1% of Anything (2016) – Episode 3

Episode 3 This is Cheating, You Know

Episode 3
A Problematic Man: This is Cheating, You Know

I know. This was a long time coming but I am finally here! Let’s not waste anytime and get to ‘recapping’

Recap: So, we start off back at the interrupted blind date where Jae In embarrasses poor Da Hyun and runs off her date. They are now discussing the fake dating arrangements between the two of them. However, Da Hyun is laying down the rules and is adamant that marriage is not going to happen. Of course, Jae In likes this deal and agrees but reminds her that she cannot change her mind later which results in the idea that a written contract is needed. As they are leaving, Jae In calls Da Hyun and hands her the cell phone that she has once again left behind. He’s not sure if she does this intentional or if she’s just that absent minded; we know its the latter. Seconds later, Jae In rescues Da Hyun in K-Drama style as a car rushes towards her near the hotel! Like I said, where there is a car, just about everywhere seems to be dangerous for pedestrians in South Korea!

At home, Da Hyun is marking on her calendar about her future date with the devil himself, Jae In on Saturday. Or the rude guy. She’s having second thoughts but one glance at Ji Soo’s poster on her wall reminds her of the sacrifice she is willing to make for his career! At the same time, Da Hyun is drafting their dating contract. She’s really worried whether she can trust him. Later, Jae In is meeting with his lawyer/friend, Kim Hyung Joon. He shows him the drafted dating contract. Hyung Joon has no idea who Ji Soo is as his name is mentioned. Hyung Joon doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with it but Jae In tells him that Da Hyun doesn’t trust him so she wants it notarized. This obviously impresses Hyung Joon and calls her a formidable foe. Another request that Jae In has is to omit the last page. If you remember, this page mentions both himself and Min Tae Ha. Jae In doesn’t want her to know that she has other options! Yes!! Just like the original!

This reminds me of Breckenridge, Colorado! I have pictures of a similar hotel resort that could be the cousin of this place!! Such a beautiful place as we see more working scenes of Jae In in the office, talking on the phone with his cute accented English. I can listen to it all day! Wait, I am practically as I write this recap. Sorry, I digress. Back to the recap!

When Da Hyun gets to school the next day, she sees a lot of new and improved things. From the big shiny new yellow bus at front, new computers and books in the resource room. When she asks one of the movers, he tells her they were all sent by SH Group. Yes, Da Hyun is stunned. And the piece de resistance is in the dance room where the small mirror has now been replaced by a wall to wall mirror! This makes the dance teachers and the girls very, very happy!

Da Hyun leaves early as she is heading to the hotel for her “first date”. At first, she’s concerned about her appearance but she thinks about that as she says “like I need to doll myself up for him”.

Da Hyun rushes in and apologizes for being late. Jae In forgives her as it is only 3 minutes. She thanks him for all that he did at the school and Jae In says he is just keeping up with what he promised and reminds her to do the same. He actually asks her what should they do for their first date. She doesn’t know but this basically gives Jae In the lead and suggests that they go to a concert. It seems his hotel is sponsoring a cultural festival. Da Hyun suggests that they go to eat first. He suggests the Japanese restaurant in the hotel but Da Hyun says the food isn’t worth it! As expected, Jae In is insulted. So, she suggests that they go for pork belly. Jae In doesn’t seem really interested but they go. Or is it Jae In’s version of Korean BBQ?

Well, this restaurant fascinates Da Hyun because the joy of cooking the meat yourself is taken away. Poor Jae In, this is all he knows from his rich upbringing. Da Hyun says the joy of pork belly is to smell and cook the meat! However, Jae In is worried about the smell permeated his suit! As they eat, Jae In discusses Ji So and the fact that his lawyers are working with his agency. Da Hyun tells him she knows because that was the most important thing on their contract. She even refers to Ji So as “oppa”. Jae In reminds her that Ji So is 21 years old but she counters with any handsome guy is “oppa”. This gets Jae In to mumbling whether he is an “oppa” too. Crickets….

