The Freaks Come Out At Night! Obsession Continues on Second Love (2015) Episode 3

Second Love (2015)
Episode 3 (The Freaks Come Out at Night….And Day!)

The theme song for this episode is brought to you by Whodini! Here we are at episode 3 and not only does my love continue but the love between Kei and Yui grows and grows! While the love is growing, so is the crazy! We are going to run out of fingers with the number of people with serious mental issues that are coming to the forefront! Continue reading

Martin Clunes Announces “Doc Martin” Season 7!

How did I miss this news? And how is it my internet non-savvy sister told me about it? This is a first!! Well I’m excited! There were ups and downs with Season 6 and the ending wasn’t what any of us wanted to see. So, here’s hoping the next season will be better, even if it turns out to the the last!

"Doc Martin" with Martin Clunes Fan

In an article in the The New York Times, Martin Clunes announces there will be a Season 7 of “Doc Martin” in 2015! YEAH!!


See this statement in the last paragraph of the article:

“The show will shoot a seventh season in 2015, but Mr. Clunes said that is likely to be the last one, given the challenges of not repeating story lines. ‘As much as I’d love to keep on doing it, I just don’t know if we can. It might become a soap opera.'”

Note: See Martin Clunes’ remarks about S6 and possible story line for S7, as well as all articles and FanFiction, on the main page of the blog:

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