ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 5

Episode 5

Episode 5

Just WOW! What else can you say about an episode with such an ending? Okay, most of us knew something was going on at the Hayasaka Mental Clinic but to see who the TRUE mastermind was? Even I was floored!! Let’s get this show on the road! (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Memory. That is the title of this episode as Todo and Shoji (Hiroshi Yokoyama) rushed to the scene of a vacant apartment to find the body of the girl, with her mouth filled with candy. It’s just like the bizarre murder that occurred five years ago where yet another school girl was found in an identical manner and the perpetrator was never identified. Todo notices the previous cut marks on the young girl’s arm and mentions it. As she is writing details down, Shoji is watching her very carefully.

At his office, Nakajima( Kento Hayashi) is watching the details of the recent case on the television news. This prompts him to reach into his drawer and pull out the hankerchief wrapped candy wrapper and has a strange look on his face. He begins to have flashbacks of the young girl that he found five years ago. These flashes have a strange and mental effect on him. Okay, what is going on? He is literally being affected by searing pains to his head as the memories rush in. His reaction, banging his head onto the desk is not exactly what you would expect.

The young girl’s family are at the morgue and are identifying their daughter. Todo and Kurashima (Kaname Jun) walk out of the room to the screams of the mother. Like Kurashima says, it is an unbearable scene and sound to hear the cries of a mother who has lost her child in such a horrific manner. Todo, as usual, looks clueless. When she walks outside, she encounters Dr. Ishigami (Harada Mieko) who is smoking a cigarette and in deep thought. She refers to herself as the Goddess of Death once again but realizes just how much her life surroundings have been grim. Why? Because the death of the younger victims really affect her. She personally doesn’t have children but remembers being married at one time (That’s funny, I know how she feels). She says she has finished the autopsy report and walks away.

The police hold a conference on the events leading up to the young girl’s death. Phone records, videos all have been analyzed. They come to the conclusion that the girl must have been lured to that location after she had finished cram school. There is no evidence that she was kidnapped or attacked prior to her death in the building. Another detective also says to revisit the list of individuals from the case 5 years ago. As usual, the dignity of the police trumps finding the killer. One of the detectives suggest that they contact the profiler that has been used on previous cases (Who might that be?). What’s even more strange is that Shoji agrees…Wait, Shoji agrees? If you remember, he has always balked at using the man and as you can expect, this even surprises Todo! Turns out he is more suspicious of Dr. Hayasaka than Nakajima. Go figure!

Todo and Atsuta (Watabe Watanabe) visit Nakajima with details of the case. They express their concern because they know how much the previous case affected him. He assures them that he is okay and takes the case information to look over. As Todo and Nakajima are walking together, he notes that he realizes that she is concerned and has been since the candies dropped at the restaurant. Todo admits she didn’t know he was involved with the case 5 years ago. He tells her how he was in graduate school looking for a place to live and encountered the dead girl with a realtor. You have that rare moment when you watch Todo and her face actually shows concern or is it something else when Nakajima walks away.

Nakajima encounters Kazuya Kubo (Taiki Nakabayashi) who is trying to make an appointment to see Dr. Hayasaka. This puzzles and concerns Nakajima greatly. You see Kazuya is the same man that was considered a suspect in the teen girl’s murder in the vacant apartment. Though he was never charged, from the concern that Nakajima has when the man tells him he is waiting for his orders, it is obvious that he knows more about this but we have been suspecting for a few episodes now. At that moment, Dr. Hayasaka shows up and is surprised. He makes haste in removing the man and cancels all his appointments for the day. Curiouser and curiouser.

At the coroner’s office, Dr. Ishigami is giving Todo more details about the recent teen girl that was killed and found in another vacant apartment. She takes that the case is exactly like the case 5 years ago. Det. Atsuta walks in and also hears the details. One thing that puzzles Dr. Ishigami is the hesitation in the knifing which shows that the killer was specifically trying to mimic the killing from 5 years ago.

