ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 7

Episode 7 AID

Episode 7

AID, a new euphemism for what we thought to be good is twisted and turned ugly in this episode. We have a new case that is takes low to a new level and can I dislike Shoji more? Yes, I can. As the mysteries continues, we still have 2 more episodes to go to find out who is the puppet master behind Shoji’s man on the street and who actually killed him. Let’s continue on with episode 7! (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

In dark, a computer lights up with the words from a website called AID. We hear in voice-over, a woman who is obviously depressed and suicidal speaking. She receives an email from AID telling her that they will help her with her wish….her wish? To die. We return to the conversation between Todo (Haru) and Nakajima( Kento Hayashi) as she tells him the origin of the knife and why she had it. We learn about her father’s abuse and infidelity towards her mother when Todo was in elementary school.

Todo retells the story about how she broke down all of her father’s watches that he collected. When he confronted her, she lied and said the watches represented him but in reality, she just wanted to take them apart. So, that explains the monster comment her father made in a previous glimpse in one of Todo’s flashbacks in an earlier episode. I wondered about that. But I find it interesting she told him that instead.

She goes on to tell about when she got the knife in high school and the reason behind it: to kill her father. Todo decided to create the perfect plan of killing her father by becoming a police officer first. But the death of her mother made her forget about her plan. It was the combination of her death and that last gift that changed her mind. She never saw her father again nor cared about his existence. Just as Nakajima is about to ask her a question, the scene changes and Todo is running off to another crime scene.

It seems they have discovered the informant’s body Fujikawa (Mansaku Fuwa) and are at the scene. Todo is too late to see the body as it has already been removed. The detectives are discussing the connection of this criminal informant (CI) to none other than Shoji (Hiroshi Yokoyama) and the fact that he found the body after receiving a call from the man asking for his help. As Shoji is talking with Chief Atsuta (Watabe Watanabe), he is told that he will be a suspect in his murder (as he should) because of his relationship with the man. When he looks up, he sees Todo watching him with somewhat concern but as usual, Shoji is….Shoji!

At the same time, a body is discovered near a field and the male victim has drank what looks to be poison. Back at the office, Atsuta discusses not only the recent suicide by poisoning but there also seems to have been 3 others with the exact same poison. Even though one of the cases there was evidence of a struggle, the police are still ruling it as a suicide. The poison is identified as a herbicide called Biolog. Todo recalls that there were several cases 20 years ago using the same poison. Atsuta mentions what concerns him more is the reference to the website AID in the suicide note in the last victim’s hand. They conclude that this maybe the case of assisted suicide. He wants the detectives to determine if someone is also distributing the Biolog to the victims. How curious…as Todo likes to say.

The detectives visit the homes of the victims. The wife of the first doesn’t seem to care much but Kurashima (Kaname Jun) thinks she is being heartless but Todo tells him that it is a way the victim families respond to their sorrow. They are met by Harashima Takanori (Moro Morooka). He begins by getting information about the suicides that have happened lately. As he is speaking, he walks to a picture of a woman and child. We see that the picture is old but Kurashima assumes that it is his daughter but Harashima corrects him that it is in fact his wife and son that he lost many years ago. When Kurashima receives a call, Harashima takes this moment to ask about Shoji. Harashima knows that the man killed is Shoji’s informant. Harashima goes on to say that he knows using informants is wrong but whatever a policeman needs to do to solve crimes must be more important. Then Harashima makes an interesting statement about people not valuing life. Interesting. Kurashima returns with the news of a 5th body!

A man is found in a hotel having once again drank the Biolog poison. On the bed, he has written the word, AID with his blood. We then see another scene of an apartment in total disarray. The woman in the bed is disturbed by a sound. She goes to her mailbox and she has received a box containing a vial of what definitely looks like the poison, Biolog and she receives a message from AID that this will send her to heaven like she wants.

Shoji is in the office. He is thinking back to his conversation with Fujikawa and looking over the crime scene photos from the 5th suicide. In the conference room, Chief Atsuta is there with the other detectives as Kurashima discusses the growing number of suicide victims using Biolog as their method but is it really by their choice? The crime scene technicians are surprised at some of the evidence that they have found; especially where PCs have been wiped out but he reminds everyone that there are programs now to recover deleted disks.

The detectives head to visit the Goddess of Death (Dr. Ishigami~Harada Mieko) as they like to refer to her. She is discussing the fact that the poison is the same as was produced 25 years ago. Chief Atsuta informs them that Biolog is no longer manufactured and the doctor assumes it is someone that has a large amount that they have kept. Dr. Ishigami states that the pesticide will cause all of the organs to cease function and no one can be saved if they ingest. Dr. Ishigami makes the same statement as Harashima that equates suicide with murder. Atsuta goes on to explain why.

