Death Cash (2016) – Episode 6

Episode 6

Episode 6

I swear, I cannot believe not many people are watching this drama! As a big Final Destination movie fan, there are so many nuances of this drama that really reminds me of the movie. We have a story; old wives tale if you will, a person who sees death before it happens and the people that are trying to stop all of this from happening. Win! Win! (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Once again, it becomes clear to us as well as Wakamoto (Shigeyuki Totsugi) and Yuka (Matsui Jurina) about the involvement of Professor Zaitsu (Toshio Kakei). The wall full of pictures and documents as well as the article he is writing is beyond chilling as now it makes you wonder just how much was planned or by coincidence? We know and they know that not only the trip but the destination of the camping trip was picked by him. So, was the money planted for his experiment? It’s obvious to us and now them that the man is complicit in the death cash taking effect. And is taking some satisfaction in it too! This man needs to die horribly!!

Okay, heavy sign being hoisted up by two students? Nah, nothing here. But if that isn’t a sign, not sure what is. As Yuka is again trying to contact Ueno Mari (Nakamura Yurika) who is not calling her back, she is walking towards what looks like another accident. However, as the sign begins to fall, Wakamoto who has just walked up because he is on campus to look for the professor, pulls her out of danger as the sign comes crashing down! It is at that moment that Yuka realizes something, a fear and wonder creeps onto her that she cannot predict her own death! Not surprised here, folks.

As Yuka walks, she is in deep thought about the recent events. She is thinking about Mari that she hasn’t been able to contact. She goes to Mari’s address which is kind of surprise as you heard that she is from a rich family. She rings the doorbell and Mari answers not looking too happy about the visit I might add. When Mari tries to slam the door in her fact, she tells Mari that Haitani (Hayama Susumuno) died and now they are the only survivors of the camping seminar! Surprisingly, she lets Yuka enter the apartment which is definitely shabby-chic. This catches Yuka as well as me by surprised after hearing that she is from a wealthy family. When Yuka mentions her wealth, Mari wastes no time to correct her that it is her step father that her mother, Chihiro (Minako Tanaka) abandoned her true father for who married a rich man. Mari has decided to take it out on money because it changes people and she has literally cut ties with her family and continues to work various part-time jobs to support herself. She finally runs Yuka out of her place.

Back in his basement office, Wakamoto is trying to gain more information on the professor. The other detective, Tabata that has been helping Wakamoto get information runs in to tell him the bad news. It seems the higher brass has got wind of his investigations into the killings that have been deemed “accidents”. Seconds later, in walks in Iori (Reon Yuzuki). Well, these two definitely have a history and I’m not sure if it is good or bad at this moment. As Wakamoto doesn’t look too please to see her. She eyes his whiteboard that is covered with information about the death cash victims.

Interesting conversation as Iori says he’s chasing after ghosts while Wakamoto says how the department only closes these cases to look good. One interesting fact as Iori grabs Yuka’s picture is to remark how much she looks like his sister. Well, we know his sister is dead but this explains a lot!! Okay, these two were either married or just dated. The animosity is WAY TOO HIGH otherwise. He asks Tabata to investigate the Professor’s whereabouts but Iori counters that demand and says that Wakamoto is finished with this investigation beginning now. While Wakamoto thinks she has no jurisdiction to tell him what to do, Iori takes pleasure in telling him that she has transferred to this prefecture office as an inspector. I guess this makes her his boss. Poor guy! I cannot think of anything worse than working for your ex!

Mari is shown at one of her jobs as an office janitor. She is cleaning urinals when her boss walks in and tells her to take a break. Okay, the camera panned into the cleaning fluids twice. There has to be a reason behind this! I’ve noticed one thing about this drama, nothing is shown for nothing! In the breakroom, all the older women are just fawning over Mari exclaiming how she would be a wonderful bride. She smiles but that smile fades when she receives a text message. The women thinks it is a boyfriend but the look on Mari’s face says otherwise.

At the apartment, Yuka cannot forget about the sign falling and the fact that she couldn’t see the danger ahead of time. I guess this is the first time because she cannot let the thought go. Koyume (Kiyohara Kaya) wonders if she is relying too much on the detective or maybe it’s that she likes the detective! Koyume really goes with this thought as she constantly teases her sister as she tries to gauge her feeling for Wakamoto. Koyume is just so cute as she continues to tease and tease poor Yuka! At that moment, the doorbell rings. It is a fearful Yuka who turns to the sound as she is thinking that the death cash is being delivered to her. She creeps slowly to the door and…’s Wakamoto!! Hey man, we were just talking about you!

Fear turns to happiness as Yuka is relieved that it is Wakamoto. As Koyume peeks from the couch at the two (she really is a cutie!), the two are discussing the case. Wakamoto assures her that even though he cannot investigate the case publicly anymore, that will not stop him from doing his own investigations! He asks about Mari and Yuka’s response is that she hates her. He shows her the information he collected on Mari. it seems that Mari changed her last name from Takasue to Ueno. When her mother remarried the president of Takasue Construction, she left home and refused to carry the man’s name. Yuka states she will visit Mari again and Wakamoto tells her to contact him if she senses any danger.