Dr. Ishigami shows the two an unpublished paper from Dr. Nakajima and Hayasaka. It is a detail paper on how a stimulus can be given to the human brain of an individual involved in crime and can manipulate their emotions. Because there were ethical issues associated with the paper, any studies were derailed. Dr. Ishigami also mentioned that Dr. Nakajima was the visiting counselor for the Samejima prison which a prisoner died in the same manner as his victims. Seconds later, Todo receives a call from Shoji who talks about the girl in the recent case. It seems that her ‘cutting’ incidence led to psychiatric counseling which was being given to her by Dr. Hayasaka.

Later that night, we see a mildly stressed Nakajima rushing home to his computer. The shock and dismay that shows on his face when he begins reading whatever he has brought up on his computer has him and me concerned. Todo also has one of her out of body experiences where she re-visits the scene of the crime. As candy wrapper papers flies, she sees Nakajima and starts having a conversation with him. She tells him that the case from 5 years ago, she had it committed to her memory. He tells her that she may have the visuals but he remembers clearly the smells: of blood and candy. He tells her he even remembers the screams. He turns around, fiddling with that watch once more and says to a shadowed figure “You’re here”. Todo runs for her can of shichimi chili peppers and at that moment, she wakes up.

Shoji and Todo visit Dr. Hayasaka at his office. Shoji calls Todo a weirdo when she sprinkles the shichimi chili peppers into the coffee offered; a force of habit for her. Dr. Hayasaka says it’s “primary effect”. A psychological term meaning to leave an impression. Well, not sure that is why Todo does it though, doc! They are there to ask about the young girl, Togawa Kyoka, a patient of his. He says that examined her and referred her to another clinic. Todo also mentions that the girl from 5 years ago, she wonders if he knew that the body was discovered by Nakajima. Dr. Hayasawa acknowledges that he did and that he was the one who counseled him many years ago. The conversation continues more on the recent case. They also bring up the 5 strange suicides of men who were implicated in crimes whereby each died in the method of their victims. I’m not sure why it took the police this long to make the connection, folks! Dr. Hayasaka’s response? Simple; not possible. And he tells them to figure out how would they (him and Nakajima) be able to do such a scientific feat? He tells them basically to prove it even. He goes on to say that they have come up with new research called “infiltration”. Todo remembers this same conversation with Nakajima previously. After Dr. Hayasawa’s soap box rant, he basically states he wants a world with no crime. God complex much? Shoji confronts him and says that this “divine justice” is your doing. Dr. Hayasawa’s response? Prove it.

While in the police conference meeting, Todo is continuously trying to contact Nakajima. She has been calling and texting him with no response. Atsuta takes her to task for not paying attention in the meeting while Shoji looks over at her knowing damn well who she is trying to contact. Later that night, Nakajima finally returns her call and apologizes for not contacting her before. Todo tells her how they had visited the Mental Clinic while he was off to ask Dr. Hayasawa questions; Nakajima immediately knows that the visit was spurned on by the suicides of the men. Todo desperately wants to talk to him. But Nakajima denies her request. Todo asks him directly whether the killer from 5 years ago if he had ‘infiltrated’ him. Pretty much it is Todo doing the talking while a silent Nakajima remains on the phone. She starts to tell him about her dream the other day. Nakajima tells her he will email her tomorrow and for her to go to the address listed. Nakajima hangs up the phone and we see that he is at the apartment of the man we saw earlier looking for Dr. Hayasawa (and the ominious music plays in the background).

Kurashima (Jun Kaname) is on the phone. He is frantically talking to some unknown person that he is worried about. We later find out that it was Todo on the phone reporting that she will not be at work until later. Shoji gets this strange look while no one else seems to think anything is strange. Todo is walking to the address that she received in an email from Nakajima. At the same time, Nakajima calls Hayasawa on the phone. Nakajima mentions Kazuya Kubo. He starts asking him questions about the man. It is obvious to us where he is going with this conversation as he sites just what Hayasawa has been up to and the betrayal he feels by his actions. Listen closely as Nakajima says he will take care of Kazuya Kubo himself and he hangs up on a screaming Hayasawa. Todo meets with the prison guard that she and Shoji had a conversation with previously.

