Movie Monday – For Love or Money (2014)

Starring: Rain as Xu Cheng Xu, Liu Crystal as Xing Lu, Chen Joan as Mother Xu, On Andy as Brother Lian, Li Yan Xi as Xiao Ding, and Tang Tiffany as Ming Zhen

Rating: PG-13/R, subject matter and some adult content

Running Time: 98 min

Twinkies: 3 stars (being slightly generous)

Synopsis: The film stars Rain as Xu Chengxu, the wealthy heir of a multi-corporation who disguises himself as a poor artist to pursue his love for the arts. Crystal will star as a Rain’s love interest Xing Lu, the descendent of a fallen noble family. ~~ Beauty’s Dew is adapted from the novella of the same name by Zhang Xiaohan

Musings: This movie started off really interesting. It wasn’t your typical boy meets girl; boy is rich and family disapproves; actually, the real premise of the story was boy meets girl and through girl’s deception, boy was expected to return to the family business. I actually liked that the story gave you the impression that they were on equal footing. Had you not read the synopsis, Cheng Xu as a starving artist and Xing Lu as the coffee shop owner, jilted by her boyfriend who chose money over love, really would have made a better story for me.

However, once you, the viewer realized the deceit of Xing Lu, even understanding her reasons for going after the money, the story did kind of shrivel up for me because even I was mad at her! The level of things that she did to get him to abandon his dreams of being an artist really left you cold.

But I must admit one thing: the romance did sustain me and my interest in the movie. I felt the chemistry between Rain and Crystal was nice and the scenes were realistic of a couple who slowly fall in love; when he realize what she was doing, his hurt and tears, like I said, made you angry as you watched. Beyond that, it was a decent romance to watch and not that long. It was also nice to see Chen Joan again after so many years. Sure, she has been acting, I’ve just not seen her in much recently. As Cheng Xu’s mother, you understood her for wanting to protect her son but all in all, it was really the family business that she was protecting.

For the romantics out there, it is a watchable movie. For Rain fans, he did a good job. I swear I watched his lips and he was speaking Chinese but alas he is definitely dubbed over but at least when his lips move, it looks like he is saying the same words that you hear. Overall, worth watching on a Sunday evening. For sure, great cinematography! Decent acting. Okay story!

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on various streaming websites.

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