At the concert hall, Jae In and Da Hyun arrive. She really doesn’t want to go because of the way she’s dressed. She tries to back out but Jae In tells her how he hates pork belly so I guess this is his way of telling her to do what he likes now. Once inside, Jae In notices all of the reporters in the lobby. This causes him to immediately drop her arm that he was holding to drag her inside with. He walks away with the excuse that he is going to speak to a few people but we know he doesn’t want to be “seen” so to speak with her. Da Hyun takes this time to look at souvenirs. She grabs pig keychains, one for her and another for Jae In, with their initials even. Awww, couple things!

Once inside, others notice Jae In walking in; especially his relatives, aunt, uncle and Tae Ha who are also attending the concert. The aunt wonders if that is Jae In and even more so who he is with? Of course, they wonder if the mysterious woman is Jae In’s girlfriend. Jae In continues to notice the reporters that are coming into the hall. This causes him to tell Da Hyun to act like she doesn’t know him. Da Hyun is simply flabbergasted with him and chides him that he should have told her ahead of time that they were going to a concert so he wouldn’t be embarrassed with her. Da Hyun uses this opportunity to suggest that she leave but Jae In isn’t having it. Nice try, Da Hyun! In the original, trying to remember if it was an opera or a play? Hmmm… At the company, Grandfather Lee is wondering what Jae In has been up to. Hyung Joon tells him that Jae In and Da Hyun were meeting today. Grandfather threatens to introduce her to Tae Ha if he is wasting time.

What happens next is a series of really funny scenes. Poor Da Hyun, she really doesn’t like classical music. It’s bad enough to fall asleep but she is sawing hogs, as we like to say; snoring loudly. Jae In is mortified! As her head bobs and weaves as she is asleep, he tries to right her and finally gives up by pushing her head to his shoulder.

When that doesn’t keep her awake, what follows is a scene that in his beautiful accented English, he threatens to do the following:

LOVED IT!! She may not have understood his english but his actions spoke volumes! Again, loved it!! But that woke her up as she remained sitting up straight, gripping her chair like her life depended on it! As they are leaving, their presence is once again noticed by the other family members as they try to determine who Jae In is with. As Jae In is greeting guests, the Min family relations walk up and begin prying into Jae In’s business as Da Hyun waits for him. When the family inquire about her, he pretty much blows them off but Tae Ha has taken an interest.

When they exit the concert hall, Da Hyun confronts Jae In about re-writing their contract because she left something out. Jae In just looks at her dumbfounded as he thinks back to his comment about how shrewd a fox she is. At the coffee shop, she immediately goes into mentioning skinship. However, Jae In takes it the opposite; like she wants to have it but it is obvious that she wants to avoid it and she adamantly tells him so. No kissing, hugging, not even a finger!! Jae In counters that she shouldn’t have signed the contract and threatens that Ji So will never make it as a singer. She takes it as a threat but Jae In, smiling says not so much.

It is at that convenient moment that Da Hyun’s phone rings. It is her mother who is once again setting up a blind date for her. Jae In takes this moment to grab her phone and introduce himself to her mother as Da Hyun tries, unsuccessfully to grab the phone back. He actually tells her mother that their relationship is serious and poor Da Hyun is besides herself. Jae In promises her mother that he will be officially introducing himself to her next time. It is at this time that he learns of her family pet name, DaDa.

We are finally introduced to Da Hyun’s parents. In this version, Da Hyun’s dad is an herbalist. Her mother seems thrilled that Da Hyun is finally dating and the father is looking forward to a son-in-law to take over the business. Interesting comment from the father about a son-in-law being like a son. We have to assume that unlike the original that Da Hyun has no brothers.

As the Min family returns, Daddy Min tells Tae Ha to find out about the woman that Jae In was with. He also tells him to pay close attention to the grandfather to see if she is connected to him. Now, this is where the original and the 2016 differ. In the original, the mother was the dominant one but it looks like Daddy Min wears the authority in this family. Tae Ha is not too happy with his father and his concern being about Jae In it seems and rightly so.

