Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Latest in Dramas That I Can..Not..Find!!

Dramas I’m Looking Forward to Watching but Cannot Find Part Deux!!

Again, I’m putting out a S.O.S.. for dramas I would love to watch with english subs but cannot find. I was pretty successful with my last search (2 out of 3) so maybe if I try again, someone will remember seeing one of these dramas somewhere. So, on bended knees (again), I need your help!! Here are four dramas that I am desperately looking for with English subs. I’ve looked at all of the sites I know and so far I’ve not found one. So with your vast sources and experience, help a daily drama addict!!
Thorn Flower

Thorn Flower


Jang Shin Young as Se Mi
Seo Do Young as Nam Joon

120 episodes – Mon~Thu
 Native title: 가시꽃 
Also Known as: Spine Flower; Thorny Flower; Spineflower  source: MyDramalist
A drama about an innocent female going through unfortunate events and becoming a femme fatale, taking revenge on huge companies and powerful people.  The search continues. So far no luck. Even Apple TV teased me by adding jTBC under the KorTV app AND to add insult to injury, every single episode of this drama but alas, no subs! Again, this is a revenge drama which I love! I STILL WANT, WANT, I WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!


You Don’t Know About Women

Kim Ji Ho as Lee Ming Jung
Im Ho as Kang Sung-chan
Go Se Won as Park Moo-Hyuk
Chae Min Seo as Oh Yoo Ran

100 episodes – Mon~Fri
Also Known as: Conditions of Happiness

Lee Min Jung becomes pregnant after discovering her husband’s affair with Oh Yoo Ran. A drama about her life as a single mom and the man who loves her unconditionally. source: MyDramalist

I’m just on a Go Se Won kick lately. I suffered through Crazy Love for him and I am currently looking at I’ll Give You the Stars and Moon and I am really liking it; a nice filler drama with a really cute couple. After watching a few clips on YouTube, I am convinced I would like this too.

Golden Fish

Golden Fish

Jo Yoon Hee as Han Ji Min
Lee Tae Gon as Lee Tae Young

The drama tells the story of Lee Tae Young, who falls in love with his stepsister, Han Ji Min. Their pure but forbidden love is further tested by the interventions of those around them, all of whom are driven by their own selfish motivations.

C’mon! You know you want to! With a plot like this, it sounds like a lose-lose situation! Loved to see how the writer spins this. PLUS, as I am loving Lee Tae Gon currently in A Well-Raised Daughter, it makes sense that I would want to see this.

An Angel's Choice

An Angel’s Choice

Choi Jung Yoon as Choi Eun Seol
Jung Sung Woon as Wang Min Jae


The drama tells the story of a woman who takes a beating because of husband’s betrayal and misunderstanding, and lives on to rediscover love and happiness with the help of family. Choi Jung Yoon plays the role of Choi Eun Sul, a researcher at cosmetics company and a young married woman who is cheerful, lively and has strong curiosity. Although been betrayed and deeply hurt, and she insists on finding her own love and happiness. (dramahaven)

Simply my kind of story. Any story of survival after a bad marriage will reel me in. Hopeful I won’t need cat toys to watch (reminiscent of Crazy Love).

So, c’mon fellow drama watchers, I’m sending out another plea! If you have seen any of these dramas subbed, help a drama sister out!! 

6 thoughts on “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Latest in Dramas That I Can..Not..Find!!

  1. I've been looking for Thorn Flower everywhere…. I'm very disappointed coz the story sounded so awesome! An Angel's Choice caught my eyes now… It does sounded like Crazy Love! I'm not sure I want to walk that path again but then if I have you, I would! Yeah, aren't we both crazy cat ladies? LOL

  2. oh my gollies, i'm SO excited for you to start these!!! sadly, i'm absolutely tech-challenged and can't help in the search… but i'll be sending pinktastic thoughts your way for good news sooooon!

    as for the shows:
    thorn flower: i tried sososo hard – really, i did! – for seo do-young's sake, but… i just couldn't do it. don't know if you know already, but so cute that jang shin-young and kang kyung-joon went from reel to real bc of “thorn flower”! ^^

    you don't know women: i never watched this one! oh noes… i think i may have found something new… xDD

    golden fish: ah, the memories. lee tae-gon was SO hawtt in this one. and this was before jo yoon-hee hacked off all her hair! (she really used to look like lee hyori lol!)

    an angel's choice: oh my gollies don't even get me started on this one. i don't know if you read my intro post to it, but i watched the first 100 episodes in less than a week. it was absolute madness. jung sung-woon (the main lead) is playing a toootally different character right now on “lady” hahahaa!

  3. Wow! So you watched An Angel's Choice raw? Haven't even seen the ep! Thorn Flower, I can find raw and the other two I haven't found anywhere. I was really lucky the last time. Finding Ugly Alert was the highlight of last yr!

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