Marathon Worthy – Decoded (2016)

Decoded (2016)
解密 / Jie Mi

This Chinese drama was definitely not on anyone’s radar. I happened to see it pop up while on the Viki website and after reading the synopsis, I had to watch it. The period in which the drama takes place is one of the times which not a lot of information has been told to us here in the U.S. Yes, before you say it, it probably has been sanitized and cleared through proper channels; but life for the Chinese people during the 30-50s is really an unknown period which is why it is so fascinating to watch for me. Continue reading

Drama Review: Evil Minds (2015)~If You Dare!!!!!

Evil Minds (2015)

Nothing could have prepared me for this drama. Nothing! No one was talking about it! Just so happened that my drama twinnie and I noticed it on the same day (that’s why we are twins) and both watched the first episode. She said watch it, I told her I was about to. Over a 3-4 day period, we had watched the entire drama, all 24 episodes and we were totally enthralled, immersed into the madness, and completely hooked! Read on… Continue reading

Why My Drama Watching for 2015 was All About Chinese Dramas?

Banner Year for Chinese Dramas 2015

Banner Year for Chinese Dramas 2015

Something happened on the way to 2015. At the beginning of the year, I began following quite a few Chinese drama bloggers. As a result, the number of Chinese dramas increased exponentially as I would read the synopses and be drawn to the various posters BEFORE these dramas were ever released. Two dramas in particular, Nirvana in Fire and Cruel Romance were the first two dramas to entice my senses. When I also saw the extended trailers, I was immediately sold on the fact that I MUST watch these dramas! Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2015 Marathon – Wu Xin:The Monster Killer

Wu Xin:The Monster Killer (2015)

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to even watch or like this drama! As my obvious drama watching has been heavily laden with Chinese and Japanese dramas and my original plans to begin another daily K-Drama (Sweet Home, Sweet Honey) was sidelined, I hesitantly started watching Wu Xin:The Monster Killer. Three days later and practically watching nothing else BUT this drama, I have come to say that not only did I like it; I LOVED IT!! Read on… Continue reading

Drama Marathon – Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (2012)

After completing Cruel Romance (2015), I really was in the mood to watch some other works of the leads (Qi Ji/ Hwang Xiao Ming). While searching for something (watching Shanghai Bund for HXM), I came across this drama of Qi Ji. You read that this was a marathon, right? That’s right, folks. I started it on Wednesday and through the night of Friday into Saturday, I watched nothing else and completed all 50 episodes (2 seasons for those that want to know)! This was the first Chinese drama that I’ve ever marathon watched and I can report, what a great experience it was…read on.
Continue reading