Angel’s Revenge – We have Reached the Point of No Return; Episode 70

 SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT! Don’t look and then blame me later!!

Angel’s Revenge


Kwon Yool as Seo Ji-Seok
Yoon So Yi as Lee SeonYu
Moon Bo Ryung as Seo Ji-Hee
Park Jung Chul as Jang Tae Joong

Episodes: 100

There is a point in a daily drama that you reach that you, the viewer are determined to finish it. With only 100 episodes, having reached the 70th episode, I feel compelled to finish it. At this point, if it nose dives into the absurd (talking about you Sweet Spring) then at least I know I will watch the last 2 episodes and call it a day. However, Angel’s Revenge has surprised me.  It has surprised me in a way because of not good acting (some of the actors give you pause sometimes) but because of a very entertaining story that leaves you at the end of each episode; wanting to see what can they possibly think of next?

One thing this drama has done is given us a lead couple that you root for from the beginning. I also like that they are totally unencumbered with the usual “third person love triangle”. Almost from first glance, Ji-Seok is absolutely smitten. It was funny watching him chide himself for being attracted to a novice nun as Seonyu was only weeks from taking her final vows. But as we know in drama land, circumstances change and Seonyu’s quest for revenge against her once brother-in-law to be Tae Joong takes form and Ji-Seok is pulled into the middle by association.

ar65f ar65e ar65b The romance between Ji-Seok and Seonyu has remained sweet and absolutely cute throughout the entire drama. This has been the main draw for me as it has been consistent. I rarely watch romances for this reason because of their inconsistency but there is no doubt that these two care for each other. Thankfully, at this juncture, Seonyu knows and no longer denies her feeling for Ji-Seok.

Admittedly, Angel’s Revenge is very light on the revenge and definitely couldn’t be classified as makjang which revenge dramas generally get that connotation associated with it (and justly). I would refer to this drama as “revenge light“. Sure, at times Seonyu does things that could be considered revenge like but most of the time she is working against the “baddies” and protecting Ji-Seok from them and their pursuit to take over the company and deny him any of his inheritance. The list of “bad” guys is definitely long. Not only are we including Tae Joong but also Aran (Ji-Seok’s step mother) and most importantly (and sadly), his sister Ji-Hee.

ar65mJi-Hee’s participation is simply because of stupidity. As we get more and more into the story, her stupidity gets deeper and deeper. The time for feeling sorry for her is now long gone as everything that has happened to her at this stage, she squarely puts on poor Seonyu’s shoulders.
ar66dSorry, there is no redeeming this man. Even though he didn’t personally run over Jinyu, had he left her alone, she probably would still be alive or at least missing Baby Jinyu would still be with his family. And his list of offenses keeps growing and growing. From kidnapping to scamming L Foods for stocks and control. The man has already said that murder is not far from his thoughts and capability. I imagine this man, his so called friend Hyeunsu will contribute greatly to his downfall:
ar66bWith all of the shading dealings him and Tae Joong are now doing that involve L Foods as well as his part in the attempted kidnapping of Seonyu, not too much he is NOT willing to do. Now he has added blackmail to his repertoire. I predict if Hyeunsu keeps down this road, he doesn’t have long for this world. Watch my words.
ar66cDalnyeo (Lee Eung Kyung) aka the green monster and Tae Joong’s mother, I just don’t know what to make of her. Her constantly excusing her son’s bad behavior and turning around to put the blame entirely on other people’s shoulders is utterly amazing. But that is not the worse she has done. When she left the dying Jinyu on the road, not picking up the telephone to call for help and taking the baby that Jinyu gave birth to and abandoning it in the cold near an orphanage, I was through with her at that moment.
ar73aAnd every time she laments and cries over an outfit she stole from Jinyu’s belongings that she made for the baby, my gag level increases! The woman thoroughly disgusts me!
ar66aBut let’s talk about some of the good things about this drama: some really great and entertaining supporting characters. Bong Chang (Lee Hye Eun) and her too grown for his pants son, Bang Tong are just fun; okay, I admit Bang Tong (Kim Tae-Joon) has reached the super annoying child level where I want to reach into the television and smack him, but at least I understand him to a point. He is overly protective of his mother who has now had two failed marriages and whenever she smiles, he says she falls in love again.
ar65jCan I say everyone LOVES Uri Samchon, Wu Hyeon? Everybody! The actor (Choi Jae Won) is definitely winning our hearts with his portrayal of the mentally disabled Wu Hyeon. Even though he is supposed to have a limited knowledge, he is beyond smart! His constant digs against Aran are simply hysterical! I wish I could collect a video of all of his digs (unknowingly) against Aran (Kim Cheong); we laugh and so does he.
ar64a ar67aaWu Hyeon’s huge crush on Bong Chang (or Bang Tong’s Mother as he refers to her) is super cute. It must be his first crush because he is experiencing new feelings for the first time and doesn’t know what/how to act. Unfortunately for Wu Hyeon, Bang Tong is not having it.
ar65hSeonyu’s uncle and aunt; Poong Ho (Lee Dal Hyung) and Bong Hwang (Choi Wan-Jung) are fun. Poong Ho reminds me of an old salty military man with his gruff voice and demeanor while Bong Hwang’s existence is simply to irritate the HELL out of Dalnyeo: I approve!
ar65i ar65nBut nothing beats our Romeo and Juliet (okay, this is one-sided love): Gi-Jin (Kim Min-Soo) and Tae-Mi (Jung Yi-Yeon). Tae-Mi’s mega-crush is something else. When Gi-Jin’s character first came on the scene, I thought he was just going to be used as filler but so far Gi-Jin is working out nicely. But I must say I got to see a drama first for me: reverse piggyback ride! Gi-Jin’s drunken scene and Tae-Mi carrying him home on her back was legendary! Legendary! C’mon! How many of us could carry more than our normal weight (all 189cm of male) on our backs in high heels! I was duly impressed! Impressive!
ar65q ar65o
With the ending of episode 70, we have finally reached the pivotal moment we have been waiting for in this drama. It also is the start of the next phase of the revenge, I hope. This drama has just been getting better and better. Here is hoping the last 30 episodes continue to improve on the story. Even though the acting isn’t always top-notch, so far it hasn’t disappointed me on the story.

My favorite scene to end episode 70: Wedding Dress

5 thoughts on “Angel’s Revenge – We have Reached the Point of No Return; Episode 70

  1. Daebak! What we are all waiting for!!! This is real & not a fantasy sequence, right?

    Compiling uri samchon’s and some of Chang’s honeyed barbs would be time consuming, but also very enjoyable!

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  3. Wow ..can you send me here the link with this episode ?? i search it but … i found another episode 70 … don’t looks like your photos 😀 please 😀

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