I cannot begin to express how incredibly busy I am in the next few months. So busy that after meeting number 4 today, I left work with a splitting migraine only to sit in traffic for 15 minutes longer than usual just so I can get home and rest!

Movie Monday, Drama Reviews and just about everything will drizzle out for the next 3 months! I have State Audits (reminding me why I never wanted this job), 4 major projects that must be completed, and my sister’s house to prepare for the market. If it wasn’t for these moments at night when I can shove a few Japanese drama episodes (because they are shorter) or the weekend spending it with my weekend dramas, I really have no time for nothing else.

I swear that I will do a movie review (or two) each month. I might find the time to finally do a quick writeup of 3 of the daily dramas I watched from 2016. I’m so busy, I cannot do my Movie Thursday Nights so I missed Master, The King, and probably anything else being released between now and end of April. But I promise that I will try to squeeze something out here and there. Try, is the operative word. My brain is too full of policies and procedures now, I’m tired of writing. But after April, the work will slow down for the summer and pump back up later in the year, giving me more time to write which I actually enjoy doing. So……………..