Ending My Fascination with The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang-A Review

Deep and long sigh. Talk about watching a drama plateau and never wanting it to end? Yes, I’ve finally witnessed that drama and the name was The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. I really had no expectations on whether or not I was going to like it. I went in thinking it would be just your “typical” saguek drama filled with the usual machinations of the nobles and royals. Little did I know that this drama would become my most love drama ever; a drama to go beyond what I thought about both Queen Inhyun’s Man and the most recent love of mine, Ugly Alert.
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Movin’ on Up….and on to WordPress!

I know you youngsters (and my foreign friends) have no idea of the reference in the photo. Back in the 70s, there was a really popular show called “The Jeffersons” and that was the theme song. Alas I don’t know how to inject songs into posts yet as I’m still learning.

However, during this learning phase, I’m getting more and more familiar with posting blogs and I now see the benefits (and disadvantages) of using WordPress and discontinuing using Blogger. So starting today, I’m taking that leap (of faith) and moving over to WordPress. All new blog posts will originate from here, https://newkdramaaddict.wordpress.com. Hopefully as time goes on and with the assistance of my blogger daughter, Tamika, my transition will be painless. We will see!! Stay tuned! Got some new posts coming up this weekend…hopefully! Say a prayer..

KBSWorld-Global Reach to Non-Korean Audiences Available on YouTube

Variety and other Interesting Shows Available on YouTube 
By KBSWorld
It seems that South Korea is finally recognizing the vast amount of non-Koreans that are watching their shows. A lot of shows and dramas may have been on youtube for awhile but it is only recently that more and more shows are now being made available with English subbing and some with Chinese subbing.  Here are just a few:

Sun-ye of Wonder Girls to go on Mission in Haiti

Wonder Girls’ Sun-ye to go to Haiti for 5 years

Min Sun-ye of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls announced yesterday that she plans to head to Haiti to serve as a missionary in July. She said that she plans to spend the next five years in the Caribbean country with her husband and her young daughter. “Throughout my seven-year journey as a pop star, I was able to experience a lot of things that helped shape who I am today”, Min noted in her goodbye message on her fan site.

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Lee Dong Hae will Join God’s Quiz 4

Super Junior’s Lee Dong-hae to star in OCN 
“God’s Quiz Season 4”

Source: star.moneytoday and Hancinema

Super Junior’s Lee Dong-hae has been cast for the OCN drama “God’s Quiz Season 4”. According to SM Entertainment, Lee Dong-hae stars in the drama as Han Si-woo, an elite rookie at the Korean University Hospital Law Department where matters of rare diseases were dealt with.

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Top 5 Dramas for 2013

My Top 5 Drama Picks for 2013

These are my picks for the top dramas that I’ve seen from 2013. Again, they are not arranged in no particular order as I love them all equally. This year was probably the easiest to pick my top five. Sure, I liked a lot of dramas in 2013 but there were very few that I LOVED! Compare it with your list for 2013:

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No Time? Try A K-Drama Short!

If Real Life Gets In The Way of Your Drama Time? 
Try A K-Drama Short!
I know a lot of us don’t have time for the week to week or even the weekend dramas. Real life always gets you down and can interfere with your little time you have for entertainment. Here are some of the short dramas (4 and under episodes) that I’ve enjoyed in the last couple of years.

Getty Makes Millions of Images For Use Free for Blogs

Getty Images Makes 35 Million Photos Free to Use Online

             Embed from Getty Images

Getty Images began in 1997 and has made it a business of licensing stock photography to web sites. But in recent years, the company has been losing more and revenue from similar companies providing the same service.

In the hopes of attracting millions, Getty Images is now making available over 35 million photos from their collection. The instructions on embedding these free images is available via this link to their websites. In addition, the website to search through the images available is here. Each image will credit the photographer as seen in the image above as well as the ability to share the image links via twitter and tumblr.

It is a start and a great idea. Unfortunately, you will have to sift through the images to determine which are free and those that are not. But it will definitely be a great source for images in the future; legally obtained.

Source: Openculture.com

Mom’s Garden-Replacement Drama for Soo Baek Hyang starts March 17, 2014


Mom’s Garden (2014)

With tears in my eyes, I am preparing for the end of what will definitely be my “cracktastic” drama for 2014, Soo Baek Hyang. However, surprisingly I am finding the replacement drama, Mom’s Garden to be more and more interesting as time goes on. No, it won’t replace the love I have for Soo Baek Hyang but I am definitely adding it to the top of my watch list beginning in April.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Latest in Dramas That I Can..Not..Find!!

Dramas I’m Looking Forward to Watching but Cannot Find Part Deux!!

Again, I’m putting out a S.O.S.. for dramas I would love to watch with english subs but cannot find. I was pretty successful with my last search (2 out of 3) so maybe if I try again, someone will remember seeing one of these dramas somewhere. So, on bended knees (again), I need your help!! Here are four dramas that I am desperately looking for with English subs. I’ve looked at all of the sites I know and so far I’ve not found one. So with your vast sources and experience, help a daily drama addict!!