Movie Monday – Drama Special The Mother’s Island (2013)

Starring: Yoo Oh-seong as Lee Tan, Hong Kyung In as Lee Chan, Nam Sung Jin as Lee Han, Jung Ji Ah as Lee Sook, Kim Yong Rim as Mom, and Kim Ji Young as Sa Rang

Rating: PG-13, for the horror moments

Running Time: 68 min

Twinkies: 3 stars

Synopsis: The mother is living on an island alone. Her 4 children are all living their lives separately. For their mother’s birthday, the 4 children come back home. They realize that the mother’s suffering from dementia but no one wants to live with her. The 4 siblings keep fighting and they come back to the island after two months without calling their mother. There, they face the uncomfortable truth and extreme fear.

Musings: This movie or drama special is definitely a precautionary tale; a tale to remind you how NOT to treat your mother. The Lee children were given everything by their mother, played wonderfully by Kim Yong Rim. You realize that they aren’t visiting their mother because it is her birthday but more because they have heard of the new resort being built on the island. So, together, they are there to convince their mother to sell the land. The problem is no one wants to be responsible for her. Slowly they realize that she is suffering from dementia.

In the middle of this so-called family reunion for her birthday is little Sa Rang. Abandoned many years ago by her mother, she has been raised by her father, Lee Tan who feels that he was slighted by their mother for so many years and is looking for his due.

So where is the horror? From the very beginning, you see various ghosts and specters of women. Most of the ghosts are seen by Sa Rang. It also doesn’t help that the neighbor of the Mom is a very strange and demented woman (played by Lee In Hye) who walks around with a grotesque looking doll on her back. The longer you watch, you realize that things are not truly as they seem. You also see the utter selfishness of this woman’s children who made such a huge sacrifice to raise all 4 of her children by herself after the father’s death. The real twist is at the end. As I said, there is definitely an element of horror mixed into this drama special so you must be prepared! At least you are getting this warning, unlike when I first watched this a while ago. Imagine my surprise! You’ve been fairly warned.

No trailer is available; however, the movie is available on YouTube.

I’m available on Twitter. Thanks to all of you Twinkles out here who are taking the time to read! If you have a suggestion for a future review, just leave me a comment! I’m always happy to have movie suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Drama Special The Mother’s Island (2013)

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  1. Dang…the warning of horror is enough to scare me tonight as I finish up my blogging duties. *salutes* OK, I’ve been duly warned! 😉 BTW, I love your slideshow of “What Makes Me Happy!” This reminds me that I really should update mine. LOL.

    Happy Monday, Bel! Another great review!

  2. Ooh I love good horror stories if they don’t have too much gore and unneeded violence. I’ll have to watch this one – Kim Yong Rim is one of my favorite actresses. Thank you 😀

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