It seems that many years ago, Harashima’s son was killed when a suicide jumper had jumped from their apartment building, landing and killing the son. Harashima’s wife witnessed it and later killed her self. For many years, Harashima was receiving psychological treatment. Dr. Ishigami is amazed that Harashima was able to recover from that. Dr. Ishigami invites them to eat but only Todo goes. And off we go to my favorite character restaurant! I love this place!!

Dr. Ishigami and Todo are eating, I have no idea what! Okay, these menus are pretty cool! They are electronic! Todo is full of questions about Dr. Ishigami’s job. They are discussing people who commit suicide and Todo doesn’t understand people wanting death (neither do I). As they are scrolling through the menu, one of the waitresses we have seen thorough the drama comes up. As Dr. Ishigami is about to order, she asks Todo if she works for the police. She seems really concerned about the other waitress that works for her. She is the manager and wants Todo to break down someone’s door for an emergency. She mentions that she thinks the person might be trying to commit suicide. This grabs Todo’s attention very quickly.

That evening, she goes with the manager, Reika to the waitress’ apartment. Okay, even when this manager dresses on the street, she looks in character. Little Bo Beep anyone? She rings the doorbell and knocks, calling out Kirari-san. At first, there is no answer. Reika yells she is going to knock down the door (she’s a 3rd degree black belt and finds this no problem for her) and Todo is surprised but minutes later, Kirari opens the door. Kirari says she called in sick but Reika is not having it and barges right into the apartment. The mess from earlier has been cleaned up and Kirari is upset with the interruption. Reika hugs her and tells her how she was really worried about her. She reminds Kirari that they are alive through the heat emanating from their body heat. She then begs her not to take her own life. This causes Todo to remember about hugging her own mother. As the two women continue talking, Todo notices the bottle that looks like Biolog by the computer which is also logged into the AID website. When Kirari receives an email fro AID, Todo rushes over to read it. It reads:
“To the 6th person who’s unwavering in their decision. Here are some things you must do before going to heaven”

Todo is apprising Chief Atsuta about the AID website. Not only are people wanting to commit suicide on the site but also organ donors in death. Members on the site tried to talk people from suicide but people still wanting to received a personal message from the site manager to convince them. Many emails are exchanged. Though the emails received are ver encouraging in trying to convince people not to take their own lives, when all else fails, the site sends them the Biolog which convinces them that their deaths will be peaceful (B-S!)!! The dying realize too late that AID lied about the deaths and the poison. Too late!! One of the technicians thanks Todo for saving someone. It turns out that Reika is his girlfriend. Chief Atsuta sends Todo to visit Nakajima to work on a profile.

Todo visits Nakajima in his nice and sterile environment. She apprises him of the case. Todo seems to want to talk further with him. She reminds him that he wanted to kill himself also. She wants to know if he still wants to die. Nakajima says he wants to clear something first; it involves her. He wants to continue the conversation about the knife. He doesn’t want to talk about the knife but who actually gave her the knife. He knows that someone put the thought in her head to kill her father. We don’t hear the rest of the conversation as the scene changes. DAMN!!

Shoji visits Harashima at the police office. Shoji tells him that he wants to find out who killed Fujikawa and why. Harashima knows that Fujikawa was being threatened by someone but he doesn’t know who. Harashima has an idea but who in particular. Shoji wants to investigate it but Harashima tells him he cannot. Harashima is worried that Shoji will do something reckless so he tells him to leave it alone. As Shoji is walking back to the office, he receives a strange call. The caller tells Shoji he/she knows that he is happy that Fujikawa is dead. The caller’s voice is disguised so you cannot tell if it is a man or woman. The caller mentions Todo Hinako by name. He/she says they will tell him something interesting about her.

When Shoji returns to the office, he is greeted by Todo herself. She has a tray full of coffee and is taking it to other detectives working on the suicide cases. Shoji rushes her out of the precinct office and as soon as she leaves, he looks at her purse. Tsuyoshi Miki, the technician is deep in a conversation on AID. Miki is trying to bait the website owners so that they can be identified. It is their attempt to find out who is behind the website. As she is listening, Todo goes into one of her dream states, thinking back to all of the suicides and she is once again in Kirari’s apartment.

In front of her on the table is many of the suicide scene pictures. Her vision pans up and once again she sees her mother standing in front of her looking at the same pictures. Her mother says “No one’s dead here.” The two women began discussing the philosophical definition of murder when related to suicide. The mother compares what Nakajima did to what the person at AID is doing. Todo recognizes that Nakajima used the killer’s murderous tendencies but her mother wonders how is the person at AID different? The suicide victims had murderous tendencies towards themselves. We then see the knife and the shichimi chili peppers can in front of a laptop with the message: “Which will you choose?” Interesting…

Miki is missing! The technician who had worked on trying to trap the AID website administration has disappeared. No one has been able to reach him. The other tech shows that his IP address had been hacked and the AID members were upset about his rude comments. There are no clues to his whereabouts at all. Todo receives a call and it is known other than Reika. She is also concern about Miki’s disappearance. Reika and Kirari are looking at all of the nasty comments against Miki. Reika has not heard from him as he didn’t respond to her calls or emails. Kirari pulled the transcripts of the conversations on AID and emailed them to Todo. There is a clue about an abandoned building where the 4th suicide victim was found. As the detectives rush out, we see an obviously bound and gagged Miki in a location that looks like inside of a truck container. Reika also rushes to the same location. Remember, she has a black belt!

