ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 8/9 – Final Review-part 2

Final Episode

Final Episode

After the Detective Kataoka (Tsutomu Takahashi) is slashed by this new and crazy character, Makabe Towa (Sei Ashina). Besides the blue eye contacts, this woman is super NUTS. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and it is nice to know that he will live. At the hotel, the other detectives are canvassing the scene for clues. From reviewing the CCTV, it was shown that Sato Toyoru (Nozomi Sasaki) had taken the elevator to the 2nd floor. So, the big question is “Who was on Toto/Shoji’s floor?” They see the video of the floor with Makabe who hasn’t been identified yet. Did I saw that Shoji is now missing? That he is. The detectives know that the unidentified person was responsible for Fujikawa’s murder as it is his cell phone that was found in the room. Chief Atsuta notices that Makabe is saying something to Todo. Continue reading

Painless (2015) – Episode 9

I don’t believe anyone who has watched this from the beginning is surprised by the outcome. First, Detective Hayase and his inability to listen to anyone-check. Dr. Shirokami and his involvement in Ibara’s actions-check. The chase after Ibara and Satomi-check. Dr. Tameyori coming to the realization of what is truly going on-check. As the drama heads to the finale, not sure we are going to be in for many surprises…or are we? For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)
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You’re All Surrounded – Episode 9

Yes, love is in the air (more or less)! More of the same, and some new reveals.
You’re All Surrounded episode recap

Real life gets you down and you forget to submit your posts! This was a good episode as a lot of secrets were reveal and thank you, writer-nim for not waiting another 10 episodes before Seo and Soo Sun figured out who Dae Gu was! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!