Fall 2016 Japanese Season ~ My Drama Watching Wishlist


Japanese Fall Television Season 2016
Japanese Fall Television Season 2016

As I was sitting here checking on the numerous number of Summer 2016 dramas I am watching, it came to my mind that the Fall season will also be a tremendous time for me. There are so many dramas that I have an interest in watching this fall! From thriller/suspense to my all time favorite medical; there is something for everyone. Here are my hopes and dreams to watch this fall.How about you?

Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira (2016)
Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira (2016)

Yoshida You as Ishikawa Yuri
Nagayama Kento as Takagi Shinjiro
Takito Kenichi as Tachikawa Daisuke
Mitsuishi Ken as Kaneko Toru
Miura Tomokazu as Motoki Hidetoshi
Episodes: 10
Begins Airing: Oct 22, 2016
Network: WOWOW
The Japanese version of Warner Bros ‘Cold Case’; Yuri Ishikawa and her team try to crack unresolved cold cases in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Big fan of Cold Case! This is one genre that I know that the Japanese do very, very well. I’m excited to see Yoshida You once again. She was great in Kounodori and Ouroboros. She’s also in another upcoming medical drama, Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan; you’ll see more on that later! Nagayama Kento was good in both Juhan Shuttai and Gomenne Seishun! Then we round out the cast with veteran actors Takito Kenichi (Ouroboros, Juhan Shuttai!) and Mitsuishi Ken (ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako, Siren) and Miura Tomokazu (N no Tame ni, Tokyo DOGS).

Doctor X 4 (2016)
Doctor X 4 (2016)

Yonekura Ryoko as Daimon Michiko
Nishida Toshiyuki as Hiruma Shigekatsu
Uchida Yuki as Jonouchi Hiromi
Kishibe Ittoku as Kanbara Akira
Katsumura Masanobu as Kaji Hideki
Episodes: 11
Begins Airing: Oct 31, 2016
Network: TV Asahi
Michiko Daimon goes up against Shigekatsu Hiruma. Shigekatsu Hiruma is a new director for the best university hospital in Japan and also bears a deep grudge against Michiko Daimon.
There is never such a thing as too much Daimon Michiko! I have always enjoyed the series and the previous special leading up to season 4 gives you enough information to let you know just where the season with go. As the good ole boys continue to push male dominance in the hospital arena, our girl is still there to say “No”!

The Last Cop (2016)
The Last Cop (2016)

Karasawa Toshiaki as Kyogoku Kosuke
Kubota Masataka as Mochizuki Ryota (Kosuke’s new partner)
Miyakawa Ichirota as Suzuki Makoto
Tayama Ryosei as Kujirai Masataka
Kurokawa Tomoka as Kashiwagi Saori
Matsuo Satoru as Yasuda Shinpei
Kuji Akiko as Mizushima Marika
Episodes: TBD
Begins Airing: Oct 18, 2016
Network: NTV
This is the Renzoku edition of this drama that has a previously aired special from June 2015, another short drama of 3 episodes that began airing Sep 03, 2016. In 1985, when detective Kyogoku Kosuke (Karasawa Toshiaki) was hunting down some criminals, he suddenly found himself in the center of an explosion and ended up falling into a coma. In 2015, after 30 years Kosuke wakes up and has a lot to catch up, new values, technology, family, work, everything he has missed. Back to the Criminal Division, Kosuke and his new partner Ryota (Kubota Masataka) are entrusted with classified security data that aims to a terrorist group Schiesser.

I’m still hopeful that this one will show up. So far no luck. I thought with Kubota Masataka (Mars, High & Low) in it, someone would sub but so far neither the special or the 3-episode drama has been. Believe me, I’ve looked and only have found with Chinese subs! Gosh, damn! Maybe it’s time to learn some Chinese!!

