Movie Monday – Inside Men: The Original (2015)

Starring: Lee Byung Hun as An Sang Goo, Jo Seung Woo as Prosecutor Woo Jang Hoon, Baek Yoon Shik as Lee Gang Hee, and Lee Kyeong Yeong as Jang Pil Woo

Rating: R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 130 min (theater version), 180 min (Director’s cut)

Twinkies: 5 stars

Synopsis: An Sang Goo is a political hoodlum who takes dirty jobs from powerful people (carries out an array of underhanded schemes for corrupt politicians). When he becomes ruined, An Sang Goo plots his revenge after his downfall. ~~ Based on the original webtoon by writer Yoon Tae Ho.

Until my personal life settles down, I will try to post at least once a month the Movie Monday review of some movies that I’ve been able to watch!

Musings: My love for all that is Jo Seung Woo is long and deep. What else could possibly have me watch the Director’s cut of this very long and intense movie from start to finish. In my estimation, this was a star-studded cast that delivered a powerful story into the corruption of man at all levels. From prosecutors, lawyers, politicians, police, and let’s not forget reporters, Inside Men dove right into the story from the beginning showing you the darker side.

The old adage about “What Evil Men Will Do” definitely comes to mind when watching this movie. Another thing that comes clear is the varying degree of evil and corruption. Lee Byung Hun as An Sang Goo was simply awesome in this role. As the aging and power gang boss, his evilness was expected. As a gang boss, he was willing to do anything and everything for money; however, it is funny how even gang members have a level of loyalty that never should be broken. Now, counter that with Baek Yoon Shik as Lee Gang Hee. His evilness is not one you’d expect from a man who was respected by his peers and followed by the many people that read his articles. His deceit and criminal activity was stunning! Now, evil like this is well above any that Lee Gang Hee can do; the hidden evil. Very scary.

Now, contrast that with Jo Seung Woo as Prosecutor Woo Jang Hoon. His performance as Jang Hoon, a man who wanted to right the wrongs that he seen first as a police detective that convinced him to change his career aspirations to law so that he could punish the guilty and protect the innocent. There was no other man that could have done this role any better than Jo Seung Woo. He was the reason I wanted to watch this movie and his characterization of Woo Jang Hoon was amazing and worthy. While the Baeksang Award 2016 went to Lee Byung Hun, this is one time that it really should have been shared between the two of them! Come back to drama land, Jo Seung Woo! I miss you!!

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on various streaming sites.

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