Movie Monday – Drama Special Live Shock (2015)

Starring: Baek Sung Hyun as Song Eun Beom, Yeo Min Joo as Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Young as Song Eun Byeol, Jang Se Hyun as Seong Woo, and Lee Seung Hyung as Jeon Jong Soo

Rating: PG-13/R, some violence and horror

Running Time: 67 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: Song Eun Beom runs internet website “Albaui Shin” (literally “God of Part-Time Job”), which has about half a million registered users. One day, a debate program is streamed live. A person then threatens to the show that if the debate program is stopped, hostages will be killed. Song Eun Beom struggles to save his younger sister Eun Byeol and others who are locked in the broadcasting station.

Musings: Drama? Check. Suspense? Check. Mystery? Check. Zombies? Wait…where did they come from?! Seriously, folks! Talk about watching a drama special and being completely taken by surprise!! Yes, horror is not my usual fare, believe me! I usually avoid it furiously; however, this was a story with a tremendous cautionary tale attached to it.

Song Eun Beom was just an ordinary guy. Ordinary because he works like everyone else. To not only take care of himself and but also his younger sister, Song Eun Byeol after their parents died in an accident. But one thing that makes Eun Beom different is that he is very, very smart! When he is invited to a debate program as a panelist, what starts as a simply program turns into a hostage situation!

Seong Woo was a patient at GeneLabs, a conglomerate that was responsible for gene therapy and experimentation. However, things have been going terribly wrong with the volunteers of this experiment; so, he takes this opportunity to escape from the facility and his goal is for the people to hear what is going on.

As Eun Beom and his sister come to the studio, they meet Soo Hyun who works at the station. The poor girl is really hoping to one day be recognized and work as an announcer herself. As you can expect, she is waiting for that one great story to come her way. Little did she know that the story she is waiting for is hours away from her grasp.

Minutes after the debate begins broadcasting, Seong Woo takes over the broadcast booth and begins killing the occupants. Don’t forget, Eun Beom sister is sitting in the booth as she came to the station to watch her brother. Seong Woo’s purpose again? To tell everyone what GeneLabs has been doing. The panelists are told that they cannot stop talking or Seong Woo will continue to kill the people in the booth. He threatens if anyone leaves, he will kill! One more thing. Seong Woo is infected by a serum that the labs have been working on. The reason he came out was to expose this; however, in his possession is not only the virus but the cure!

When the police try to break into the booth, Seong Woo infects himself. The contagion isn’t airborne but transferred by touch. As you can expect, when people touch Seong Woo, they are immediately infected and what is the after effects of this virus? That’s right! Zombism! No one told me! No one warned me! And I was watching this at night! Mercy!!

So now the race begins as Eun Beom tries to save his sister and also escape the zombies as more and more people in the station are infected. But, wait, there’s more. GeneLabs has sent in a search and destroy team to capture and kill Seong Woo who not only escaped with vials of the virus and serum but information that links GeneLabs to the nefarious plans they had in releasing this virus just to make a buck! Or should I say ₩ (won)!?

This drama special really did take me by surprised. First because of the subject matter but also because I actually liked it! I enjoyed the story mostly because I wasn’t expecting things to happen. The acting wasn’t bad by either Baek Sung Hyun or Yeo Min Joo as they raced to not only get the truth out there but to also survive. Little miss Kim Ji Young was also good but I didn’t expect anything less from my little girl from Jang Bo Ri!

As you can expect, this is not for everyone. The filming of the drama special is mostly in the dark so you have to pay close attention to the action. Yes, it can be down right scary at times as the zombies come out in droves! I highly recommend watching this in the daytime! However, if a little blood and zombies don’t scare you, then watch this one! Only 67 minutes….you can handle it!

Trailer is available on on Asianwiki Website only. The movie is available on KBSWorld YouTube.

I’m available on Twitter. Thanks to all of you Twinkles out here who are taking the time to read! If you have a suggestion for a future review, just leave me a comment! I’m always happy to have movie suggestions.

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