ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 2

Just when I thought this drama couldn’t get any darker, I get a complete surprise with just the opening scenes!! Not only are the stories dark but now I have some serious questions about our lead, Todo Hinako!! (For cast and synopsis information see Episode 1)

What better way to start an episode than with dead bodies!! Frozen corpse were found in a vacant lot by the police as an unknown person runs away. From the results of the autopsy, both men were brothers and were frozen after their murders. In addition, Taeko (Mieko Harada), discusses the inmate Otomo (Takahiro Miura) who seems to have committed suicide in jail the other day at the Tokyo Detention House.

Before long, Atsuta (Watabe Watanabe) and the other detectives visit the old shop as well as the residence of the victims who owned the refrigeration equipment. The store has been closed for around three months ago and is located in Monukenokara. Hinako and Shoji are headed to the scene. There is no indication that anymore has lived in the house for awhile to include the father and three children. The detectives find a large freezer in the backyard and when they opened the door, they find an old man and woman sitting in front of a table set, frozen in their spots. The bodies that were found turn out to be the father,Kozo Sosen (Yukijirō Hotaru) and his eldest daughter, Yumi (Mariko Akama). From the autopsy, there are traces of old abuse to the body of the children and the father has been dead now for two years and was placed in the freezer.

Hinako receives an e-mail from Nakajima profiling this incident. She shares this information with Shoji who examines it and reads about the Sosen family. This gives them insight into who might be the culprit as they both deduce that it had to be a relative. However, while they search the house, Shoji is attacked with stun gun by an unknown man and when the same man appeared in front of Hinako, he claims to be Kenji (Shôtarô Mamiya). It turns out that Kenji was never accepted by the family and Hinako ad Shoji first decided that he was the child of an affair. Kenji confesses to Hinako that he placed the body of his father, Kozo in freezer after his father promised him with his dying breath that if he kept the family together he would accept him as his son. It seems that Kenji was never added to the family register and his one desire was to be recognized and to live with the whole family he loved. As he is speaking, Hinako remembers back to the conversation she had with Taeko on the autopsy report on Yumi. It was revealed that there existed an old Caesarean section scar but there was no indication that Yumi had a child. It was at that moment that she realized that Kenji was Yumi’s son but also the father’s, Kozo Sosen.

As there was no birth registration and Kenji was also rejected by Yumi as an abomination, his ideal family became frozen in death. Once the bodies had been discovered, Kenji decided to start a new family and actually asks Hinako to be his bride. This is minutes before throwing cold water on her and picking up a tank of liquid nitrogen. Hinako actually stands there and goads Kenji on as she reaches into her pocketbook once again. This time, we actually get to see that she was about to pull a knife out but Shoji rushes in and once again beats up a suspect and calls Atsuta to inform him that he has done it again. As he calls, Hinako becomes aware that there is a big scar on the arm of Shoji. According to Atsuta, five years ago, Shoji’s sister was killed by a pervert and when he chased the criminal alone, he was slashed.

After a few days, Hinako visits Nakajima in order to say thank you about the e-mail he sent. Nakajima notices that Hinako is acting strange and smiling and wonders about that. Nakajima comes right out and asks her, “Why you are holding so much of interest about the murderer,” and her response is very strange, “because I want to know myself”. When the camera pans down, we see that once again in the hands of Hinako is knife she was gripping.

Okay, are you weirded out as much as I am right now? At least now we have a better understanding of Shoji who I still am not crazy about, by the way. His continued attitude towards Hinako is very short and continues to be a little nasty; however, nothing prepares you to the fact that what Hinako has is an even darker secret that we haven’t seen yet. Whatever the secret is, it definitely has something to do with her mother. As far as we know, her father died when she was young but am I the only one who is starting to wonder about that father? Was he a convicted killer? Maybe he was murdered himself? Whatever it is, the truth of what is behind Hinako and her weirdness, we still have that to come.

One thing that is coming out in this drama is Nakajima’s attraction to Hinako. With their recent conversation, he is seeing her dark side and he will be the one to bring it out and maybe in the next couple of episodes all will be revealed. I’m sure it will but I still hold that there is something strange with Nakajima; if not him than it has to be his mentor and the head psychologist at the hospital treatment center he works at.

Now, my final words have to be on this case. Talk about a twisted story!! Even though Kenji basically killed his whole family, there has to be a modicum of sympathy for this man-child that never had a chance in life. Born of incest is about the worse situation in life you can imagine; not being accepted or recognized by the family has to be the second worse. I wonder whose idea it was to let this young man know the circumstances of his birth? I think the story of his life could have been way better to never know. What do you think?

14 thoughts on “ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako (2016) Episode 2

  1. To top it off, Kenji was probably physically abused too be the Dad. The Dad basically exploited him to continue controlling his other kids once he died. It’s so incredibly sad.

    Interesting thoughts.

    I think Shoji is supposed to be a stand in for us the audience – shocked at Hinako’s apparent indifference to suffering and the victims. Their dynamic was a lot better this episode for me now that he is slowly starting to accept her and shielding her from the higher ups. Hopefully it continues to evolve in that direction.

    I suspect the program Nakajima is involved with is responsible for triggering the criminals to kill themselves. I am in two minds about how much he knows though.

    Anyway, they are setting up an interesting contrast between Shoji and Nakajima’s reactions to her.

