Death Cash (2016) – Episode 4

Episode 4

So, how do you convince people around you that your friends are dying mysteriously and you’ve seen it all? Well, this episodes shows you no matter how hard you try to convince people that there is something sinister going on and that the all mighty Yen makes fools (and dead) of everyone regardless of what you say. (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

Finally, Yuka (Jurina Matsui) has gathered everyone together that went on the Economics camping trip. She tells about what she has discovered and the coincidences that everyone on the camping trip have died because of the curse of “Shinusa”. Regardless of whether it was a series of suicides or accidents, she doesn’t seem to be getting through to anyone. Yuka tells about the rules about the death cash.
1. Death cash will be delivered to those who want money and can’t get it.
2. They will be killed by the things that they buy with the death cash.
3. Death cash won’t show itself. The person will be killed and the scene will look like an accident or suicide.
As Yuka is talking, we can see even now that the death cash is at work on someone’s chair. A screw is slowly loosening. Who? We don’t know as yet.

4 people are in the room with Yuka and 3 look unphased by what she has said; however, when we see Erina’s (Kawaei Rina) face, she is scared and trembling with fear. She admits that unknown money was delivered to her. She says she talked to a fortune teller that convinced her to buy a crystal that would save her life because of a past life experience and the money suddenly appeared in her closet (we’ve heard this before, folks). Erina pulls out the crystal to show Yuka. Yuka starts yelling that she warned her about this as Haitani Gen (Shono Hayama) laughs. Yuka tries to get her to throw it away just as a piece of the crystal breaks off. However, Erina doesn’t believe her and backs aways, landing in the chair as she trips on the crystal pieces and the Maneki-neko that was on the shelf above comes crashing down and lands on her head propelling her forward, thus impalling her throat onto the crystal. Dead. Dead. Dead.

At the police station,Detective Wakamoto (Shigeyuki Totsugi) once again talks to the survivors. Haitani is smirking in the corner and Wakamoto notices it. Haitani goes to say that there is a way to protect oneself by exploiting the death cash’s weakness. Mari (Nakamura Yurika) decides to walk out as she says she has no intentions to be killed by that money. Haitani also walks out and mentions that he has stocks to sell. Professor Zaitsu (Toshio Kakei) mentions that Haitani has been on the stock market working with over 100 million Yen. He goes on to say that maybe he has figured out the death cash’s weakness. After they leave, neither Yuka or Wakamoto looked convinced. Wakamoto mentions that similar accidents are documented to have happened in the village Eguriba that the group had camped it. He feels that it might be a good idea to go there and investigate further. Yuka wants to go too but Wakamoto refuses at first but she is able to convince him to take her with him.

That night, while packing for the trip, Yuka starts hearing sounds from the closet. When she goes to look, it is just the clothing rod that has collapsed. Seconds later, she is scared by her little sister, Koyume (Kiyohara Kaya) coming in and conveniently holding a ten thousand Yen bill! Yuka’s reaction would be mine too if knowing what I know and seeing someone holding the exact object of doom in their hand. She snatches the money from her and asks where did she get it. Poor Yuka, it’s safe! Your mother sent it in the mail!

Koyume is afraid about Yuka going to the village and let’s her know. She thinks that the people that died deserved it and starts to cry. Yuka assures her that she only wants to save people especially with her unusual ability and that is why she must go. Koyume gives her an Inajum protection charm to take with her. She really doesn’t want anything to happen to the sister that she loves.

The two (Wakamoto and Yuka) arrive at the combined new village of Umegure/Eguiriba. They are met by a police officer, Takayama (Daikichi Sugawara) who remembers well all the mysterious deaths and takes no time in recanting each death that he remembers. He also tells them that burnt money was found at every scene. Takayama mentions the village’s practice of putting money aside. A practice they called Shichiri. When Wakamoto asks to speak to some of the villagers, the officers says that all the people died 30 years ago.

Back at the university, Haitani is continuing to dabble in the stock market. The Professor comes to speak to him, asking how things are going. Haitani smiles because he is so proud of himself being rich it seems. Strangely, the Professor is goading him on to reach even further. He tells him to become like a gambler. To win more, you have to lose even more. As expected, Haitani takes the bait as Mari looks on. Mari later confronts the Professor about his advise but he has something logical to say about everything. Haitani is shown purposely losing over 100 million Yen. He has activated the death cash! See? I told you there is just something about this man (the Professor) that is way fishy!!

At the library, Wakamoto and Yuka are researching about the village. She has found reference to Shichiri. It is explained that the practice is where all the people in the village donate money which is pooled together and used in the case of business, celebration, sudden illness, what have you. It’s purpose is to function as a welfare system for the village. Yuka realizes that death cash and Shichiri are very similar. Both are delivered to people in need. So, Wakamoto believes that the death cash must be connected to this practice. 53 people died from the Eguriba village. In the book that Yuka is looking at, she sees that the village had 55 people. They find that there are still 2 people alive: Kodera Yuuichi and Yamaoka Shino. He finds the location of Yamaoka Shino and they head to her house.

As they get to the house and knock on the door, Yuka hears a woman singing and when they turn, it is none other than Yamaoka Shino. Shino-san seems like a very nice old woman. She hasn’t had many visitors but wonders why they are looking for her. Wakamoto asks her if she lived in the village of Eguriba. Wakamoto goes right into the conversation asking about all the people that died. A frightened look shows up on Shino’s face as she tells them to leave! Yuka explains how since her and her friends went camping near the village, they have died mysterious and horrible deaths. Shino turns around and asks them if they really want to learn about the mystery.

Shino tells them that the money from the village has been cursed. She goes on to say that the money was burned to prevent the curse from spreading. But it didn’t matter because the curse continues. She even describes how the money is stained with black. Meanwhile, Haitani is back at his room watching his money grow and grow with a sudden gust of wind which signals to us viewers that the curse is in effect! His doorbell rings and he doesn’t see anyone there through the peephole. It rings again and this time he opens the door and discovers a box that was delivered. Inside the box is lots and lots of ten thousand Yen bills. The last scene is Shino talking about all that died as the infection of the cursed money spread. Why, Wakamoto asks? Because of Natsuko!

After this episode, it really comes clear to you that the Professor has a hand in all of this. Think about it. Every lecture has been surrounding the happenings of each the victims. Again, him encouraging Haitani to spend more is definitely a sure sign. I’m also curious about the missing villager now. What do you bet that the Professor is really Kodera Yuuichi? Remember, the two read that Kodera Yuuichi disappeared and hasn’t been seen again. Who is to say that he wasn’t a villager? Maybe someone who knew and liked Natsuko? It’s possible at this moment. But what would be his motivation to kill innocent people? Poor Erina dying because she was scared! Kazue dying because she wanted to take care of her family! Granted, the others were for more selfish reasons but did they really deserve to die? Well, it looks like with episode 5, we get the mystery of the death cash curse and I cannot wait to write about it!!

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