Wakamoto mentions he wants to make sure to protect Yuka and this puts a smile on Koyume’s face. This causes Koyume to invite Wakamoto to eat dinner with them. Koyume has a matchmaking smile on her face as the meal comes to an end.

She invites him to stay for ice cream while she conveniently runs to the store to get it. Koyume says she wants to use the emergency fund money to give Yuka some ‘kissing’ time. Wakamoto asks about the girl’s mother who volunteers all over the world. Yuka also asks him about his family and his sister he’d mentioned before. He tells her that his sister would be 30 years old now if she was still alive. This saddens Yuka as she apologizes for asking him about her. Wakamoto doesn’t stay for ice cream and tells Yuka that she must protect her sister as he leaves. This makes you wonder what happened to his own sister that he obviously feels that he didn’t protect.

The next scene is with Mari once again cleaning the bathroom. Again, her boss walks in and tells her that a customer is looking for her. In walks in her hated mother, Chihiro. The look of distain is noticeable as she looks at her daughter cleaning. In the most nastiest way, she tells Mari to come back home, that what she is doing is demeaning and lowly. It seems that the mother is worried about the prestige of the Takasue family than she is about her daughter. As you listen to this woman speak, it is very clear as to why Mari left home and she utterly hates her mother as well as everything she stands for. The mother pulls out a wad of ten thousand Yen bills and waves them in Mari’s face to take. As expected, she refuses the mother, reminding her that she has severed ties with her and in a not very pleasant voice asks her mother to leave. Her mother thinks her lifestyle isn’t conducive to attracting a man but Mari tells her that she has one. WHO?!!!

Mari gets right into her mother’s face to let her know just what she thinks of the woman. This earns her a sound slap across the face. When she goes to run out the door, she runs right into Yuka and runs past her telling her to leave her alone. Her calls Yuka back and brazenly tries to hand the money to Yuka instead. Yuka tells the woman that she cannot buy her daughter’s love and walks away. I’m starting to see why Mari left home!

At the office, Wakamoto is still pondering over the case as Tabata walks in with the information on Professor Zaito’s home address. He tells him that he cannot actively help him but will try when he can. Wakamoto runs out with the address in hand. Yuka goes chasing after Mari while Wakamoto arrives at the professor’s place. When he goes in, he is in for the shock of his life as he sees the notes and pictures on the wall as well as the computer that was left on with the report that Zaito has been writing which is a very detailed report going back to May when the student group first went on the camping trip. The report talks about the students and their deaths as if they are test subjects! The amount of detail makes you wonder who is providing him with all of this information. We know that Zaito has received phone calls many times about the deaths. But the who has not been shown to us just yet.

This shocking discovery causes Wakamoto to call Yuka. She is looking for Mari and he tells her to stay away from the professor and also tell the same thing to Mari. She wants to know why but at the moment he decides not to go into detail but asks her to follow his request. Yuka heads to Mari’s apartment and Wakamoto will also come there. Flash to the Minami apartment where Koyume is reading a note from Yuka telling her that she will be late and to get herself something to eat. Koyume frowns at the 500 Yen coin and goes to the emergency money jar where she sees, what else but….a ten thousand Yen bill. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Yuka rushes down the walk ramp to see Mari walking. She goes to call out her name but Mari doesn’t see or hear her. Why? Her eyes are focused on someone else. And who might that be? Why, Professor Zaito, of course!! So, he’s the mystery man! And our sweet Koyume is skipping to the store with that cursed bill. DAMN!

Damn I really like this drama! Again, I still cannot believe no one is watching this! Okay, big fans of SKE48 and their sister girl group AKB48 are definitely watching. Also, my drama dongsaeng, Nelly is definitely watching because I make her watch everything! The mere shock of each killing is enough to watch this drama. You are not going to ever see this in a Korean drama or probably any other Asian drama.

But back to the drama, I was right! Right! Right! I knew there was something fishy about that professor! However, to think that he led those kids to their death, for what? To write a damn paper? This is just unconscionable! This man needs to die the most horrible of deaths imaginable! I cannot wait to see it and rejoice about it!

Mari’s story was very interesting. I can see her in the future delivering that money to her mother; however, they kept focusing on the cleaning supplies. I know for a fact that this writer never does nothing for no reason. I have a distinct feeling that we will see those caustic liquids again. Bet on it. I was too surprised to see that the man Mari referred to was none other than Professor Zaito. I’m curious if she will also become a victim of the death cash or remain his personal you-know-what?!

The introduction of a new character, Inspector Iori is going to be interesting. I already dislike the woman. Her and Wakamoto definitely has some serious history together and it isn’t more obvious that whatever relationship those two had ended very, very, VERY badly.

Let’s talk about the Minami girls. I just love Koyume and her teasing of Yuka. Her telling Yuka that maybe to break the spell, she needs to kiss the guy?! It is a given that Yuka is starting to care about Wakamoto but does he care about her more than just as a little sister? Sometimes I wonder. But the bill mysterious showing up in the emergency spending jar? NOOOOOOOOO! My sweet Koyume has to remain safe, writer!! Nothing else is acceptable!

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