Wachowskis’ love Doona! Netflix Globe-Spanning Series ‘Sense8′ will star her!

Source: Deadline

Cast from their latest movies will be returning for the 8 episode drama to be featured exclusively on Netflix. The cast will International actors: British actors Aml Ameen (The Maze Runner, Lee Daniels’ The Butler) and Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, Torchwood), Indian actress Tena Desae, South Korean actress Doona Bae, German actor Max Riemelt, Mexican actors Alfonso Herrera and Erendira Ibarra as well as Jamie Clayton, Miguel Silvestre and Terrence Mann.

Well the Wachowskis’ really do love our Doona Bae! I guess this means I WON’T be canceling my subscription anytime soon!! More news to come!!

The Wachowskis and Bae Doona- Together Again on the Silve Screen

The Wachowskis and Bae Doona to film another Hollywood flick (via http://www.hancinema.net)

Another Hollywood blockbuster will be filmed in Korea. According to sources, The Wachowskis’ next flick is going to be filmed in Korea in September. Korea is one of the many locations where the movie will be made. It’s even more surprising that it’s…

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The Strain Trailer (New F/X Show this Summer)

A thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself.
– Written by FX

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The Raid Remake? US Film in the works?

I’m constantly looking for these little tidbits because they are always a surprise! But this is the first time hearing about this. Screen Gems is currently in the planning and casting stage of a remake of the bad-azz Indonesian movie; The Raid: Redemption. Thanks to my daughter, I even heard about this movie in the first as I don’t watch a lot of Thai movies but I do remember this one well.
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt teaming up again? Maybe

The rumor is that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be teaming for movie mystery that she has penned herself. After her previous attempt to break into writing and directing with her first endeavor, a Bosnian War drama/love story called “In The Land Of Blood And Honey.”, she is trying again. This will give us the opportunity to see them together again after ten years since “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”.
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Jack Glesson aka King Joffrey Calls It Quits?!!

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jack Gleeson to Quit Acting After Series

Jack Gleeson, King Joffery Baratheon on HBO’s Game of Thrones has told the Irish Independent that he plans to retire from acting now that he is no longer on the show. Glesson saying he prefers a simple life over the glitz of Hollywood. He also pointed out that “The lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn’t something I gravitate towards.” Surprise, surprise, he even has said he has never watched the show! Joffrey’s evilness was even too much for him (YA THINK?)

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