Drama Marathon – Bewitched in Tokyo (2004)

Inane, silly, fun? Just think about all the goofy adjectives that comes to mind and it pretty much describes this drama. I would definitely classify this as an ‘easy watch’. No drama tropes, no love triangle, and truly a remake of one of my favorite shows from the distant past, Bewitched with the late Elizabeth Montgomery. Continue reading

Marathon Worthy – Decoded (2016)

Decoded (2016)
解密 / Jie Mi

This Chinese drama was definitely not on anyone’s radar. I happened to see it pop up while on the Viki website and after reading the synopsis, I had to watch it. The period in which the drama takes place is one of the times which not a lot of information has been told to us here in the U.S. Yes, before you say it, it probably has been sanitized and cleared through proper channels; but life for the Chinese people during the 30-50s is really an unknown period which is why it is so fascinating to watch for me. Continue reading

Japanese Drama Spring Season 2016 – What I Watched! Or What I Had Time To Watch!

Japanese Spring 2016 Dramas

Japanese Spring 2016 Dramas

As I sit here watching a movie that is making me jump left and right, I will try to write my Spring 2016 thoughts for the Japanese Spring season for 2016. This is one of those rare seasons where I truly watched one drama from each of the genres that I like. The thing I like about Japanese dramas is that they are short and sweet! There is no dragging of plot lines and non-sensical stories that normally have me complaining profusely.

The Spring represented some of my favorites coming back to the scene: Jun, Shota, Charlotte, and even Haruka! Another thing that the Spring brought to me was the boys! All the lovely idols boys! Before this spring, I only knew EXILE but now I know J Soul Brothers, DOBERMAN INFINITY, and Kozmic Blue. Here we go! Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015 Marathon – Wu Xin:The Monster Killer

Wu Xin:The Monster Killer (2015)

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to even watch or like this drama! As my obvious drama watching has been heavily laden with Chinese and Japanese dramas and my original plans to begin another daily K-Drama (Sweet Home, Sweet Honey) was sidelined, I hesitantly started watching Wu Xin:The Monster Killer. Three days later and practically watching nothing else BUT this drama, I have come to say that not only did I like it; I LOVED IT!! Read on… Continue reading

My Beautiful Bride (2015) – A Review with Love

True love, soulmate; we all strive to meet that certain someone in our lives that qualify as that person. Some are lucky to meet them; some not so much. I like to tell people that mine died in infancy so I will wait for the next incarnation to meet. People that believe in true love/soulmates know that we are willing to do just about anything to make that person happy; and vice versa. This truly explains Kim Do Hyeong in a nut shell. Read on… Continue reading

Drama Marathon – Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012)

After completing Cruel Romance (2015), I really was in the mood to watch some other works of the leads (Qi Ji/ Hwang Xiao Ming). While searching for something (watching Shanghai Bund for HXM), I came across this drama of Qi Ji. You read that this was a marathon, right? That’s right, folks. I started it on Wednesday and through the night of Friday into Saturday, I watched nothing else and completed all 50 episodes (2 seasons for those that want to know)! This was the first Chinese drama that I’ve ever marathon watched and I can report, what a great experience it was…read on.
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First Saguek Drama for 2015 – Worth the Watch ~ “Maids”

It has been awhile whereby I have been able to watch a saguek drama from start to finish and not only not be bored; forgo fast forwarding and even enjoying the ending. Top that off with the fact that watching the drama makes me immediately write a blog post about it. What can I say more that will convince you how well I thought the drama, Maids was put together? Continue reading

Coast to Coast Drama Marathon – Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) and Legendary Witch (2014)

Another marathon completed! Not many drama watchers can say that they marathon watch with a friend who is not 1, not 2 but 12 hours ahead of you (13 during non-Daylight Savings Time)! This is a new feature blog post where I will review dramas that I marathon watched with a friend. So, before we start the next venture (Angry Mom), let’s talk about the last two dramas: Legendary Witch and Kill Me, Heal Me.
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