Final Thoughts – Angel’s Revenge…Was it Worth 52 hours of My Drama Life?

It has now been over two weeks since Angel’s Revenge ended. I asked myself whether I should have pushed Tae Jung off the cliff and joined him because I don’t know why I still liked this drama overall. Like other daily drama blog posts, it always takes me awhile to savor and ponder my thoughts before I put the proverbial pen to paper.

Like Ji Hee with baby Sa Rang, I’ve been drifting from drama to drama (except for Only Love and Sanaeha Sunya Kaen) and not being totally satisfying. After some thought, it wasn’t because this drama was so good I couldn’t forget it, it was more that I was entertained at so many levels that now my drama watching is J-U-S-T   N-O-T   T-H-E   S-A-M-E!! Just like my friend, Nelly wrote in her final notes, a lot of the best things about this drama was watching with a group of people! I miss you guys!

Let’s start with the good things that worked and helped keep me riveted to the screen. First of all, the drama had a main OTP that I truly, truly cared about. There was no doubt from the beginning, wait from episode 4 that Ji Seok was truly smitten; by episode 30 you knew the man was in love. There was no floundering or wavering of his affection even when they threw in the old shoe called the first love in the mix.

No matter how hard she tried, Ji Seok and his devotion to Sun Yeon was not and DID not change. In addition, the courtship or should I say Ji Seok pursuit of Sun Yeon was a wonderful story line. No matter how hard she tried to dodge the affection bullet and remain steadfast in her revenge mode, she couldn’t. Some of my favorite scenes definitely come from the earlier stages in their relationship: When they first met in the club, when Ji Seok lost his heart when watching Sun Yeon hang clothes, or even the time they went to the club and she faked getting drunk which led to their one (and only) kiss on the screen.

A great wedding scene that I loved immensely. I must have played the before, during and after the wedding scenes over and over again. I felt a lot of time was given to us to enjoy it and by then I no longer felt cheated; it was well done and beautifully shot!

An absolutely beautiful moment on the beach for Ji Seok and Sun Yeon’s wedding night. Normally in KDramas (Ugly Alert is the exception), all of these activities are fast forwarded through and we never see them. But in this instance, instead of not showing us the actual wedding night, what we got was the most wonderful, beautiful, sensational (I need more adjectives) serenade done by a non-singer in a drama I’d ever seen. I loved it so much that I captured the words sung and made a tumblr post

Samchon or Woo Hyun (Choi Jae Won) was the smartest person in this drama! Why? He knew everybody’s business and was the first to point out when you weren’t telling the truth. His constant putting step mother Aran (Kim Cheong) in her place always brought out our laughter. His character was priceless and a much needed diversion from the story line sometimes. His interactions with Bang Tong (Kim Tae-Joon) were cute later but at beginning you just wanted to put Bang Tong in his place.

Every scene with him and Bong Chang (Lee Hye Eun) were hilarious as he fell in love for the first time and being a man with diminished mental state, it was fun watching him learn to love and grow. This was my first time seeing the actor and I hope to see him in the future again!

Sadly, the love we knew that would never be. Tae Mi’s (Jung Yee-Yeon) mega crush on Gi Jin (Kim Min-Soo) was fun but sad at the same time. But one thing we got was a one in a lifetime, impressive reverse piggyback ride in the history of drama! When Tae Mi brought drunk Gi Jin home, piggyback, with 4-5 inch heels, damn was I impressed!! But can I say, the actor Kim Min-Soo is a handsome guy, why is this the first time I’ve ever seen him before?

A couple who deserved each other; Tae Jung (Park Jung-Chul) and Ji Hee (Moon Bo-Ryung). Ji-Hee went in to the relationship fully aware but choosing not to believe anything. And well, Tae Jung was just blame evil. But both actors, especially Park Jung-Chul put in a great performance! I don’t think I ever felt sorry for Ji-Hee nor did I feel that total forgiveness was justified but unfortunately as most KDramas do, forgiveness reins supreme. I am definitely looking forward to Park Jung-Chul in future works.

Okay, what didn’t work for me in this drama. First and foremost is that this drama was billed as a revenge; damn the title even included the word but relative to most revenge dramas I watch (revenge is my middle name), this was revenge light/sugar free/barely there. It would have played better if Ji-Seok hadn’t been used as an instrument through the entire drama. When he was upset with Sun Yeon, I was totally behind him. It was unmanning and demeaning to the poor man. Sun Yeon basically stripped him of his manhood and relegated him to being useless except for money, status and some power. If she had truly loved him, she should have confessed to him BEFORE the wedding as her uncle (Lee Doll-Hyung) had stated and let him decide. I think the story would have been much better had that been done.

Their separation once the secret was out was WAY TOO LONG!! One thing I can say Kwon Yool can play anger!! I remember when Nelly and I watched the scene at the river when he confronted Sun Yeon after punching the crap out of Tae Jung, we both were stunned! That’s how convincing the acting was; however, it went on and on and on and before we knew it, the damn drama was almost over.

The ending. What can I say? Daily dramas are notorious for having crappy and rushed endings. Though I didn’t feel this ending was as rushed, I think we all were looking for something else. Me? I wanted Sun Yeon and Ji-Seok to split but I wanted her to find out she was pregnant; run to the States using the airline ticket that her real mother-in-law left and have a wonderful reunion with hugs and kisses. Damn I should be a screenwriter!!

Overall, I really cannot complain about the drama. As most daily dramas do, there are periods of dragginess and other periods where a particular story line is played for way too long. But one thing for sure, I enjoyed watching this. I enjoyed the companionship of my fellow watchers and I loved discussing it on soompi with my fellow posters. My daily drama love continues. As a matter of fact, I’m watching more daily dramas than anything else. So do I recommend this? Maybe. It warranted a MDL Rating of 7 from me. Had the last 3 episodes been better, it would have probably remained a 8. So, my only recommendation is watch it if you want to. The romance is good, the evilness is good and it is not over the top!

6 thoughts on “Final Thoughts – Angel’s Revenge…Was it Worth 52 hours of My Drama Life?

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  1. It’s true, I don’t think I could survive watching it alone. This drama requires you to watch with friends for vent and rant. I had a blast doing it with you and the rest of the ladies. I do miss TaeJong believe it or not. Oooh TJ TJ TJ…. What a great actor he was in here. I look forward to his future work.

  2. Yes, we certainly had a great group to cuss and discuss this drama, and your summary is very much the way I felt, too. The writer kept us guessing along the way, and some creative twists kept the story moving. I have to admit I skipped quite a few episodes after the first 15, but that’s not missing much in a 100+ drama. Thanks for adding to the Soompi group, and see you later.

  3. Thanks for your final thoughts on AR. I can’t believe sometime that it was over. I enjoy watching AR especially until our OTP’s honeymoon. There were many happy moments for them. SY smiled a lot. But after their marriage, it began to dissappear. Their lives seemed too seriously. No more romance anymore for more than 60 eps until the final episode.
    Btw what MDL means ?

  4. Loved your review…been thinking about starting one (a blog ) to review all the kdramas and anime that I have or still do watch. I agree with you in that I would have definitely done something different with the ending here, and the lengthy separation between SY and JS once he found out the whole truth. This really was an enjoyable drama and we all miss you too 🙂

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