Top 5 Dramas for 2014

Once again, I present to you my top 5 pick of dramas for 2014. As you can see, for the first time, Korean drama didn’t dominate my picks. I found 2014 to be the year that I didn’t like the popular ones (more than likely if you suggest it, I didn’t like it) and the year that I discovered Thai Lakorn dramas whereby my first two ever were both what’s referred to as slap/kiss dramas.
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Spring/Summer 2014 J-Dramas that I have Nothing But Love for….



Alice No Toge, Border, MOZU Spring/Summer Japanese Drama Season 2014

This was the season where my Japanese drama watching exceeded my Korean drama watching for the first time since I began watching dramas 2 years ago. If you know me, this is a major fete! I think I’ve been immersed more in the Korean daily dramas than the week to week ones this year. I’ve already posted about other very good dramas in separate posts (Ashita Mama ga Inai, Tenchu-Yami no Shiokinin) and may have mentioned on twitter or Facebook watching others like Mozu 2, Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru, First Class, and Silent Poor. Yes, this is most JDrama watching I’ve EVER done! And this is just the 2014 ones!
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