Tomorrow Victory (2015) at the Half – So Far Still Good!

Tomorrow Victory (2015)

One of the great things about the availability of daily dramas beginning in 2015 is that so many dramas are getting subbed more than ever. First, we had KBSWorld and several dailies being made available on YouTube. Last year, we had the new website called OnDemandKorea which is sponsored by MBCAmerica coming online. Even DramaFever has finally returned to make daily dramas available on their website. As a result of this, the number of daily dramas with English subtitles has grown at such a rate that me and my daily drama buddy, Nelly, is finding is harder to watch the usual drama fare! Incredible! But who’s complaining? Read on…

Jun So Min as Han Seung Ri
Song Won Geun as Na Hong Joo
Choi Phillip as Cha Sun Woo
Yoo Ho Rin as Seo Jae Kyung
Lee Eung Kyung as Gong Cho Hee
Lee Joo Shil as Park Bon Soon
Han Jin Hee as Seo Dong Cheon
Lee Bo Hee as Ji Yeong Seon
Lee Sang Sook as Uhm Cheong Shil
Lee Han Seo as Na Ja Doo
Lee Ji Hyun as Han Je Ri

Episodes: 120
Episode Length: 35 min.

A delightful (not sure about that) growth story of a woman who fights the adversities and overcomes them with fierce struggle, as she tries to keep her family business running.

My Thoughts
This drama is not perfect, au contraire! It has its many faults that are easily identifiable. Of course, we have the usual drama troupes present, especially the birth secret done a little differently and involving so many characters that I cannot wait for all the secrets to come forward. We have an accidental death that is covered up; a man who abandons his love for money and fame as well as his unborn child! Yes, there are a lot of people in this drama to hate but along with hating the characters, I find the story to be very, very interesting!

We have a female lead, Han Seung Ri, who truly loved the wrong man. Abandoned by her fiancé, Cha Sun Woo who not only abandons her but takes away 2 precious things from her: her unborn child and her father (okay, neither directly). Seung Ri’s character, I have a love/hate relationship with. She represents the female lead that looks for the good in everyone or just hopes that they will do the right thing. Sadly, this character type definitely gets on your nerve but she is slowly learning…slowly.

Now contrast her with our leading man, Na Hong Joo. His character truly does balance out Seung Ri. A man who was betrayed by the woman he loved and went to prison for her AND she abandoned him to marry another man, leaving him with their infant daughter. So, for many years, Hong Joo has been on a mission to get back at the entire female population! He has conned and defrauded many women out of money. Yes, he is NOT a squeaky clean character. He’s so bad, he tells his daughter to call him “Oppa” instead of Daddy! Yes, definitely not your typical lead!

As you can expect, together these two represent an interesting “Opposites Attract” story. Slowly, as the love grows and the Seung Ri and Hong Joo get closer and closer, they have discovered most of their secrets (except for one) so far. But, when Seung Ri is nice and dis-believing that the people around her would do evil, Hong Joo is there, not only to rescue her but to help her see the error of her thinking. And thank goodness he is there. Romance-wise, it has been decent. I’ve enjoyed the evolution of the friendship and later romance. I’ve enjoyed their interactions with their families as well as each other.

Now, the evil duo of Cha Sun Woo and his wife, Seo Jae Kyung are totally made for each other. Sun Woo, after abandoning Seung Ri and their unborn child to marry Seo Jae Kyung, the sole daughter of the Seo-Dong Group; AND helping her to cover up her crimes of vehicular manslaughter whereby she kills Seung Ri’s father AND he steals her father’s recipe book for Soy Sauces to market them under the Seo-Dong label once he discredits Seung Ri’s father and his company goes bankrupt. Yes, these two deserve each other! The evil doings that they have perpetrated since the beginning of the drama have been numerous against Seung Ri and Hong Joo from the beginning. Between the two, I cannot even say which is worse! Jae Kyung and her histrionics are pretty amazing to watch! Writer-nim, if you are going for commitment to the mental ward, I do NOT approve! The only thing I want to see at the end is prison clothes and numbers for these two!

Another plus for this drama is the great supporting cast! Chairman Seo Dong Cheon is a man who has been lied to by his wife for many years about the parentage of their daughter as well as the death of his son by his first love. In addition, the man is slowly dying from a brain tumor that he refuses to have treated because he’s been looking for that long lost son who turns out to be none other than Hong Joo! His right hand man, Mr. Choi represents a true and loyal man! This is actually refreshing in this drama where normally you have nothing but back-stabbing and deceit!

Han Seung Ri’s mother, Gong Cho Hee is a character I just love! Sure, she has a dark secret that has yet to be exposed but this woman’s strength and tenacity is such that I wish would rub off more on her daughter! Probably the characters that are the least used and of no importance is Hong Joo’s best friend, Sun Woo’s younger brother, Cha Jin Woo and Seung Ri’s sister, Han Je Ri are characters that really should have been developed more. Maybe in the last episodes to come, this might happen.

Once again, this is a really decent story. I’m so glad that this drama is getting subbed and that through the first 70 episodes, it has remained decent; however, I’m really hoping the next 50 episodes will keep this drama remaining strong; okay, just stay decent! I’ve been disappointed so many times in the second half of dramas, let’s just say this one might end okay. There are more secrets to reveal and the OTP (one true pairing) seem to be in a very strong relationship. Yes, devoid of the love triangles that I hate but definitely will have some love interference with the return of the ex-girl-friend and mother of Hong Joo’s daughter. I imagine, she will try her hardest to get back into Hong Joo and Jae Doo’s (the daughter) life but all I can say to the girl “Good luck with that! The man HATES you!”


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Victory (2015) at the Half – So Far Still Good!

  1. Glad I found this blog. I’m new to Kdrama. Just recently discovered dramanice/dramacool 7 months ago. For 5 months now I’m watching long dramas. It’s so addicted. On weekends I try to watch old long dramas that I missed. So I been searching and found your blog. Will definitely try Tomorrow Victory.

    • They remind me of soap operas, the long dramas! I really like them and now more than ever, they are getting subbed! Getting harder to choose one to watch!! Happy you found me!! Make sure to check out which long dramas I’ve watched!

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