Introducing CJ and E Corner Begins for March 2016

Two things have occurred in the last 6 months: more movies are coming to the U.S and 2 of those theaters are within driving distances to both my home and work. Last year, I was able to go see several movies on the big screen like Veteran (2015), Himalayas (2015), and The Priests (2015)!

CJ Entertainment has a great website here. Not only do you get information on previous movies that have shown here in the U.S and Canada but also information on upcoming movies that will be coming to the silver screen. Every time that a new movie will be shown here, make sure that you check my page information for updates (top right side). I guarantee you that I will review every movie that I’ve personally seen as well as start talking about what I perceived to be the audience reactions to the movies. Though the majority of times I am the lone non-Asian in the audience, I’ve already encountered a couple people that have noticed that I’m always there. In the future, look for the new category (CJ and E Corner). Maybe in reviewing the movies and letting everyone know when they are coming to North America, maybe…just maybe CJ Entertainment will take notice and start “helping a sister out”! Movie going sure isn’t cheap anymore!!


5 thoughts on “Introducing CJ and E Corner Begins for March 2016

  1. Very awesome idea, NKDA! I’m hoping that I can watch Like for Likes one of these days. It looks absolutely adorable! As for the CJ & E association, that would be wonderful! One never knows! 😉

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