Drama Review – Mind Game (2015)

Mind Game (2015)

Mind Game (2015)

Once in awhile, I encounter a Singaporean drama worth discussing as well as one that is subbed. Actually, I started watching Mind Game in the early spring but after 14 episodes, the subber(s) either took a vacation or a long break and disappeared! I’m not sure which one but it wasn’t until late fall that the rest of this drama turned up. Happy I was!

I believe every Singaporean drama I have seen has been a police action drama. One of the things that I like about them is that they aren’t cookie cutter and the story lines can be a little strange but it is that strangeness that makes them unique. Mind Game is no different.

Tay Ping Hui as Liang Wenjie
Joanne Peh as Zhao Anni
Zhang Yaodong as Guo Yongyan
Paige Chua as Feng Xuezhi
Akit Tay as Wu Ke’er
Jack Tan as Hong Junrong
Terence Cao as Li Zhenbang
Apple Hong as Linda
Ye Shipin as Uncle Chen
Yuan Shuai as Jason
Henry Heng as Wu Yuan

The drama features many cases with unexpected twists and suspense. The cases involve a paralegal, a police, a psychologist and a mysterious woman with the ability to predict the future that help to solve difficult cases. Li Wenjie (Tay Ping Hui) is a paralegal with a sharp mind and he is determined to find his long-lost sister. While looking for his long-lost sister, he meets Feng Xuezhi (Paige Chua) who helps him with many things. Guo Yongyan (Zhang Yaodong), a psychologist also meets Zhao Anni (Joanne Peh), a police detective and assists with many difficult and strange cases. Together, the four of them are successful in solving cases until they realize a traitor is among four of them…

Final Thoughts
One thing you realize as you watch this drama is that nothing happens for no reason, there is a explanation; however, nothing is as it seems. I loved the fact that I was never right and was pleasantly surprised sometimes at the outcome. The stories were BIZARRE and the criminals at times were seriously INSANE!! Scary insane! I liked that this drama had a blend of good old fashion police detecting as well as the psychological and a little supernatural.

Xuezhi’s ability to see events in the future definitely adds a level of entertainment to the drama.

In addition, Guo Yongyan’s ability to manipulate the human mind was seriously scary! His assistance with a lot of the cases truly masked a larger purpose that he had. I also liked how the stories wove in additional individuals with the same ability that truly had you on your toes as you tried to follow as well as figure out the villain(s) next move.

Romance? Sure, there is some. But, don’t ever watch Singaporean dramas for the sole purpose of romance. You will be sorely disappointed. The pairings were obvious; Anni and Yongyan, Wenjie and Xuezhi. But at first you don’t see that as Anni and Wenjie had been friends and lovers for many years but neither really could commit to each other; however, as we always see in dramas, the minute Wenjie started to have no interest in Anni, that was when she wanted to renew their relationship. I was kind of glad they didn’t go that way.

Now, Wenjie and Xuezhi, you really wanted to see how that was going to come about as Xuezhi was passing herself off as the dead sister! Luckily, the writer did a good job of keeping the ick factor down by letting us know real early that Xuezhi wasn’t the sister as well as Wenjie himself knowing that fact before he started to fall for her. Yes, imagine how uncomfortable all of us would have been if it had been done another way.

Again, thank you subbers for finishing this drama! I really would have been disappointed to never finish this. A reminder, this is not a drama that would interest everyone but if you like police dramas and strange, supernatural as well as some serious psychological drama, you cannot go wrong with this one!
Rating: 8.5/10

BTW, if you can recommend other Singaporean dramas that are subbed (they are so rare), hook me up! I would definitely watch!


3 thoughts on “Drama Review – Mind Game (2015)

  1. Hi, NewKDA! Wow, you’ve actually watched a drama from my homeland! I have to confess . . . I have watched very few of the Chinese dramas; of the English dramas, very few are worth watching. I don’t know if these are available online, but the old drama ‘Growing Up’ is worth a watch – about growing up (obviously) in Singapore in the 60s. A very popular sitcom in the 90s, ‘Under One Roof’, is also worth watching – it has very Singaporean humour 😎 Of the Chinese dramas, The Little Nyonya (2008) received very good reviews; I think it should be available online. There are others, but they are way older, so I doubt they would be available . . .

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