Planet Earth II Series? Just As Good As The First!

Planet Earth II (2016)

Planet Earth II (2016)

I remember 10 years ago when the first series was released, I still had cable at the time and I encountered the original Planet Earth show on BBC America and I was literally enthralled and transformed into the show. I immediately went out on Amazon and bought the entire series on Blu-ray! I finished the series watching my personal copy and never regretted a single penny that I spent on the series because it was simply magnificent! So, now we fast-forward 10 years and it is amazing that Sir David Attenborough and the producers have managed to top the previous series which even I thought was impossible!

Planet Earth II continues the trend of magnificent cinematography, the use of new and exciting camera techniques as well as dedication of the cameramen and women that sacrificed to bring us another series worthy of any and all accolades. This season consisted of only 6 episodes and by the end, you will be wishing for more and more.

Episode 1, Islands gave us all kinds of glimpses into the wonderful and intriguing lives of animals isolated on various islands across the globe. From Komodo dragons to sloth, to large and small, the cameras were strategically placed to capture wildlife in its own habitat. It was amazing to see.

Episode 2, Mountains, not only showed us the animals on the ground but also the ones in the air! Never before scenes of flying with the eagles as they hunted their prey in the air! It was sensational filming! Again, the men and women would participated in this earned my upmost respect!

Episode 3, Jungles, took us right to the jungle floor where we saw the mating rituals of birds, the dangerous hunting of larger carnivores as well as new insects that were not only dangerous and toxic but some so beautiful that words cannot describe them!

In episode 4, Deserts, we thought there was nothing else that we could see that was unknown to us. Au contraire! This episode managed to reveal to us just how some animals survived as well as thrive in the harshest temperatures and environments known to man. Where water doesn’t exist but animals manage to store enough to live or can sense water’s presences miles/kilometers away.

Episode 5, Grasslands, once again reminded me how much I HATE locust! The photographer, who put himself into the middle of the swarm earned my upmost respect! Though it was a fascinating scene, it gave me chills!

Last but not least, episode 6 was Cities. Who would ever thought that they could amass such exciting things in the cities. From animals that live among the people of India, the swarms of swallows that manage to hold your vision as they dance in the sky, to finally man’s attempt to bring life to the city through its buildings and structures.

Some of my Favorite Moments
Granted there were many moments that will tickle your fancy! So many! A lot will utterly amaze you! But one thing for sure, I’ll never forget much of what we saw and was able to explore at a personal level as if we were there. In no particular order.

From Mountains, The eagles fighting for domination over a meal. I thought it was a fight that was filmed in such detail and the cinematography was so precise, it was chilling!

Also from Mountains, the baby ibexes as they escaped successfully from the hungry foxes as they hunted! Those ibexes were super fast and to be able to walk up a mountain using ledges so narrow and scary, you held your breath as you watched.

Mountains also gave us the bears as they scratched their itches on their favorite trees! Set to music that made you smile! Again, another moment captured for all time!

In Deserts, capturing the giraffe fighting for his/her life from a very hungry hunter; simply stunning!

The battle of the baby dragons agains the snakes waiting for them to reveal themselves as they tried to make their way to the shore! I don’t know about you, I was on pins and needles watching this scene; praying that they all made it. And to watch that one that was totally engulfed by snakes still escape; wonderful!

In Islands, the millions of crabs trying to make their way to the water, even coming close to the cameras and filling the screen with brilliant reds; no, not something I would ever want to witness personally but was definitely fun to watch!

Last but not least was the leopard showing himself as the ultimate prey as he literally reached into the water and ripped the crocodile right out of the water! No, you will never again in life see this sight again but it was so memorable!

Overall, this series represents another wonderful legacy that Sir Attenborough will leave behind that will always be linked with him. His message at the end was poignant and true as well; the people continue to senselessly destroy the world, the animals, and everything that God has granted us. Some day, one day when it all disappears who can we blame but ourselves?!!

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