    • Yes! Shoji and Nakajima are definitely contrasting characters. A hidden triggering of criminals to kill themselves? Through some type of hypnosis? Yes, I too can see that; but the big question is who? At times I think Nakajima is too obvious because they were patients of his.

      I think I was less shocked at Hinako’s reaction except for when the friend died. She was more into solving the case than mourning her friend; however, at the beginning of episode 2 with her disturbing dream, that was the turning point for me. There is definitely something in her past for sure. Thanks for reading! I’m glad not the only one watching this drama which is quite good!

  2. I haven’t watched a drama with Haru in a long time, since I caught up with my dramas Ill add this to my watch list haha I also love dramas that deal with dark or taboo subjects so this is up my alley

  3. omg you are the one person that i’ve found who’s actually reviewing this drama. i actually love it so much but can’t find anyone to talk to about this. this walks the fine balance between being twisted and dark the way some japanese crime stuff are while still maintaining a higher production value so it’s not as cheesy and lame. i think a part of it is in how emotionally restrained many of the characters are, but even tho this show is twisted and gruesome at times, it’s still classy somehow.

    and of course i LOVE the protag. finally we get a woman who’s the brilliant but emotionally detached detective. it’s fascinating watching her journey to discover how human she actually is. i agree with everyone else: that doc is so suspicious. i’d feel sad if he turns out to be the one behind all those suicidal murders. it seems like the protag is starting to trust him…

    • Welcome!!! I so love these type of dramas! I never recap the popular ones; it’s these unknown gems I like to talk about so people will know what they are missing!! Come back again for episode 3!!! Waiting for subs!!!

  4. Omigosh, YAY! People wanting to talk about the drama!!! T-T;;;; I mean, I’m *subbing* the thing and very few people want to actually come back after they watch it and discuss, it seems!

    But yeah, this was a weird case for sure. I think we’re definitely supposed to feel sympathy for Kenji because of the way he was brought up, and perhaps that’s why he’s spared the same fate as all the suicidal murderers. I was thrilled with Mamiya Shotaro’s performance… he’s such a great young actor!

    I can’t say I like Hinako much, but we’re not really supposed to, after what’s revealed about her. Shoji’s kind of an ass, but at least we can understand *why* he’s an ass. Having such a horrible trauma in one’s past will do that… Plus he’s slowly getting a bit more opened up each episode. Does anyone else thing Kurahima is a wishy-washy detective? I don’t understand how they’re writing him. He can walk into the first crime scene (which even forensics calls extremely awful) and just kind of grimace, but then get the dry heaves at the mention of violence later? They seem to have mixed him and Shimizu up a bit! Plus the whole Kurashima/Todo love line thing is too weird for me.

    But the characters I’m in love with – Nakajima-sensei! There’s something delightfully unpredictable about him. I agree with the above commenters that something squirrelly is happening in that clinic, but I’m also wondering just how much he’s involved. Or if perhaps he’s also being psychologically manipulated. (He keeps freaking out looking at that handkerchief.) Chief Atsuta is hilarious, too! How can a detective not have a head for names? lol. But my favorite person ever is Ishigami-sensei! She’s so badass! She needs loads more screen time! I wish they’d send her out in the field, too!

    Ack, I hope you watch Ep03 soon, too, so we can chat about that one ^^

    • AWESOME!! I’m so glad! There is just two of us watching together and I felt compelled once again to recap a drama (don’t do this very often) in hopes to spread the word! You are so right about everything! There is definitely something strange about Hinako and Shoji, I at least understand him now! I could go down the list of characters you mentions but let’s just say: agree! Agree! Agree! I’ll be back for ep 3 this weekend!!

    • I love Ishijima-sensei as well! She is so badass and I love her relationship with Watabe’s character (don’t rmr his name). I honestly don’t think that there will be a love-line between Todo and Kurashima tho. If anything, it’d be with Todo and Shoji or Nakajima. Realistically I don’t think there will be a love-line at all just because it’s a jdrama lolll. I do enjoy how for once the female character doesn’t have to get pulled into pesky emotions. I can see why people wouldn’t like Todo (was looking at this forum with Taiwanese viewers and most of them don’t seem to like her) but yeoo I love her so much. She’s so crazy she’s basically invincible since she’ll never be tied down by pesky emotions such as fear and guilt.

      • Welcome! I hope there isn’t a love line either. Like Todo knows how to love?! Problem with a lot of drama watchers is if there is no romance, they have no appreciation for regular dramas with great stories!!

      • I think you mixed Ishigami-sensei and Kurashima’s names a bit ^^; And the Chief’s name is Atsuta

        Todo/Kurashima is totally for comedic effect. I think I could *kinda* see it if her and Nakajima ended up together. If she and Shoji get together, I’m throwing in the towel. That’s way too ridiculous! I can see him having some affection for her because she’s the same age as his dead sister – and he has this crazy need to protect people since he “failed” his sister. But he’s a genius investigator and he’s picking up loads of hints that she’s totally twisted and he regularly voices his disgust for her. So if they end up falling for each other just because it’s “natural” that a pretty, young, popular actress and a male idol should always get together in dramas……. I’ll probably throw my Macbook off the balcony.

        (And I’m saying this as a person who loves Yoko like crazy and would love to see him get a romance in a drama because they only ever give him twisted characters to act out.)

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