Back at the coffee shop, Jae In is trying to find out more about DaDa. Da Hyun finds his query annoying but admits that she is DaDa. Jae In wonders about the origin of the nickname and if its because she scurries around. The cutesy background sounds make you giggle. However, Da Hyun tells him that DaDa is not for him. But Jae In counters that when people are dating, they call each other by nicknames. You have to laugh when Da Hyun tells him to stop making her skin crawl. She wonders if it is because he is super old. He reminds her that he is only 32 years old and curses her. She asks why is he speaking so informally to her and he again reminds her that he is 6 years older than her. Or “super old” as she said. He’s so childish! Love it!

At the Lee residence, the grandfather is really curious whether or not Jae In and Da Hyun met. Kang Dong Seok assures him that they have as Jae In will look at it as a business arrangement. He has no doubt that he will be reporting to him. The grandfather seems to want to know whether anything will happen between these two. As you all know, this is definitely the grandfather’s hope and dream; however, Kang Dong Seok doesn’t hold out any hope as he goes on and on about the things he think will happen. As you can expect, his answer doesn’t exactly give the grandfather the warm and fuzzies.

Jae In is dropping Da Hyun at her apartment. It is then that she remembers the keychains that she bought. She hands him the green one with his initials and she tells him that this is what all dating couples do. Well, Jae In’s thoughts are slightly different as he grabs the pink one with her initials and tells her this is how couples do it; carry the other one’s initials. When she doesn’t get out of the car fast enough, he asks her if she wants him to come up for a ramen. With the background wolf sounds, I guess this is code for come up and sleep overnight. Oh Jae In! She thanks him for the date, helping Ji So and tries to get out of the car. But Jae In grabs her after her comment about once again not knowing who his grandfather is. She “tisk tisk” at him for not believing her once again and wonders if people lied to him all the time or if he was emotionally damaged as a child? HA!

After Jae In pulls out, he doesn’t get far when he looks down and sees that she has once again forgotten something: her keys. remember, he took the pink key chain but she didn’t take the keys off. So, when she gets to her door, she realizes her mistake. By the time she runs out there, he is watching her as she looks down the street, thinking that he has left. She’s hesitant to call him but hears the jingle of keys behind her as Jae In gets out of the car. He begins teasing her and eluding to the fact that she left the keys on purpose. This man really moves FAST!! Seduce? Da Hyun? No chance. He holds the keys up high as Da Hyun tries to reach them. As expected, they end up in each other’s arms! So cute.

Musings: Well, I continue to enjoy this drama a lot. I like the new nuances that diverge from the original; however, I am still missing the family dynamics that Da Hyun has with her family. It also seems that she may not have any siblings. Though they didn’t play a big part in the original, the mother and father definitely did so I look forward to more growth in their relationship. It is also interesting that the power in the Min family is the father this time and not the mother. In the original, Tae Ha’s mother was the driving force because she is the Lee in the family and wanted all for her son. Now it looks like those traits will be on the father whose more concerned about what Jae In is doing than what Tae Ha has accomplished. Another reason to add to the animosity between the two cousins. Also, another difference is the confidante of the grandfather in the guise of Kang Dong Seok; this is definitely a departure from the original.

One thing that is still the same is the relationship and its growth; baby steps between Jae In and Da Hyun. Again, these two actors are playing wonderfully off each other. As you watch, your expectations of them being together keeps growing; however, I’m curious to see who will be the temporary third wheel in their relationship. I also cannot wait to see the interactions between Da Hyun’s family and Jae In! Now, that will be interesting! So, if you still aren’t convinced to watch, you should. This continues to be a very good drama and I’m enjoying it immensely!

4 thoughts on “1% of Anything (2016) – Episode 3

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the fun little break from grading this afternoon. 🙂 I’ll link this on Musings after work tonight, and hopefully, if all goes well and my brain is still intact, I can get 4 uploaded by tomorrow night. It’s been a rough week, and I still have Thursday to go! >.<
    Thanks for the cheer-up, Bel! ❤

  2. I’m enjoying the remake a lot and I think the zippy style works in its favour. Plus Ha Suk Jin and Jung So Min are really making it work.
    I do miss Da Hyun”s interactions with the Grandpa – in the original – cos that was how Grandpa was monitoring Jae In and it was hilarious!
    Plus – it lent more cred to why Grandpa liked Da Hyun so much.
    A one off encounter at the hospital seems a little shallow (for want of a better word).

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