IQ246 (2016)
IQ246 (2016)
IQ246 ~ Kareinaru Jikenbo (2016)

Oda Yuji as Homonji Sharaku
Tsuchiya Tao as Wato Soko
Dean Fujioka as Kensei
Nakatani Miki as Morimoto Tomomi
Episodes: TBD
Begins Airing: Oct, 2016
Network: TBS
Homonji Sharaku is the descendant of an esteemed, scholarly aristocratic family in Kita Kamakura where the line of eldest sons have had high IQ of 246 passed down from generation to generation. The present 89th head of the Homonji family, Homonji pursues nothing but knowledge. He is fond of saying, “I’ve nothing to do. I’ve nothing to do. Where’s a case that’s worth my while to solve?” One day, Wato Soko, a detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, is suddenly assigned to the First Investigative Division. However, she is given the mission to guard Homonji rather than investigate brutal crimes. It seems that everyone who was assigned resigned within a month
DEAN!!! I really need no more motivation than that! But seriously, really good cast. I admit Oda Yuji is probably the only one who I am unfamiliar with but the rest of the cast I’ve loved in many other dramas! And did I say this has DEAN?!!!!

Love Like Fate (2016) Unmei ni, Nita Koi (2016)
Love Like Fate (2016)
Unmei ni, Nita Koi (2016)

Harada Tomoyo as Kasumi
Saito Takumi as Yuri
Yamaguchi Sayaka as Maho
Episodes: 8
Begins Airing: Sep 23, 2016
Network: NHK
During their childhood, a little girl and a boy made a pledge to meet again. Now at the age of 45, the girl, Kasumi, is now a divorced mother of a son of high school age. She works as hard as she can at a laundry delivery shop for the wealthy, in order to make a living. Then one day, Kasumi encounters a young male designer, Yuri, who has attracted international attention. He is somehow far too familiar with her and pokes his nose into her affairs. Kasumi is initially wary, but she soon learns that he has a pure heart and starts to get drawn to him. These two people with different backgrounds fall in love. Why did Yuri appear before her? Could he be the boy from that time?

Another thing that the Japanese do well is adult theme dramas. I have high hopes for this one as my Saito Takumi (Doctor’s Affairs, Lady Girls) is in this one. Harada Tomoyo, I’ve only seen in films but with this older woman/younger male combination, I want sizzle, Takumi! Sizzle on the screen!!

Hippocratic Oath (2016) Hippocrates no Chikai (2016)
Hippocratic Oath (2016)
Hippocrates no Chikai (2016)

Kitagawa Keiko as Togano Makoto
Shibata Kyohei as Kosaki Tojiro
Episodes: 5
Begins Airing: Oct 2, 2016
Network: WOWOW
On the advice of Professor Tsukuba (Furuya Ikkou), a physician she respects, houseman Togano Makoto takes training at forensic medicine classes. She gingerly steps into a classroom with a strange atmosphere. The eccentric but outstanding forensic professor Kosaki Tojiro gives her a polite brush-off and leaves the place. Makoto trains under Kosaki in a story that throws the ethical conflict surrounding autopsies and human relationships into sharp relief.

Since her marriage recently, it’s like Keita is working on overdrive! I swear she has had 1-2 dramas each season since the absolutely wonderful drama Tantei no Tantei. This will be my first medical drama with her. She tends to deliver in her performances regardless of the subject matter. I’m currently watching Ie Uru Onna and who knew that the real estate industry would be interesting and fun to watch. Forensic science drama are my all time favorite! I’m really hoping against hope that someone out there feels the same and adds English subs to this drama. C’mon! Only 5 episodes! Someone take the bite!

Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan (2016)
Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan (2016)

Yoshida Yo as Tachibana Shiho
Aibu Saki as Nitta Yukino
Yoshioka Riho as Tamaru Ayaka
Shiratori Kumiko as Satomi Aoi
Takizawa Saori as Uematsu Yui
Fueki Yuko as Murakami Natsumi
Ito Ran as Iwakura Yoko
Takahashi Katsunori as Kitahata Yoshiyuki
Totsugi Shigeyuki as Sasaki Shinya
Shounozaki Ken as Miyabe Kohei
Kobayashi Katsuya as Takasugi Yuki
Episodes: TBD
Begins Airing: Oct, 2016
Network: Fuji TV
Shiho works as a neurosurgeon at Nishitokyo General Hospital. She decides to quit her profession after hallucinating during surgery. Her ex-teacher Masayuki Kitabatake is the director at Tokyo University Hospital and he persuades Shiho to work at his hospital in the diagnosis department which consists of all female doctors. Shiho, who is more stubborn in her will to save other patients, sometimes come in conflicts with the other doctors there, but she cooperates with them to reveal a mysterious malady.

