Movie Monday – Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (2015)

Starring: Kim Myung Min as Detective K, Lee Yeon Hee as Hisako, Oh Dal Su as Seo Pil, Jo Kwan Woo as Musician Jo, Jung Won Joong as Senior, and Hwang Jung Min as Sakura

Rating: PG-13, subject matter

Running Time: 125 min

Twinkies: 2 3/4 stars

Synopsis: “Detective K” is the greatest Joseon detective story ever told about a private eye who is part clumsy and part genius with slyness and wit as his weapon. In 1795, the nineteenth year of King Jeongjo’s reign, a large amount of fake silver is slipped into circulation creating a substantial threat to the economy. Detective Kim Min is assigned the task to investigate the crime ring behind the scheme

Musings: This second installment on our wacky investigative duo was kind of a disappointed. So, why am I writing about this? Mainly because I rarely talk about the movies I don’t like but also because I really loved the first movie so much more. Where the first movie, Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow, really concentrated on telling us the story, this one went more for the punchlines and silliness that maybe attracts more people than me. I really do love the Korean comedies; however, when they get too much into the ‘slapstick’ realm, then I can get too bored and start looking at the time waiting for it to end.

For me, the biggest saving grace was Lee Yeon Hee as Hisako. She brought sexiness and a relief from the silly seasons throughout the movie. Her presence on the screen in her beautiful kimonos were the highlight for me. Plus I enjoyed her character the most. Though others might like this more than me, don’t let this review stop you. Just know that if you were a big fan of the first movie, this might be a slight letdown.

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on Viki.

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