Death Cash (2016) – Episode 7

Episode 8 Mari

Episode 7

The Death Cash curse goes all out for this episode. We have a scare with my sweetheart, Koyume, Mari is playing house with Professor Zaitsu (Toshio Kakei), and we continue to hold him culpable for all the death and destruction so far. So, why wasn’t Mari listening to Yuka this episode? Watch and see as this drama slowly winds down and there aren’t too many bodies left now. (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Thanks writer, you really scared us with the accident of Koyume (Kiyohara Hate) holding one of those infamous ten thousand Yen bills! As Yuka (Jurina Matsui) is running down the hospital corridor, the panic has set in for her and for us viewers. When she gets into the room, she is greeted with the body of her beloved sister with a handkerchief covering her face. Psyche! Koyume, this is not the time to be faking! Poor Yuka is scared s***less with her sister’s tasteless joke. She doesn’t know whether to be mad or happy; so, she does both! Minutes later, Det. Wakamoto (Shigeyuki Totsugi) also runs into the hospital room, with concern on his face. He is nothing but relieved that she is okay. Yuka tells him how she saw Mari and the Professor together. He also tells her that the Professor has been doing research on the death cash from the beginning. Yuka also remembers that the Professor gave Mari money; ten thousand Yen bill!

The Professor and Mari has just completed a meal. On the table, you see that the Professor is taking some type of pain killer medicine. These two are obviously in a relationship that extends beyond the classroom. As he is leaving, Mari gets his coat and a pack of pills fall out of the pocket. She recognizes them as the same pills her deceased father used to take, Nitroglycerin (used to treat patients with coronary artery disease). He snatches them from her hand and lies that they are for a cold. She challenges him on it because she knows exactly what they are used for. He then tells her that he only has 6 months left unless he goes to America for surgery; however, he needs another 10 million Yen to do so. He doesn’t want to get the surgery but Mari makes a declaration of love, if you will.

The next morning, Det. Wakamoto is waiting outside the Professor’s building. He confronts him about the paper he is writing on the death cash. Det. Wakamoto challenges him that he is sacrificing his students to write said paper. The Professor then makes the statement that “Even if the death cash wasn’t delivered to the person, those involved will still encounter misfortune”. I guess that means you too, Professor!

Back at the apartment, Mari is thinking back to when the Professor came to her father’s funeral. After overhearing women speak ill of her mother who abandoned her husband for money. As she is listening to the women in the rain, the Professor walks up and basically gives her words of encouragement and to return her notebook which includes a pen of his. She obviously cherishes the pen and the gesture as he has written “Love is blood and life to mortals” inside. She also thinks back to a conversation they had about his dreams. It is these thoughts that make her determined to save the man that she loves.

Yuka meets up with Mari. Yuka wants to know what kind of relationship she has with the Professor which Mari says is none of her business. Yuka then tells her about the thesis paper that he is working on about the death cash. Mari doesn’t know this but doesn’t seem to let it sink in that he might have even knew what would happen as a result of everyone using the money. Mari is too much in love, she really doesn’t care and walks away after telling Yuka she couldn’t do anything to save people.

back at the precinct, Det. Wakamoto is at his desk when Inspector Chihara Iori (Reon Yuzuki) walks in. She is confronting him on continuing his illegal investigations; therefore, she is assigning , Takayama (Daikichi Sugawara) as a watchdog for his activities. Iori even takes the man’s phone. Okay, what is the back story on these two?!!! Takayama tells how he was reassigned, just when he was ready to move out to the country. He tells him that the Inspector is worried that he will cause trouble like he did for his sister’s case. Takayama tells him to forget about the ‘mysterious’ cases.

That afternoon, Mari is looking for additional work. She stops at a rack full of advertisements for girls to work in the clubs (all this for a man). She encounters one of those brokers who asks if she is having money troubles. She tells him she is looking to make 10 million Yen. This initially surprises him but he convinces her to follow him. Just at that moment, she hears her mother calling her name.

After Yuka has not been able to reach Det Wakamoto on the phone, she goes to the precinct. As she is asking another detective where she can find him, Inspector Chihara overhears and tells her she is not allowed to see him as he is being investigate for conducting an illegal investigation. Regardless of what Yuka says, the Inspector refuses to let her see him and basically tells her to leave. So, why can’t Yuka see him again?

