Final Thoughts: Best Daily Drama for 2014 – Cheongdamdong Scandal

It is hard to believe with all of the daily dramas I’ve watched, this is the first drama that I’ve seen from beginning to end without English subs! But what makes this drama so different than the others is like its previous predecessors for revenge dramas like Thorn Flower and the infamous Yellow Boots, this drama actually rivals those two in their brilliance and completeness of story.

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Stop…Rewind…Rewind…Play-Second Love Episode 4

Second Love (2015)
Episode 4 (How many times did you watch? No hands, Mom!)

The theme song for this episode is brought to you by ZhouMi! I know..Everyone probably thought I dropped the series, stopped doing the recaps. But, actually this was a case of real-life truly getting you down…and down…and down! However, no time like the present to finally bring you the highlights of episode 4 Continue reading