they weren’t initially happy but we were just supposed to ‘go with it’. Sorry, that is NOT in my DNA!!

Time Slip Dr. Jin – (Korean) My enjoyment of this drama was simply because of the Viki commenters making a horrible piece of work into a great comedy piece! Thank you, Viki! No way I would have made it through this travesty without the comments!

Oohlala Spouses – (Korean) A travesty in the making and a worse excuse for “all is forgiven” ever!

East of Eden – (Korean) Okay, I admit I didn’t finish this. But, a woman willingly marrying her rapist isn’t my cup of tea!

A Thousand Kisses – (Korean) The writer literally lost their mind! I’m not sure what Ms Park was thinking with this mess! But, I credit this drama with making a Twinkles Fan!

Bodyguard Sao – (Thai) Waste of time! Waste of hours! This story had so much potential!

Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident – (Korean) I just started hating this drama 3/4 of the way finished! What a waste of my 36 hours of life that I will never get back!

Crazy Love – (Korean) It doesn’t matter how many times I warn people away from this drama, they still watch it! I give up!

Two Mothers – (Korean) I’m not even sure why I continued to watch this train wreck but at least the writer didn’t go all totally ‘all is forgiven’ mode! There is a drama god!

Fated to Love You – (Taiwanese) Spits! Thanks to this version, I REFUSED to watch the Korean one. I’m sticking to that resolve, folks so don’t waste your time telling me how much different it was. The name resonants a bad taste in my mouth alone!

She is Wow! – (Korean) A drama that I really wanted to fly to Korea and give the writer a piece of my mind!

Jam Loey Rak – (Thai) I had a strong HATE for the lead! I never wanted the lead girl to fall for the guy! She should have kept walking away!

I Summon You, Gold! – (Korean) Another writer on my avoid list! Should have took lesson from the Bride of the Century writer!

One Well-Raised Daughter – (Korean) Maybe it was because 2 of the leads were dating but they truly did ruin this drama! Sad. Lee Tae Gun hasn’t made a drama since!!