Mizushima Hiro as Sebastian Michaelis
Gouriki Ayame as Kiyoharu Genpo/Shiori
Yuka as Wakatsuki Hanae
Yamamoto Mizuki as Maid Rin
Shirota Yu as Charles Bennett Sato

Running Time: 1 hr. 59 min.
Release Date: Jan 18, 2014

Also known as Kuroshitsuji. The story is set in Asia in 2020 when West and East cultures are mixed in confusion.

A young girl Genpou Shiori is a descendant of the the Phantomhive noble family. Shiori runs a large enterprise, Funtom Company, and she disguises herself in male attire, naming herself “Kiyoharu”. The family only allows males to be the head of the family, and they have also been tasked with the duty to solve difficult cases that happen in the underbelly of society by order of the queen.

In order to get revenge, she gave up her life as a woman and made a contract with the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, in which Sebastian protects Shiori until she completes her revenge in exchange for devouring her soul.

My Thoughts
Even though I’m still watching the anime version and I know fans of it will be disappointed and make comparisons, I personally thought this was an awesome movie! Awesome! Mizushima Hiro did an outstanding job of bringing Sebastian to life. Other than Tokyo Dogs as Oguri Shun’s sidekick, I’ve not seen much of Hiro’s other movies and dramas so this was an added treat! Thanks to my anime fan daughter, even though I haven’t completed the anime series, I’ve seen enough of them to really be a good judge of his acting as Sebastian. I was even impressed with his action sequences! Though robotic and over exaggerated, what else did you expect for a futuristic movie!

Gouriki Ayame is just as cute as a button! As long as you suspend disbelief that she looks anything like a man, go with it. My only experience with her was in W no Higeki, a good experience. While Sebastian pretty much commanded the screen, there were definitely periods where she was able to shine. Her interactions with Sebastian, Rin and her Aunt, Hanae are notable.

Like the anime, the movie tried to inject some pretty colorful characters! The funeral worker with his blinged out coffin is definitely memorable; the whole scene was as they were digging through the corpse! Yuck!

The Aunt Hanae was simply crazy. I read somewhere that someone complained that the anime character was more likable but not sure how you can like someone who killed her sister and her husband AND the daughter would have been killed if she was found, so likable is still not a word I’d use to describe her.

My favorite scene was definitely the experiment with the drugged out rich folks. The minute the three guys walked in the room with the hoods, I personally would have been out the door! A mind is a terrible thing to waste! I guess those commercials about people’s minds on drugs being like a fried egg is definitely true; you lose your mind and sense.

The drugged out people, I couldn’t even garner any sympathy for them. It was already a case of wrong place at the wrong time. Now if they were smart enough, would they have been freaked out by how that killer high was made?

RIN! RIN! RIN! I don’t think I can say it enough. Her character as the maid (played by Yamamoto Mizuki) was the stand-out character for the movie in my estimation.

To go from super klutz and you wondering why she is even in the movie to one bad-ass, gun-totting super momma that thoroughly impressed me to no end.

and impressed me..

and impressed me..

Overall, the movie was real fun to watch. Some fans of the anime might like it but I’m sure that others that like this genre will love it! I sure did. Now to really finish the anime!

Here’s the trailer:

MDL Rating: 9
Where to Watch
If you are not into downloading, the only place I know of is here