As they are leaving, Dr. Ishigami calls Chief Atsuta. She reports that there were unused vials of the poison found in a couple of the other people’s homes which means that 2 others died of something else even though they had the Biolog. When a car pulls up, Todo rushes off into another direction as something has come to her mind, I’m sure. She goes back to the laptop and her suspicions are confirmed that others received the poison and Kirari should have been the 8th victim not the 6th! As the two woman talk, they realize that AID knows way too many details not released! Someone with the police?!! I think so too!!

Just as we have come to the same conclusion as Todo, Nakajima sends her an interesting email profile on the case. He believes that the perpetrator hates suicidal people. He also believes it is someone with a past trauma in their life that involved a suicidal person. Nakajima has also deducted that the person behind AID has had counseling based on his wording of their messages to the victims. Nakajima believes the act of sending the Biolog is a death sentence to that individual that MUST be carried out. Wait…hurry!! Hirari!!!

As Kirari is sitting at her laptop, the doorbell rings. From the ominous music, it is safe to say something is about to go down. AID’s goal is to assist someone to their death!! As Shoji is at the scene of Fujikawa’s death, he receives a call from the mysterious person once again. They are directing him to where Todo is: to Kirari’s apartment. WHO IS THIS PERSON?!! Meanwhile, the other detectives are desperately searching for Miki. We now know that this was a diversion from the real victim; Kirari.

Kirari is in her apartment; scared witless as a hand reaches towards her with the deadly Biolog in hand. A man’s voice tells her to drink it; she refuses. He net pulls out a gun and I guess he is giving her a choice: be shot or drink the poison. As the camera pans up, we see who the man is….you guessed right; Harashima. She says she doesn’t want to die and he insists she does!! The man is literally beating her into submission and trying to convince her to complete the act. Kirari continues to cry and deny that she wants to die as Todo walks in.

She has figured it out that it was Harashima. He is surprised and she tells him how she wanted to see the person who valued life so little. He points the gun at her. She relates back that she knows that his wife committed suicide with Biolog. She tells him how he killed people and he seems to be in denial on that. He goes to say he originally created the AID website to save people but somewhere along the way, that switch flipped; instead of saving people, he turned to killing those who wanted to die and sending poison to all of them to help them die. Todo knows that killing her, everything will come to light. As she reaches her hand into her purse, we know she is looking for the knife but it is not there! Harashima is standing over her with his gun as Shoji comes in. He is just about to pour the Biolog down Todo’s throat when SHoji wrestles the gun from him. He knocks the man out cold and handcuffs him.

Shoji asks Todo was she going to kill Harashima. She has no idea what he is talking about. But we know who took her knife from her purse and then the ARSE…excuse me, Shoji hasn’t been one of my favorite characters, throws the knife at her and threatens her to leave the police! WHAT?!! His IDIOT, CRAZY self needs to leave too!! Miki is found safe and Reika rushes in to give him water.

I really love this drama! I can go on and on talking about this one! The sheer level of drama and psychological twists and turns as well as the creative mind of the writer just keeps me enthralled. Okay, what a little S**T is Shoji! I cannot begin to STOP telling you my dislike for the man! He has a lot of nerve threatening Todo about something she HASN’T done based on anonymous information given to him by some unknown voice on the cell phone. But, who in the world is this person? Todo’s father? I doubt that. We can eliminate him as we know that whoever the person is gave her the knife. I cannot see her father giving her a knife with the intentions of her using it on him. The voice on the phone might actually be someone we already know. My mind is in playback mode as I am searching for clues that might have been thrown at us from the beginning about this person’s identity. I’m also curious as to why Todo’s mother always shows up. Is anyone else thought that maybe her death wasn’t natural? I don’t know. I’m sure the coroner’s office would have picked up an unnatural death but then look at how many AID’s victims there were before that came to fruition.

You have to feel a little compassion towards Harashima. I cannot imagine having a child die that way. I’ve always felt that people that jump off buildings are being selfish because they have no concern about the people they may/may not affect when they land. So, for his wife to witness her precious child’s death like this, I’m not sure even I would have recovered easily. Just look at the picture above! I used that intentional to shock you! Imagine witnessing that personally! Again, many of us would NOT have recovered! I think as the story unfolded, it became obvious who the killer was; however, it was sad that Harashima’s good intentions turned around to a deadly finale. Very sad.

With 2 episodes left, there are just a few mysteries left to be solved. I cannot wait to find out who the voice is, I continue to love the interaction between Nakajima and Todo; and, I still HATE Shoji!!!

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