Kim Yoo-jeong to star in New MBC Drama called ‘Angry Mom’?

Kim Yoo-jeong to star in MBC 'Angry Mom'? @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database.
While I hate the subject of bullying, I LOVE Kim Yoo-Jeong! I will most definitely watch this if she gets cast and the drama is subbed by one of my favorite sites! Here’s hoping!

Im Joo-hwan confirmed to star in “Shine and Go Crazy (2015)”

Source: Im Joo-hwan to star in.
A fantasy romance that takes place within a palace between cursed emperor Wang So and an abandoned princess named Sin Yool. The drama will be release next year, January 2015 as a Mon-Tues drama.

Of course, the leading cast had already drawn me in. I couldn’t watch Jang Hyuk‘s last drama (I watched the last episode and still hold true I made the right decision) and Oh Yeon So, I just loved in Come! Jang Bo Ri. So adding a confirmed Im Joo Hwan is like icing to the cake. Yum!! Looks like January will start off with a BANG!! In trying to figure out when it might start, looks like it might be the drama following Pride and Prejudice that ends Jan 6, 2015

‘The IT Crowd’ Comedy Remake From Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan Gets NBC Put Pilot Commitment

It was the cast and their chemistry as well as comedic timing that made “The IT Crowd” so special. Not sure if this will work but stranger things have happened. Look at the success of “The Office” as well as “Shameless”. There have been a couple of other British remakes over the years that have had success. The long and short of it; the casting will make or break this show!

Will Han Ji-min be reunited with Hyeon Bin?

Will Han Ji-min be reunited with Hyeon Bin?.
After my 3rd re-watch of The Fatal Encounter, I said to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if Han Ji Min made her return to the drama world with Hyun Bin? Low and behold, it might just happen! I’m crossing my fingers and toes that this happens! Please! Please! Please!!!

Salem Renewed for Season 2 at WGN America (2015)

Source: TVline
As I was watching all of my other favorite (and few) US television shows that have returned in the last couple of weeks, there was one missing so I had to haunt the usual websites until I found the answer. Yes! Salem is coming back! But not until 2015! Damn long wait! Word is that it is slated for April 2015. I watch so little US television but what I do watch, I am totally faithful! I cannot wait!!

Lee Sang-yoon to star in tvN’s Liar Game Korean Version

Source: Lee Sang-yoon to star in tvN.
Well hit me with a stick and call me crazy! This was totally unexpected! I would have never picked him as a possible lead in a million years; however, if you want to peek my interest, then cast Lee Sang Yoon and I’ll be there…unless they pick the worse possible female lead ever! Good thing a couple of them are occupied in dramas and movies right now. We will see. There might be hope for this now! Okay, for now, I am in!

UPDATE: Kim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok added to the cast! Source: Soompi News