My First KPop Concert EVER~~B.A.P Party Tour 2017

B.A.P Party Tour 2017
Washington D.C.

There is no party like a B.A.P tour party! What a way to pop the proverbial KPop concert cherry! That’s right! I said it! This was my first EVER KPop concert and I can tell you after the blast I had, this will NOT be my last! I had such a great time with Nelly, Jaeswoon, and Van! What better way to start out the evening but at Momofuku’s in D.C. Though the food was tasty, it truly is a bite-size meal. Luckily I was too excited to care! Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal but now it was time to walk the few blocks over to Warner Theater.

Once we got there, there was a short line out front. As we waited, the resident fan girls were handing out banners for the “Baby” edition of the show (more on that later). Everyone was excited and after my fan meet experience of standing room only, I was all set to sit down and enjoy. When we got inside, there was a seriously LONG line for the B.A.P paraphernalia. I immediately looked at Nelly and volunteered her to stand in line for both of us as we had promise our dear friend to get her BFF a gift from the show. Needless to say, neither of us was in the mood to stand there now so we went in, in search of our seats.

Now, of all the years that I’ve lived in Virginia, this was the first time ever going to Warner. Their numbering of the seats is such a clusterf!! We immediately found the row but it was the weird numbering of the seats that had us going from one end to another until finally we pestered our last people already seated and found our seriously cramped seats.

I would be the first to say I’m far from a petite person, nor am I very tall; however, if anyone over 5’6″ (165 cm) find these seats comfortable, let me know. The minute I said down, my poor, old knees were hitting against the back of the seat in front of me! Oh Woe Is Me! It was going to be a LOOONG night! The distance was okay because I liked that the rows were angled. I felt assured that at least this time I will see, unlike EchoStage (never again).

In the beginning, the house was rocked by the DJ stylings of B-Shoo!! Boy, the man had me rocking, socking, and popping! I had already warned Nelly that the fan girl that is buried in me would come out but I really didn’t have to worry about it because she too was rocking! Fantastic job, B-Shoo!! It was during B-Shoo’s performance that we received a text from Jaeswoon. Our friend was excited to tell us that we could upgrade our seats and sit in the balcony suites area for a mere $40! Needless to say, my knees were squawking and my body said “Let’s go!”!!

Talk about an upgrade! Talk about great seats!! We were in KPop heaven! Just the 4 of us in our own little world right by the speakers next to the stage. I know, the first thing you would think is the noise volume would get you! Oh contraire! The sheer excitement of being so close to the stage offset the fact that when the stage gets to hopping, all you’ll think about is bopping! And that is exactly what we did!!

The show started off with a light show count down that truly brought the audience to their feet! The excitement built as the numbers on the stage counted down to zero. The music got louder, the beat vibrated the box where we sat and seconds later, the smoke and the boys entered the stage. What an entrance! I’m not going to list down every song they sung because the list is pretty much the same as the other show; however, I’m so happy that song I really wanted to hear, Hurricane, started off the show! Were you guys thinking of me?!

I just had such a wonderful time! Once again hanging out with Jaeswoon and my best twitter buddy and friend Nelly! And let’s not forget my new concert buddy Van! I really hope we have many more opportunities to hang out! Here are some more pictures, courtesy of Jaeswoon, Nelly and few I took myself. Note to self. I really need a cell phone with SUPER battery life! Just Saying!!

Let’s not forget “Time for Baby”! A side note, the girl wasn’t excited enough for me!! Did she even smile, folks?!!

So verdict? Would I do it again? You’re damn skippy! I had just a great time and the crowd as well as the people were fun to be with. Nobody judged you for being there regardless of your race, creed, age or whatever!

9 thoughts on “My First KPop Concert EVER~~B.A.P Party Tour 2017

  1. So would have loved to be there. The one time they came to Australia, it was during the school term :(. Hope to go see them the next time they come (fingers crossed).

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