Summer Jaunts – Toronto Japanese Film Festival 2018

Attended from June 21-23, 2018

I know I’m LOOONNG overdue in writing this! Yes, I’ll get better….NEXT year!

Not many things brings an old woman getting closer to retirement joy than to attend a film festival that is highlighting one of her favorite Japanese actors! Nothing brings more joy than being so close but unlike some of her friends on Facebook and Twitter, too chicken to take that quick selfie with said actor; however, I still feel my drama and movie life is complete having been in the same room and breathing the same air with Takumi Saito!! Yes, yes! Without even flying across the waters, this encounter was a dream come true! Saito is definitely on the short list of Japanese male and even female actors combined that I would aspire to meet one day. It was a joy and an extreme pleasure to have done so. But it was a great trip from the beginning to end!! Here’s why…. Continue reading

A Night With G-Dragon…..And Some Really Great Friends! (2017)

G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-yong

Of course I am writing this weeks after my return from Canada. First of all, what a wonderful experience to meet new friends for the first time! Friends that when you get to hang out with them and talk to them, its like you’ve known them for years!! Okay, I digress from the real reason you probably came to check out this blog post. However, my trip, suggested by my new BF Jay to come to Toronto to see G-Dragon was an utter success! Not only did I get a chance to meet Jay but also to see and meet our little maknae, Mawiie after years of talking to her on Twitter, Kakao, and Facebook! In addition, it was a chance to meet another new young friend, Marie! I guess I can consider myself a seasoned concertgoer as this makes my second full concert (BAP has the first honors) and my only fanmeet (and probably my last) with GOT7. More to come for September 2017 when me and my BAP concert buddies do a repeat and we go see K.A.R.D at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

Planet Earth II Series? Just As Good As The First!

Planet Earth II (2016)

Planet Earth II (2016)

I remember 10 years ago when the first series was released, I still had cable at the time and I encountered the original Planet Earth show on BBC America and I was literally enthralled and transformed into the show. I immediately went out on Amazon and bought the entire series on Blu-ray! I finished the series watching my personal copy and never regretted a single penny that I spent on the series because it was simply magnificent! So, now we fast-forward 10 years and it is amazing that Sir David Attenborough and the producers have managed to top the previous series which even I thought was impossible! Continue reading

Halla’s lesser-known trail no walk in park

Halla’s lesser-known trail no walk in park

Because of its thick trees and rocks covered by moss, the first course of dullaegil of Mount Halla evokes the feeling of a secret garden. By Shin Dong-yeon
Of all the four seasons, fall is the best time of year to go hiking. It’s neither hot nor cold, and the weather is just perfect for hikers who want to walk for hours. 
The JoongAng Ilbo recently walked the first course of the dullaegil at Mount Halla, Jeju. Dullaegil means a walking trail that is formed around the circumference of the mountain. 
The dullaegil at Mount Halla was designed by the Korea Forest Service. Two courses are available now, but the Korea Forest Service plans to add more and complete the trail by the end of 2016. When the courses are complete, the dullaegil will encompass 800 kilometers (497 miles). 
The first course stretches about nine kilometers. It starts from the site of Beopjeong Temple and ends at Donnaeko Valley. 
“Jeju has three famous trails. One of them is Jeju Olle trail, another is Saryeoni Forest and the other is Mount Halla dullaegil”, said Kim Seo-young, 46, an official working at the management department of the dullaegil. 
“Olle trails link this village and that village, and they remind people of old but familiar narrow paths. Trails at Saryeoni Forest are more like thick forest trails and dullaegil of Mount Halla has the best of the two trails”, added Kim. 
Saryeoni Forest will be part of the dullaegil when the entire course is complete.
Here are some more photos:
The entrance of the first course of Mount Halla dullaegil; Center, the entire trail is covered with coconut skins to make it easier for hikers to walk.
A shrine that was built to pay tribute to Buddhist monks who fought for independence during the Japanese colonial rule is on the first course.
When the first course nears its end, Retinispora trees come into sight.
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