My Top 10 Movies for 2015

My Top 10 Movies Watched for 2015

Here it is February and I just realized that I never posted about my favorite movies for 2015! Even I am shocked! I really have no excuse as I was off for 3 weeks into January; however, I did spend a lot of time reviewing the Japanese dramas that I liked last year. So, before I forget everything, here is my top movies for 2015 that I watched in no particular order. Read on… Continue reading

Movie Monday – The Himalayas (2015)

Starring: Hwang Jeong Min as Uhm Hong Kil, Jung Woo as Park Moo-Taek, Jo Sung Ha as Lee Dong-Gyoo, Kim In Kwon as Park Jung-Bok, Ra Mi Ran as Jo Myung-Ae, Kim Won Hae as Kim Moo-Young, and Lee Hae Young as Jang Chul-Goo

Rating: PG

Running Time: 125 min

Twinkies: 5 shining stars (and tissue boxes) Continue reading