ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 6

Episode 6

Episode 6

So, Nakajima( Kento Hayashi) is locked up in a special facility for genius crazies and old folks be ruthless!! What else can happen in this episode to surprise me? Let’s see! (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

So Nakajima discusses his lapse into the guise of a murderer with two men in suits. Who exactly these two men are totally unknown to us but they have a lot of interest in the laser watch that he created to manufacture the tumors in the brains of the five killers. As Nakajima talks, you are not too sure if there is remorse in his speech or whether he is a little upset because he was caught. You decide. However, he does mention that he too have subjected himself to the tumor treatment. Interesting…

Back at the precinct, Todo is reading an email that she’s just received from Kurashima (Kaname Jun). The email is to a link filled with pictures of Kurashima on his motorcycle that he has affectionately named Shinobu. He goes on to describe his trip to Isu. Todo remarks how pretty the pictures are and Kurashima goes on and on but ends with how he would love to show it to Todo-san (this girl has no clue the man is trying to date her). Her response is “She saw it”, thanks him and walks away. Again, the girl has no idea that the man likes her!! Clueless!

Shoji (Hiroshi Yokoyama) is in the office of Commissioner with chief detective Atsuta (Watabe Watanabe). Atsuta has just gotten Shoji a reprieve from disciplinary for discharging his weapon the other day when he shot at Nakajima to prevent his suicide during his arrest at the scene of Kazuya Kubo’s (Taiki Nakabayashi) killing. The Commissioner says this time he was cover for Shoji; however, next time it will not be the case. Then Atsuta jokingly reminds the Commissioner when they were younger how many times he covered for him when they were in CID1, referring to him as Koyama-kun. The Commissioner also mentions Todo and Atsuta says she is troublesome in a different way.

Todo and Shoji meet up in the breakroom where she is leisurely drinking something. She acknowledges Shoji and asks about what happened with the Commissioner. He replies that there was no punishment. As he is leaving, he turns back to Todo and asks how she feels about Nakajima but he calls her look B-S and goes on to say how he is starting to understand her more. He talks about her inability to express her feelings in what he perceives is the correct way. He goes to say that her true face is…but is interrupted by Kurashima who tells Shoji that the Chief is looking for him. We then see a scene where there was a report of a body found in a Katuragi Park of the Nerima Ward which is located in the northern part of Tokyo.

The team is met by a local policeman, Harashima Takanori (Moro Morooka) who speaks to both Atsuta as well as Shoji. It seems that Shoji worked with Harashima at the Miyasaka Koban district police station who was his senior (senpai). Harashima goes on that he’s never seen anything like this. The forensic technicians walk up and go on to say how the case is pretty unusual. Atsuta doesn’t believe them but they say he will have to see for himself. When the detectives see the body of a man buried into manhole with coins, 100 Yen coins flowing out of his mouth and onto the ground, the team is shocked (well Todo is actually amazed). She wonders out loud whether he died from suffocation but then notices that coins are not just in his mouth but literally throughout the body to the stomach. Not only were the coins inserted into the body but the hands were burnt to crisp as if they were trying to hide his identity (watch as Shoji looks at Todo very closely as she draws details of the killing in her notebook)! WOAH! Though the female tech finds it disturbing, our Todo, as always sees it as curious…

At the police conference, details of the case are discussed with the room of detectives. The fact that the victim had no fingerprints, wallet or any other form of ID is noted. They go on to say all surveillance cameras in the park had been disconnected. Atsuta decides that his team will need to canvas the neighbor and question any possible witnesses. He looks at Todo with the intent of taking her with him. Atsuta complains about the weather and suggests that they find a bar to get something to drink. Todo takes this time to apologize for what happened the other day. Of course, she is referring to Nakajima and the fact that she was at the murder scene by herself. Atsuta says everyone is on ‘eggshells’ because of her. She says the case is over but Atsuta is still concerned because of her reaction (or inaction) the entire thing and other cases.

A few minutes later, an elderly man, Inatomi Shingo (Hamada Akira) stumbles and falls while carrying an assortment of stuffed animals behind them. Todo and Atsuta help the man up and because he is hurt, they walk him to his residence up the street. He is met by a woman who invites them in for tea and watermelon. Todo starts to say they are on duty while Atsuta is ready to get out of the heat. Todo sees the house sign (18 House). They meet the residents of the dwelling which consists of 5 different people. They refer to the house as a tenement or share house. None of the people have family so they choose to live together. They call the house “18 House” because they are living like they did when they were 18 years old. Cute.

