Year In Review – Best 2015 Thai Dramas I Watched

2015 Dramas

I’ve been remiss in writing this year review for 2015 for one reason alone: It is getting harder and longer to watch quality video and English subbed Thai Lakorn dramas. There has been so many sweeps on my various resources that most of us use or the time that it has taken for the subs to be completed is taking longer and longer. However, until most of us learn the language….so we wait! Continue reading

Deja View: Lakorn Locations with White Houses

We are constantly seeing scenes and houses in dramas and we always wonder ‘Where have I seen that before?” Here is a great article that is collecting the pictures of the houses and the dramas that they have been in. Enjoy!

Source: Deja View: Lakorn Locations with White Houses

Top 5 Dramas for 2014

Once again, I present to you my top 5 pick of dramas for 2014. As you can see, for the first time, Korean drama didn’t dominate my picks. I found 2014 to be the year that I didn’t like the popular ones (more than likely if you suggest it, I didn’t like it) and the year that I discovered Thai Lakorn dramas whereby my first two ever were both what’s referred to as slap/kiss dramas.
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Year In Review – Best 2014 Thai Dramas I Watched


This was the very first year that I had ever watched a Thai lakorn drama. I’ve heard about them several times but I wasn’t familiar with them nor was anyone talking about them that I knew. It wasn’t until early April of this year, 2014 that I started watching my first drama. As I depend on English subs, I found it very difficult to find the currently airing dramas anywhere. In addition, being a new watcher, I didn’t know Weir from Boy or Nadech from Ken. It is because of Thai dramas that I started downloading dramas religiously! It is thanks to Thai dramas that I found Plex Media Server which allows me to share dramas as well as watch these dramas from my InternetTV. However, 27 completed dramas later, I’m already picking my favorite actors and actresses (Go Yadech!!) and looking forward to more! MDL refers to mydramalist website. Here are my top watched 2014 Thai dramas:
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Thai Drama Weekend – Mae Ka Khanom Wan (2009)

Sometimes you start a drama with little or no expectations. You read the synopsis, it has elements that you like: Action potentially in the plot; rich guy and somewhat rich girl; OTP that are total opposites and a female who can take care of herself. Well, this is what you understand from reading the synopsis alone.
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Thai Lakorn Recap: La Ruk Sut Kob Fah Episode 03: Competition

Well, this episode was simply AWESOME! The action scenes again, took my breath away! I also see why I and probably everyone else like Channel 7 dramas better. This is now my 3d one and I’m seeing why. What? A real kiss? YES!! Romantic as HELL! Again, a scene that took my breath away.

However, I now understand and sympathize with Mintra. Man, her mother abused her for everything that Mattana did! I felt sorry for watching those flashbacks; however, it has morphed her into a truly evil but smart woman. No one suspects. Very cunning. Very smart. Which is actually the type of female antagonist I like. I hate the screaming harpies!

Yes, I’m loving this drama. At this rate, I’ll be done with all 6 available episodes! WOW! I’m still impressed. Hope you don’t mind, I’m reblogging! I seem to be picking up a lot of Thai lakorn traffic! They must watch this drama and read your wonderful recaps! Thanks. Don’t be surprised if I comment for every episode XD!!

TVB and Thai Lakorns

03No matter how Mattana (Min Pechaya Wattanamontree) tells Kamin (Weir Sukollawat Kanarot) that she is not suitable to be the future Queen, Kamin refuses to listen, saying it is not his decision, but the King of Raya’s. Mattana tries to bribe him again, offering 500,000 baht, or even 1 million baht if she is freed from marriage. Kamin tells her that the people in Raya believe that they will find their soulmates during their lifetime, and when they marry, the groom gives the bride one of his earrings, symbolizing love forever. Mattana tells him that this only exists in fairytales and not the real world. Kamin explains that she is only scared of falling in love with the Prince right after she meets him. Mattana’s parents wonder what Kamin said to Mattana, making her so obedient in reading about Raya.

The unknown gunman at Mattana’s birthday party is being punished…

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