Drama Drubbing: Lady of the Storm (2014) or Why NOT to Watch?

Thank GOODNESS! The drama that was “Lady of the Storm” aka “Stormy Woman” is finally over! Finally! Talk about wanting to abandoning ship so many times but not being able to because of one reason and one reason only: wanting to see revenge heaped upon the persons that did a woman and her daughter wrong. So imagine a firecracker; no a stick of dynamite where the wick has been wetted and no longer will light. No bang, no bucks…nothing! Continue reading

We’ve Reached Halftime! – Ladies of the Storm (2014)

Ladies of the Storm (2014)

My buddy and fellow daily drama watcher, Nelly asked me the other day whether I was going to give a drama recap at the halfway mark of Ladies of the Storm or as we affectionately like to refer to it as Stormy Woman, I really hadn’t given it much thought. But with this cycle of daily dramas that I am watching, this is the one that has remained. Unlike Love & Secret (still haven’t decided to return), Run Jang Min (maybe…one day), and You Are The Only One (boring as hell), this drama has survived. The big question is “Why has this drama survived?” Continue reading