As they continue to talk Dr. Nishizwa (Oishi Goro). He is now a retired doctor who is also living in the house. One of the men laughing says the detectives have come to arrest them but Inatomi says he got hurt and they were nice to bring him home. Nishizwa wonders where Sakata Daikichi (Sakuragi Kenichi) is. The last residence comes into the open room but isn’t very friendly. Minutes later, Harashima comes by on his bicycle and later while walking the two detectives around, he is glad to see that Atsuta himself is walking the neighborhood. The conversation goes on and we learn that Shoji learned the use of private people to gather information from Harashima himself. This was a direct result of the rape/murder of his sister 3 years ago.

Dr. Ishigami (Harada Mieko), the pathologist is giving her report to Atsuta and Todo. She has there was almost 1 million Yen coins found in the body of the victim. That’s almost $10,000 dollars for us U.S. folks! That’s a lot of change!! She says the coins were all the way into the stomach cavity. She hasn’t determined how the murderer was able to get so many coins into the body and by what method. Todo asks if the death was suffocation but Dr. Ishigami says it goes beyond that because of the sheer weight of the coins that were ingested. The method makes Todo think of foie gras because birds are force fed in a similar method. Dr. Ishigami readily agrees. Atsuta has questions but Dr. Ishigami suggests that they consult a profiler which immediately has her thinking of Nakajima.

Again, we see Todo in one of her dream states as she re-visits the crime scene; however, this time she has a visitor who turns out to be her mother, Todo Kaori (Okunuki Kaoru). Todo tells her mother she doesn’t want her to see something like this. Her mother responds she feels sorry for the man to have died like this. Why? Because regardless of what type of man he was, he didn’t deserve to die like this. She also says it is sad that the person who did this felt they had to. Todo is of the belief that the person probably enjoyed doing the killing. She mentions that one time…and is interrupted by her mother who hands her the shichimi chili powder container and tells Todo to always keep this with you. It is at this point that she wakes up.

Her desk mate detective is asleep across from her also with his mouth open. Todo gets up and walks over to stand above him. She is slowing lowering her hand over his mouth, simulating holding a pipe but is interrupted by Shoji and she tells him she was trying to figure out how the coins were poured into the victim. Of course, this earns a look from Shoji just as the phone rings to report yet another murder.

The body is a woman located at the Kurose overpass in the same Nerima ward of Tokyo. The modus operanti is the same: the body is filled to the brim with 100 Yen coins.

The media has now named the killings as the “Rich Man Murders”. Both victims have been identified as Shuto Taizo (Shinkawa Masato) and Yamazaki Chizuru (Kobashi Megumi). The detectives are trying to determine what may have been used to pour all of those 100 Yen coins into the victims’ throat. Can you imagine? They fingerprinted all 10,000 coins?!! Because there is no direct evidence, the Chief decides to send everyone to the streets. Atsuta sends Todo to see Dr. Ishigami (or the Goddess of Death as he refers to her).

So the two ladies go to our favorite character restaurant for what looks like ice floats, I presume. They begin discussing Nakajima. She tells Todo that he will no longer be prosecuted but held in a “special” government facility controlled by The Spiritual & Neurological Research Center (SNRC) because they really couldn’t (or wouldn’t) build a case against him. As this is a secret facility, not a lot is told about it. The inmates, if you will, are held in separate areas that are stark white and big, having no contact with the outside world. This will allow Nakajima to continue to assist the police department with bizarre murders. Todo will remain the contact between the police and Nakajima.

As Todo reads the text message sent earlier by Nakajima, he is stating that there is a reason that the bodies were found in the locations that they were. As the assailant(s) damaged the security cameras, it makes that pretty obvious that there was a reason the people were killed and placed in those places and in those particular positions. Meanwhile, Shoji is still meeting his man on the street. At the same time, the identities of the victims is discovered. 2d victim, Yamazaki is a fraudster while the other is a land swindler. Through their investigations, they realize that the two were part of a group ran by Urasawa Kiyoshi. Well, from that information, it is obvious that he will be the next victim. As they leave, Todo tries to talk to Shoji but the man just insists on being nasty to her! Sometimes I really despise him!

Urasawa, the obvious next victim goes to his granddaughter’s house. He refuses to let him men accompany his as he doesn’t want to give the appearance of being “yakuza”. His granddaughter, Emi greets him enthusiastically. He notes the collection of stuffed animals that the little girl has and his daughter tells him that they are all from the neighbors. Todo is talking to the local policeman, Harashima. He tells the story that the location where one of the bodies used to be owned by someone else but they went bankrupt and lost their business. Todo finds out who the previous owner is and heads to 18 House once again.

She meets up with Dr. Nishizwa who invites her to look around the Pachiko arcade that he owns. As he is talking and they are walking, she hears the money falling down the chute and it is at that moment the bells and whistles that go off in Todo’s head are sounding. Back at the office Shoji is thinking back to the conversation that he had with his street informant. It seems that the man has refused to give him anymore information and threatens him with exposure until he does something for him: He wants the case files for the recent cases and Todo’s personal information. He gives him a week. Wait…who wants that?!!!

