Has It Really Been One Year Now?!!

keep-calm-it-s-my-one-year-anniversary I cannot believe that it has been a year! Well, actually I am late. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the calendar and I saw it was May already. Why? If you lived here in the Nation’s Capital, we had three whole days of torrential rain!
Downpours Flood Boston Streets traffic If you have driven around the roads here, you would understand how a one hour ride can increase to two-three hours simply because of the weather! People can never understand why I simply look forward to a life of complete solitude whereby I’m surrounded by family (on occasion), my pets and my trusty laptop.
 I truly do look forward to this simple life of luxury! Three years ago, you couldn’t tell me that I, Bel (aka NewKDramaAddict), would totally be hooked, totally deep into the Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese drama worlds. If I count just the 2013 movies/dramas/specials that I watched AND completed last year, the count exceeds a whopping 100! Granted a lot of that count is movies as I am happy to say I still blog for KoreanDramaReviews (thanks to our fearless leader, Grace) which accounts for at least 4-5 movies a month alone; also, thanks to blogging, I was able to attend premiere movie events to watch Tough as Iron, Friend 2, and Wedding Palace.
Drama-wise, last year was a good year. There were many good and great dramas that came out that I watched and enjoyed immensely. Last year’s top dramas were easy to pick as the best (my best) floated to the top with ease. There were also some big disappointments that I won’t soon forget (from She is Wow to pick one drama from this post)!!

One of the big things that I worried about when I started this venture was “What would I talk about?” I’m not the type of person to do recaps as I’m notorious for starting a drama and liking it in the beginning and by the end wondering why I even watched it. So recapping is a commitment I never wanted to make. Okay, I’m about to break that rule soon with a little help from my friends; stay tuned.

I’m not into K-Pop, per se so you will rarely see articles on music; however, so far, I’ve not had difficulties finding things to talk about. I’ve kind it made it rule of mine to stick to talking about dramas no one else is. I’m proud to say I’ve basically followed that rule (there are rare exceptions) and have happily attracted many people to great dramas that would have been overlooked because they simply didn’t get the fanfare, the money or the attention of other dramas.

The drama world definitely gives you a lot to talk about; complain about or just love about it. Early this year, I made the leap from blogger (it has its pluses) to wordpress (has both pluses and minuses) and I’m glad I did.

So what is in store for this year, 2014? I have no idea. I just hope to continue to be blessed with good health and time. Unfortunately, by the end of this year, things may change drastically as I may be heading into a new direction in my career as my Manager I’ve worked with for 15 years retires and she is insisting that I take her position. Still not sure whether that is what I want to do; however, luckily everyone I work with and my Director wants me to do so it might happen and that will be a BIG damper on my posting here for 2015.
1yr So I cannot begin to thank all those that have read my little blog. Even though I’ve made the move to WordPress, my original blog still gets hits daily and approaching 60K hits! Hopefully by the time I reach this time next year, the hits here will keep coming and more and more people will find me and what I truly love: Dramas.

To revisit some of my most popular posts to date (this includes blogger stats):

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Let’s end this post with a nice Happy Anniversary serenade from my generation (you youngster’s don’t know this music!):


6 thoughts on “Has It Really Been One Year Now?!!

  1. Happy anniversary! I’m truly impressed you’ve watched so many dramas. I’ve been watching dramas for a little over two years, and you already have me beat. Now I feel like a slacker.

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