Final Thoughts on Save the Family (2015) – Don’t Bother!

And the crowd went WILD….with utter disappointment and belief! Once again, KBS has totally destroyed our confidence that they can put out decent daily drama! Though their daily dramas do well in the time slot, if you just see the comments from not only us International viewers but include the South Korean viewers in this opinion that instead of putting out good stories, they are just throwing crap on the ceiling and hoping that it sticks….Read on!! Continue reading

As We Reach Episode 60 – What’s Up With Save the Family?

It is kind of disheartening when you start watching a drama and have tremendous hopes for the series at the beginning. What is slowly coming clear to me as I continue to watch this drama is that the writer, Hong Young Hee ( Melody of Love, I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon) has lost their mind and focus on the story. I for one, am truly disappointed because I’ve seen I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon and the romance was great! As you can expect with daily dramas, they are long, drawn out but I’ve seen this writer do romance as well as dailies before. Maybe the mess called Melody of Love is the problem. Read on….
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