In the meantime, Urasawa has been kidnapped. We see him tied in a field to a chair. Seconds later, a shadow shrouded individual walks up to him and shoves a HUGE funnel into his mouth and proceeds to dump coins into his body. The next morning, two hikers discover the now dead Urasawa with coins spilling from his mouth. Yes, the man is dead..dead…dead. Of course, the police question his henchmen but no leads come from that. As Todo and another detective are questioning Urasawa’s daughter, Emi walks in holding a stuffed animal that is oh-so familiar to Todo. When she leaves the house, she receives another text of information from Nakajima. He says the murders aren’t really bizarre and the fact that they aren’t trying to hid the crimes at all. Each crime contains hints to the culprit(s). She calls Dr. Ishigami who confirms what she is starting to believe; the coins are from an arcade! Back at the office, even more information comes out indicating the residents of 18 House.

The 18 House residents seem to be waiting for Todo. I think it was probably Dr. Nishizwa who figured out she knew. He goes on to tell their stories about the 3 dead people did to them and their thirst for revenge; however, it was never their intentions to get away with their crimes which is why they left subtle hints. Their plan was simply to kill those wanting money so bad with money itself. These elderly folks are pretty scary. They took glee in the killing and had zero remorse. The folks are arrested and Atsuta still cannot believe it was them. He suggests that Todo go see Nakajima because he thinks she misses him! Awwww. As she walks away, she catches Shoji staring at her. She asks him what is wrong and he goes on his usual tangent about her and her reaction to these situations. He tells her she has a face of a murderer too. MIRROR!!

Todo visits Nakajima in his super sterile looking environment. He assures her that they can speak freely. Todo didn’t expect to see him again and he tells her that Dr. Ishigami visits him all the time. Nakajima seems content in his new home. Me? Would try be CRAZY!! They have an interesting conversation about the look of a killer. Todo is also worried that if Nakajima can cross the line and kill someone, so can she; however, Nakajima doesn’t feel the same way and tells her this. Nakajima asks her about the knife she has and then we see Shoji’s street informant as he is running away from someone. We do not see the figure but seconds later, he is stabbed with a knife that looks just like the one Todo has. Back to the conversation between Nakajima and Todo. He asks her why she got the knife and when. Her answer is very surprising: in high school to use against her father!

I know. You thought I got lost or just gave up on this series; au contraire! I haven’t even watched episodes 7-9 yet! My real life has been in the pits but now once again I can concentrate on more blogging again and maybe finally finish this series. Well, elderly serial killers? Who knew? Talk about a surprise as we got closer and closer to the truth. In one hand, you can understand their motivation but in another when Todo asked them whether they reported the people to the police, their anger and hatred trumped any sensible reaction that a normal person would have. Watching the two old ladies giggle like school girls as they relived the killings was way disturbing! Not sure what to do but old folks be crazy!!

Now, I’m really curious about who wants information about Todo. Could it be her father? I always felt there was something mysterious about her family, especially what may have happened to her mother. The fact that she admitted to Nakajima that she wanted to kill her father makes me wonder why. Abuse? What kind? I imagine we will get those details in the coming episodes (I know, you already know!!)

But Shoji? Just when I was somewhat warming up to him, he turns around and becomes a douche once again! The man has serious nerve talking about someone being a killer!! If he was prevented a couple of times from beating the HELL out of suspects, he too should be considered having that “killer face”! But his continuing disrespect to Todo is really grating on my nerves!!

Lastly, Kurashima’s little crush on Todo is way too cute!!

4 thoughts on “ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 6

  1. loll i’ve stopped watching it for a while because i was SO SAD that they crushed my otp. i’ve since recovered and am now back for more twisted and sad murders.

    srsly i want to shove a fist in shoji’s face. i also feel despondent now that it seems like the show is almost less about hinako… idk it just annoys me how much screentime shoji has and how we have to focus on his story as well. we get so little shows that actually have female empowerment (sort of) but it’s like as hinako learns more about herself and gets more in touch with her emotions, she becomes weaker and more passive in the cases as well… idk maybe i’m just expecting too much out of a jdrama. still kind of disappointed tho

    • Passivity rules in the last episode sadly! I was disappointed in that but at the same time when they feature a female serial killer more twisted than the other ones, for some strange reason, that is satisfying. Because it shatters the stereotype that women; beautiful/decent women are not crazy! Makabe is SERIOUSLY crazy!! C’mon! Finish it! Still liked it! But it did take 8 episodes for me to finally see Shoji’s worth: talking Todo from crazy acts.

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