Movie Monday – Battle of the Remakes ~ Haunters vs Monsterz (2010/2014)

Starring: Haunters (See cast list here and Monsterz (See cast list here)

Rating: R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 114 min

Twinkies: 4 1/2 hypnotic stars

Synopsis: Basis for both movies: A man possesses a special ability to manipulate others with just his eyes. Because of this special ability, he has killed many. He now lives a lonely life in the dark side of a city. He meets another man (Im Gyoo Nam/Shuichi Tanaka) who he isn’t able to control. The man becomes confused, because he can’t manipulate Gyoo Nam/Shuichi with his eyes. An epic battle will soon occur between these two people with supernatural abilities and nothing to lose.

There is no one in the movie arena that can be better than my sweetheart, Kang Dong Won. Haunters is like one of my favorite movies of his because he was such a psycho. BUT, nothing compares to the super psycho represented by Fujiwara Tatsuya’s character in Monsterz. The Japanese truly know how to take the macabre to the next level! Fukiwara-kun’s Man with special ability was scary good! The premise of both movies, a man with a special ability to control the mind and actions of people is the same. In addition, the protagonist in both movies (Shuichi Tanaka played by Yamada Takayuki and Go Soo played by Im Gyoo Nam) are nearly the same. Both actors were able to portray these characters and make them very interesting.

The main stars in both movies is definitely the crazy guy! Can I say that one is portrayed even more crazyier than the other? The Japanese version is definitely more sinister and the scenes are even more graphic. The violence level is also higher in the Japanese version. The R-rating is well earned by the Japanese movie. Both Kang Dong Won and Fujiwara Tatsuya play a psycho very convincingly, make no mistake. While the Korean movie I would heartily recommend, the Japanese version, I would have to hesitate and remind you that the violence is probably triple the Korean movie. If you watch Haunters and it makes you shutter, then stop. There is no way you can handle Monsterz; however, both movies were will done and well acted by the leads. Sadly, in both the women were stage props, nothing else.

Trailer is available on on Asianwiki Website only. The movie is available on Viki. Also available on Netflix if you are a subscriber.

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1 thought on “Movie Monday – Battle of the Remakes ~ Haunters vs Monsterz (2010/2014)

  1. The main actors for both movie respectively did an amazing. I didn’t find either movies scary. Psychotic, yes. I did feel like the movies could not have had the female character, and things would have been that much more smoother.

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