Happy New Years Day, 2017

We have finally approached the new year today. So many things happened for 2016 which makes me so happy to leave it behind. The death of my favorite aunt in August, followed by one of older sister’s death in September, took a tremendous toll on me spiritually and personally. It made Thanksgiving , Christmas and this New Years hard to get through. So, now we are in 2017. With the start of Trump administration at the end of the month, all we can do is pray for everyone that we make it through this period. I hate politics so I won’t dwell too much on it other than to hope that we don’t suffer the idiocy of an incompetent President and that he truly leads this country with respect and maintain the world comraderie that we have gained over the last year. What we don’t want is another stupid war run by stupid men that don’t/won’t sacrifice their own sons to fight. I don’t want to see Russia from my house. I don’t want to see the poor suffering. And lastly, I don’t want to see the elderly and sick to be ignored and forgotten. That is my wish for the next 4 years.

But let’s change the subject to happier things. I really fell behind in my blog postings because of my sister’s illness. Still to come are several reviews for daily dramas that I completed last year (Tomorrow’s Victory, Heaven’s Promise, and Working Mom, Parenting Dad), major posting for the Chinese mega drama, Three Kingdoms, and finally my end of year posting for 2016 as well as the Fall 2016 Japanese drama season. 2017 promises to deliver more of the same. Hopefully, we will get some great Korean dramas this year so I can return to watching. Let’s wait and see! 

October-November Dramas: What’s Your Pick?

Good ones are definitely coming our way! Entourage!!!!

the talking cupboard

Winter is approaching; we’re coming to the end of 2016 and once again, there are lots of dramas in store for us. With shows of various premises coming up this month and the next, it’s going to be two months filled with romance, comedy and melo. Most of the October dramas are airing starting next week, while the November premieres are scattered throughout the month. Are you excited? Let’s look into the choices!

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I’m Coming Back – Full Throttle Soon!!

I have so many pending posts, it is ridiculous! Yes! I’m going to finish ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako and Death Cash!! I have like 3 Korean Daily Dramas to review! Soon the Summer 2006 Japanese Drama season watching will be complete. So, in the meantime to remind you that “I’ll be back”, here’s a post I had fun doing while responding to a Liebster Award nomination question. Thanks, kakashi!! Continue reading

I’m Checking Out For A Little Bit, Folks

cancer zodiac
Sometimes real life really does bring you down. For the next few weeks, I will not be blogging any new posts. Family issues of cancer has really gotten me down. Even my drama watching has slowed down except for dramas like Five Children, Heaven’s Promise, Legend of Nine Tail Foxes, and of course the weekly J-Dramas when they come available. However, I find it really difficult to blog so I’m putting all my posts on hold for a few weeks.

I do have quite a few posts in draft so don’t be surprised to see a flurry of activity in 2-3 weeks. Movie Monday will be on hold until mid June, 2016 and no other posts before then. I cannot stress the importance of self-checking, ladies! And gentlemen, encourage your mothers, wives, sisters, and girlfriends to also do them. Watching someone with Stage 4 breast cancer is the worse experience ever. It makes you sad, it makes it hard to function sometimes and definitely makes you consider “What Would You Do?”

What’s in the works?
Final Posting for Tomorrow Victory (2015)
Review of Thai Drama Series Mafia Luerd Mongkorn (all 5 dramas)
Drama Review of Three Kingdoms (2010)
Drama Review of Heaven’s Promise (2016) ~ The drama will probably be completed by then.

Plex TV- Just What The Drama Watcher Ordered: More Ways To Watch!!

Well, for that price, let me introduce to you free: Plex.tv. A media server app that allows you to stream downloaded videos seamlessly. Or capture media from the web whether it be music, video, or photos. Now if you subscribe, you can share content. I’ve subscribed and started watching all Thai lakorn dramas there that I download most of the time, and now I watch them from my TV.
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