Kim Jae Wook’s Latest Movie “Planck Constant” (2015)

Planck Constant
April 2015 Release

Coming to the Korean theaters soon, “Planck Constant” is Kim Jae Wook’s latest venture on the screen. While I prefer a nice drama starring him in the lead, every little crumb will do!
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Just Started – The Lover (2015)

The Lover (2015)
New MNet Romance/Comedy Drama

Okay, this is got to be a first! A first where I feel the need to tell everyone that I can about…wait for it….a romance/comedy drama! Why is this a surprise? Well, anyone who knows me should know I like NEVER get excited about a Rom/Com; so excited that I want to IMMEDIATELY write about it! If you aren’t watching this drama, you MUST add this to your PTW list. I’ve never laughed so hard before watching a Korean drama…EVER!!
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Final Thoughts – Massan (2014)

Japanese TV Serial 2014

When I started this drama over six months ago, I really couldn’t predict that I would still be watching it until the end. Having watched a lot of daily dramas, a 6 episodes a week, 15 minutes long drama didn’t seem very daunting; however, what became apparent by Week 5 was the length of the drama wasn’t the issue but the wait each week (or two) for the videos and English subs. Was the wait worthwhile? You’re damn skippy it was!!
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Upcoming Daily Drama – I Love You From Today (2015)

Just when the latest crop of daily dramas have me kicking and screaming in dismay and anger; just when I said enough is enough; what happens is I find out about this latest drama that will be replacing the disaster called “Love & Secret” (what Love? what Secret?).
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