Never Forget The Dailies – Korean Daily Watch for 2016

Tomorrow's Victory (2016) Heaven's Promise (2016) Working Mom, Parenting Dad (2016)

Tomorrow’s Victory (2016)
Heaven’s Promise (2016)
Working Mom, Parenting Dad (2016)

Ha! You really thought my love for the daily dramas had waned? Au contraire! As I had said before, my life for 2016 was the pits! I hardly had the time or patience to write but I did make time for my dailies and other dramas to take me away from reality. It worked sometimes and sometimes not. Continue reading

Year in Review – My Best Dramas for 2016

Best 2016 Dramas I Watched!

Best 2016 Dramas I Watched!

I always enjoy doing these end of the year posts. Why? My list never looks the same as everyone else. As I watch so many different genres and dramas from all the Asian countries, my list never looks the same. Another thing I notice is that I rarely like the popular ones. I think at my age, I get bored very easily with some of the drama tropes and romances. It’s a rarity that they even make it to my list! This year, for the first time ever, I watched more than double the number of Japanese dramas than Korean, I hardly watched any Thai lakorns and the Chinese dramas this year (that I’ve watched), didn’t bubble to the top! Continue reading

ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 8/9 – Final Review-part 2

Final Episode

Final Episode

After the Detective Kataoka (Tsutomu Takahashi) is slashed by this new and crazy character, Makabe Towa (Sei Ashina). Besides the blue eye contacts, this woman is super NUTS. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and it is nice to know that he will live. At the hotel, the other detectives are canvassing the scene for clues. From reviewing the CCTV, it was shown that Sato Toyoru (Nozomi Sasaki) had taken the elevator to the 2nd floor. So, the big question is “Who was on Toto/Shoji’s floor?” They see the video of the floor with Makabe who hasn’t been identified yet. Did I saw that Shoji is now missing? That he is. The detectives know that the unidentified person was responsible for Fujikawa’s murder as it is his cell phone that was found in the room. Chief Atsuta notices that Makabe is saying something to Todo. Continue reading

Final Thought on Eve’s Love (2014) – Still Happy Folks!

Eve’s Love (2014)

I know most of you that follow me are used to me watching daily dramas. Next to saguek and crime dramas, they are truly my first love! I admit, so many have disappointed me once I’ve gotten past the 60th episodes. It’s like the writer loses their mind and focus; changes the direction of the drama or simply forgets that they are writing to please their audience (are you listening, Hwang Sun Yeong, newly banned writer of Great First Wives). So, as I started this post around episode 60; continued to edit it into the 80s and then realized before we knew it that we’d finished the drama! We started this drama in December and before the 2nd week of January was complete, so were we! Amazing, huh? No, a testament to the fact that this was a really decent drama! Read on… Continue reading

Painless (2015) – Episode 10 and Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of the drama and all of the Fall season shows are ending; Painless ended as you expected. There were no surprises and I found the ending to be quite tame. However, I will not say I was disappointed by the entire drama. For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)
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Final Thoughts – Gochisousan (2013)

Gochisousan Japanese TV Serial 2013

“Gochisousama deshita”, a term widely used after eating to express appreciation for the food. “Gochisou” literally means, “a feast.” And a feast is what this drama is; a feast on family, life, and most of all, a feast of great acting. While I have seen Higashide Anne (nee Watanabee) a couple of times (recently in Date), but this is the first time watching Higashide Masahiro in a complete drama (he was recently in Hana Moyu)! Together, it makes sense why these two would eventually marry! Read on….
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Final Thoughts on Save the Family (2015) – Don’t Bother!

And the crowd went WILD….with utter disappointment and belief! Once again, KBS has totally destroyed our confidence that they can put out decent daily drama! Though their daily dramas do well in the time slot, if you just see the comments from not only us International viewers but include the South Korean viewers in this opinion that instead of putting out good stories, they are just throwing crap on the ceiling and hoping that it sticks….Read on!! Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Mare (2015)

Mare Japanese TV Serial 2015

This makes my third Japanese Asadora that I’ve watched. Massan was the first and was followed by Hanako To Anne. Mare, the 92nd Asadora released by NHK Television Network, has continued my love down the Asadora Road! Read on….
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My Beautiful Bride (2015) – A Review with Love

True love, soulmate; we all strive to meet that certain someone in our lives that qualify as that person. Some are lucky to meet them; some not so much. I like to tell people that mine died in infancy so I will wait for the next incarnation to meet. People that believe in true love/soulmates know that we are willing to do just about anything to make that person happy; and vice versa. This truly explains Kim Do Hyeong in a nut shell. Read on… Continue reading

Drama Drubbing: Lady of the Storm (2014) or Why NOT to Watch?

Thank GOODNESS! The drama that was “Lady of the Storm” aka “Stormy Woman” is finally over! Finally! Talk about wanting to abandoning ship so many times but not being able to because of one reason and one reason only: wanting to see revenge heaped upon the persons that did a woman and her daughter wrong. So imagine a firecracker; no a stick of dynamite where the wick has been wetted and no longer will light. No bang, no bucks…nothing! Continue reading