Im Joo-hwan confirmed to star in “Shine and Go Crazy (2015)”

Source: Im Joo-hwan to star in.
A fantasy romance that takes place within a palace between cursed emperor Wang So and an abandoned princess named Sin Yool. The drama will be release next year, January 2015 as a Mon-Tues drama.

Of course, the leading cast had already drawn me in. I couldn’t watch Jang Hyuk‘s last drama (I watched the last episode and still hold true I made the right decision) and Oh Yeon So, I just loved in Come! Jang Bo Ri. So adding a confirmed Im Joo Hwan is like icing to the cake. Yum!! Looks like January will start off with a BANG!! In trying to figure out when it might start, looks like it might be the drama following Pride and Prejudice that ends Jan 6, 2015