Daily Drama Heaven? Or Hell? Dilemma for 2016

My Son In Law's Woman The Promise Witch's Castle Bird That Doesn't Cry All Is Well The Stars Are Shining

My Son In Law’s Woman
The Promise
Witch’s Castle
Bird That Doesn’t Cry
All Is Well
The Stars Are Shining

Something happened for 2015; no, actually it started earlier when KBSWorld started making more and more dramas available via their YouTube Channel. The powers that be at the networks (at least one) realized just how many non-Koreans were interested in their daily dramas! Read On…

Daily Dramas have really been a staple in my drama watching life since I started my very first one, Crazy Love, followed closely by one of the best dramas ever, Ugly Alert. When KBSWorld started broadcasting them on YouTube, many of us watched them together in a group (cyber group that is). But the bad thing about the KBS dramas, they were starting to really get super crazy (Ruby Ring) or just plain boring! Sure, there were occasionally other websites that would English subtitle these dailies but they slowly disappeared in 2014.

So beginning of last year, a new website (ondemandkorea.com) sponsored by MBCAmerica came to the scene. One of the first things I noticed when I found out about the site was the number of daily dramas that they were providing with English subtitles! Joy!! I’ve watched 5 on the website last year! 5! The daily dramas are definitely taking over my watch time! I literally have no time to watch regular dramas. Like I stated previously, the number of regular Korean dramas I watched for 2015 consisted mostly of web dramas and cable dramas; very few main network dramas did I watch and finish.

So why this post? As you can see from the picture, there are now 6, count them, 6 more daily dramas being subbed. 2 have already completed (Bird That Doesn’t Cry, The Stars Are Shining) and the rest are currently airing! Between all the new Chinese dramas we are watching as well as Japanese dramas, I literally have no time. Just wait until all my U.S TV shows return, I’ll really be complaining!!

AsaLast point…did I forget to mention that someone has finally picked up the latest NHK Asadora (93rd), Asa ga Kita? Damn! Why bother with sleep?

13 thoughts on “Daily Drama Heaven? Or Hell? Dilemma for 2016

  1. Oh thanks for posting this. I agree some of KBS weekday fare is a bit say, over the top? I usually watch based on cast, then story and since I’m a big fan of Seo Ji-seok, and he was no longer on Cool Kiz on the Block I really wanted to see “Witch’s Castle”. I’m signing up! Oh, I do have a SmartTV and MBC has an app, but they don’t/haven’t put up all their programming. Thanks again.

  2. If I want to watch all them dailies + our CDramas, I will need to retire earlier eonni ! XD

    Have you started The Promise? I’m collecting them from KBS World and only downloading Witch Castle and SiL Wife, gonna hold on Bird that Doesn’t Cry 😦 Just too many right now and real life is too busy!

  3. Cdramas took over my life last year lol. Bird Dont cry was giving me a headache, but I might give it another go. I just started watching the Promise (SUBBED) I am hook😍

  4. 4 episodes into “The Promise” or “Heaven’s Promise”–my first daily that has lasted more than 3 episodes. It’s super-soapy and the Dad is clueless to the point of brain death, but I’ll see how much I can endure. The child actors are good, as always.

  5. I will probably start SIL wife and “The Promise” soon. No way i’m going to skip out on a revenge drama by LYR. Hopefully The Promise get a decent writer. Because some of writers for the last 1-2 years has been really bad.

    Asa ga kita i have watched maybe 7-8 weeks of it so far. It’s a really good Asadora so far.

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