As Mari is about to follow the broker into a building, she turns to see her mother. The witch berates her for wanting money to help some man and talks about how pathetic her daughter is. Mari tries to say that the Professor is ill and she wants to help the man that she loves but her mother is not going to have it. She evens begs her mother to borrow the money and the witch refuses. I really wish someone would give this woman some death cash!! Her treatment to her daughter? Disgusting.

That evening as Mari is sitting in her apartment, thinking about the Professor and the money she hasn’t gotten, the sudden gush of winds blows that signals that the death cash is near. As she is sitting on the floor, we hear sounds that mimic mice running under the floor and suddenly the mat floor splits and we sees hundreds; no thousands of bills under the floorboard. At first scared, Mari quickly grabs a bag and begins stuffing money into it as she thinks back to her conversation with the Professor as well as her witch of a mother. She walks out the door as the black inks runs from the face of the bills.

At the hospital, Koyume seems to be enjoying her stay. Yuka has brought in her favorite curry and rich which she is happily eating. Yuka is slightly depressed after her conversation with Mari. Koyume tries to cheer her up in Koyume style. Koyume wonders if the death cash curse remain. She encourages Yuka to leave because she is okay. Koyume knows that only Yuka can do anything about it. Not too sure about Mari….

Yuka catches up with Mari as she is walking down the street with the bag of money. Yuka doesn’t know yet that she has death cash. Yuka wants to know if she is going to the Professor’s place. Mari refuses to answers but it obvious to all and Yuka that she is heading in that direction. Yuka finally notices the bag in Mari’s arm. She knows. She acts but again no response from Mari. As the rain starts to fall, Yuka pleads with Mari to not use the money; however, Mari says she is willing to do it because what she wants isn’t tangible but love. Mari is convinced love is more important than her life. Even crying and pleading from Yuka doesn’t stop her and she leaves a screaming and crying Yuka laying in the streets.

Mari gets to the Professor’s apartment and hands him the bag. She lies to him and says that she got the money from her mother. The Professor tells her to return it as he doesn’t want her to humiliate herself. Mari tells him how much she loves him and about her willingness to sacrifice even her own life for him. She opens her notebook and the begins writing in it. As you watch, the series of events are forming first with the pen cap dropping to the floor, the screws from the table loosening when the Professor puts the bag of money on top and the Professor taking the uncapped pen from her hands. As they are hugging, he tells her he loves her. It is at that moment that the table collapses, the lamp unplugs and the cord makes the lamp swivel towards the two, hitting the Professor and Mari who both fall; the Professor still holding the pen stabs Mari in the neck! It is at that moment that Mari admits that she didn’t get the money from her mother. So, what does the Professor do? He then admits that the words that she had help onto were backwards: “Money is blood and life to mortals”. Stabs her again!! No words.

The death cash not only kills you but makes you crazy!! As the Professor in his madness states that “The death cash simply can outdo God” tells you just how far the rabbit hole of madness this man has gone. I’m not sure I was expecting this. But it became obvious that Mari, in her pursuit for love was willing to do anything to save this despicable man who used the death cash to literally kill his students for research. Poor Yuka, she tried so hard to get Mari to stay alive. Even Mari wasn’t going to use the death cash had it not been for her encounter with her mother. What a deprived human piece of trash that woman is. It was kind of sad for Mari to hear those words spoken about her mother at her father’s funeral. She was convinced that had her mother not left, that the father would have survived. Not sure about that but in her mind, she believed that and her mother and her fixation on money didn’t help at all.

Again, what is up with Inspector Chihara and Det. Wakamoto? Were they married? In a relationship which dissolved as a result of his sister’s death? I really need to have that hole in the story filled. Now, taking the man’s phone was a bit much but we know that will not stop him and his interactions with Yuka. We know Yuka is starting to like him but is he also reciprocating?

Now, my sweet Koyume. The previews have me scared. Her coughing up blood is not good. Not good at all. It looks like that death cash is using a different tactics with the last two survivors. I have a feeling (without having watched episode 8) that something is seriously wrong with Koyume and it will require the standard 10 million Yen to fix it. Let’s see if I am right!!

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