There isn’t going to be very many opportunities that you will see so many women in a Japanese medical drama! I’m so used to seeing the obviously male dominated profession on the screen time and time again. So, my anticipation on this drama is really high! Once again, Yoshida Yo is in another drama this season. This woman is making me seriously happy this fall. It should be especially an interesting watch for me because of my sister and her many surgeries in neurosurgery. I might not be a doctor but I sure know the lingo thoroughly now. Watching this drama this season would really make my year!

48-ninme no Chuushin (2016) Chuushingura no Koi ~ 48-ninme no (2016)
48-ninme no Chuushin (2016)
Chuushingura no Koi ~ 48-ninme no (2016)

Takei Emi as Kiyo
Fukushi Seiji as Isogai Jurozaiemon
Episodes: 20
Begins Airing: Sep 24, 2016
Network: NHK
Kiyo is a lady-in-waiting who serves the Asano family’s Edo mansion in the Genroku Period. She has fallen in love with Isogai Jurozaiemon, a samurai of the Ako domain. Kiyo sets her mind to overcome the difference in social status and live for love. But at that moment, bloodshed occurs when Asano Naganori, the young lord of the Ako domain, attacks the master of ceremonies, Kira Yoshinaka, inside Edo Castle. This incident sets Kiyo’s destiny in motion as the 48th “loyal vassal” unable to participate in the raid with Jurozaemon and the rest of the 47 lordless Ako samurai. After they pull off the raid on Kira’s residence, Kiyo’s second life begins. She gets close to a family positioned to accede to the shogunate and eventually enters the inner palace of Edo Castle with the aim of restoring the Asano family.
I know. A slim and no chance that this will get subbed. I enjoy this period of history and regardless of what people say about Emi, I do enjoy most of her dramas.


6 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Japanese Season ~ My Drama Watching Wishlist

Add yours

  1. Yess I’ve been hoping for a mystery drama with a strong female lead and am so glad that you showed Cold Case here! This means that I have one more drama to watch in the fall (though how likely that’ll happen what with work and school I’m not sure).

    I’m seriously hoping that they’ll up their strong female lead game in their mysteries. They’ve put out some really good stuff so far (I will never forget you Boss) with a lot of misses as well (Onnatachi no Tokusou Saizensen… what is this mediocrity?) Once they put out the same amount of mysteries with female as well as male leads (haha a woman can dream right?) just by sheer quantity we’d get more good ones along with the bad.

    Though now that I thought about it, I don’t mind it if the show is lead by a male character; it’s just that when that happens the female characters are usually relegated to a pretty piece of furniture that the main character can bounce ideas off of. An example of where this isn’t the case is Keishichou Zero-gakari, where the female sidekick also does some sleuthing of her own. In retrospect she exists mostly to be the “straight man” to the protagonist by pointing out how KY he is. Considering that that role can and has been played by both male and female characters though, I’m pretty ok with it.

    Aanyway for the fall line-up. I’m definitely psyched for Cold Case and am tentatively optimistic about IQ246. I’m pretty sure this will mostly be a one-man show but if the mysteries are interesting I’m in. Can’t do medical shows – I’m too squeamish. Looking forward to the recaps as usual though!

    1. Hi, after looking at the scriptwriters and their past works, I have some hope in Cold Case, plus the drama’s genre is somehow what wowow’s specialized in.

      1. Yes, I hope the same. Sadly wowow dramas rarely get subbed, although fortunately the subbed ones are mostly watchable-good. Imo, wowow’s drama production team are usually good and what mostly make some of their drama disappointing is the script. It’s the reason why I’m worried about Hippocratic Oath although the premise and teaser are somehow interesting, because of the scriptwriter’s past works.

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