Back at the precinct, Atsuta receives a cryptic email from Nakajima. It contains the record of the patient, Kazuya Kubo. Seconds later, other detectives run in identifying Kazuya Kubo as a suspect for the teen girl’s killing. Hayasawa arrives at Kazuya Kubo’s apartment. He starts ringing and banging on the door to only find that the door is already open. He walks in and receives a call from Nakajima who is outside the building. Dr. Hayasawa wants to know where Kazuya Kubo is and Nakajima steadily tells him. When Hayasawa goes into the room, he opens a closet and is greeted by a boatload of candies that spill out onto the floor. This makes Hayasawa furious and as he is about to walk out of the room, he is met with a knife to the body by none other than Kazuya Kubo! As Kazuya Kubo continues to stab a prostrated Hayasawa that is lying on the floor among all the split candy, Todo is hearing the truth from the prison guard about the experiment. At the exact same time, the detectives have rushed to his apartment to discover Dr. Hayasawa laying in the same position as the murdered girls. The difference between the doctors comes very clear: one wanted to use this as a cure while the other wanted to exact revenge on the criminals. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which was wrong or right…

Todo receives a call from Atsuta stating that Dr. Hayasawa was dead and that they are looking for Nakajima as well as the killer, Kazuya Kubo. She recalls her dream and knows exactly where to find Nakajima! She tells Atsuta that Nakajima intends to kill the teen girl’s killer from 5 years ago and rushes over there. As Nakajima is unwrapping candy, an obviously, under the spell of Nakajima, Kazuya Kubo sits on the floor recounting why he killed the girl. His excitement and recant of the crime just sends chills up my spine. Nakajima stands over the man who is relishing the memory while hugging the floor and clicks his watch. Todo runs into the apartment and sees both of the men. Nakajima actually tells the man that Todo is with the police and he should just kill her. So, when he turns to do that, this sets into motion the ‘self suicide’ in the same manner as his killing and he literally starts to cut himself across the stomach! Todo tries to stop it but Nakajima holds her back. As Nakajima flashes back, we see that there is a laser inside his watch. It is this action that causes the tumor and the men to commit suicide. In the end, Nakajima says he is a murderer, opens the door and the candy wrappers start flying and he reaches for a gun in his pocket to commit suicide but is thwarted by Shoji who shoots the gun out of his hand. Dr. Nakajima is arrested and Todo tells him she never wanted to see him like this.

A sign of great acting is when an actor can withhold their emotions throughout a drama for so long that the minute you start to see and recognize the change, it is palpable. Great job, Haru! This episode reminded me how little we have before the ending! So many discoveries and so many questions answered. I loved that I was right about Dr. Hayasawa but I wish I had been wrong about Nakajima.

Talk about playing to the “thin line” of what’s right and wrong? It’s funny as you understood the reasons behind Nakajima that the guilt of feeling exactly how he felt and almost in your mind justifying his action that we, as human beings come to that point of truly blurring the lines. I know myself, on many occasions, when I’ve heard about a heinous crime, I am always wishing that the same exact punishment would visit the criminal. How many of you can say that thought has never entered your mind?

While Dr. Hayasawa’s intent started out noble, the minute he used Kazuya Kubo as a further tool in their experiment to turn on what they had turned off, he really became no better than all the other killers. Again, I loved the fact that you were starting to see real emotion from Todo. When the police technicians were making fun of her for having the ‘look of love’, her frantic look when trying to reach Nakajima on the phone and the final scenes where from her speech you realize that she truly was learning to care for him. Sad.

I haven’t watched episodes 6-8 and I can tell you I cannot wait! So, where will the story go now? Some of you might already know but I cannot wait to find out myself!!

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